Wildcat by Phyllis Kerr

Wildcat by Phyllis KerrEnter a chance to win a free Kindle Edition of my second novel in The Texas Romance series titled Wildcat.
Set in 1872 Central Texas, Sugar Wylie, daughter of Cattle Baron Quint Wylie, unleashes her free spirit to guide her out of the arranged life her father has planned for her to a life of her own choosing.
Get your sassy on and follow along with Sugar as she discovers romance Texas style!


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The Vines by Shelley Nolden

The Vines by Shelley NoldenEnter for a chance to win a galley of THE VINES--the ultimate story of isolation and survival.

In the shadows of New York City lies the abandoned, forbidden North Brother Island, where the remains of a shuttered hospital hide the haunting memories of century-old quarantines and human experiments. The ruins conceal the scarred and beautiful Cora, imprisoned there by contagions and the doctors who torment her. When Finn, a young urban explorer, arrives on the island and glimpses this enigmatic woman through the foliage, intrigue turns to obsession as he seeks to uncover her past--and his own family's dark secrets.

By unraveling these mysteries, will he be able to save Cora? Or will she meet the same tragic ending as the thousands who’ve already perished on the island?

THE VINES intertwines North Brother Island's horrific and elusive history with a captivating tale of love, betrayal, survival, and loss.


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I am a Rockstar by Uma Vanka

I am a Rockstar by Uma VankaEnter for a chance to win one of 100 copies of I am a Rockstar - A simple guide to Success by Uma Vanka.

"I am a Rockstar" is your comprehensive guide to Success in life. Reviewers of the book have recommended this as one of the best self-help books on Success, a self-help book that works, a guide that provides very simple steps, avoiding confusing mantras and a success book with something for everyone. Instead of listing boring textbook analogies, the author shares stories and experiences, making this an exciting and easy read.

I am a Rockstar is your simple and end to end guide to Success, helping you to

•Adopt positive thinking and winning attitude to succeed
•Boost your self-confidence and self-belief
•Control your life through a more straightforward, efficient, and productive perspective to life
•Develop essential winning skills:::

oEssential tools such as communication skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills, branding skills & presentation skills
oCritical life skills such as appreciation, discovering unknowns, turning weaknesses into strengths, fighting stress, turning failures into Success (you will learn to replace the word failure with FALL-ure), cherishing tough times, working smarter, and be prepared to win the life war, not necessarily individual battles.


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You Say Geotourism, I Say Tourism Geology! by Yudi Purnama

You Say Geotourism, I Say Tourism Geology! by Yudi PurnamaThis ebook is about new opportunity of geology and tourism, to change your world.
It challenges your current idea of geology and tourism. It also has impact to many tourism markets. This ebook is suitable for those who like to learn geology in the field of tourism in the new way, which has more idea for future.


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The Other Mrs. Samson by Ralph Webster

The Other Mrs. Samson by Ralph  WebsterSurviving two wars, sharing one husband, searching for answers...

A hidden compartment in a black lacquer cabinet left in an attic reveals the secrets of two incredible women: Hilda, born and raised in one of the wealthiest Jewish families in turn-of-the-century San Francisco, and Katie, whose early life in Germany is marked by tragedy and death. Their lives are forever entwined by their love of the same man, the brilliant and compassionate Dr. Josef Samson.

From the earliest, rough-and-tumble days of San Francisco, through the devastation of the Great War in Berlin and the terrors of Vichy France, and then to a new yet uncertain life in New York City, their stories span the most tumultuous events of the twentieth century. In the end, one of these women will complete the life of the other and make a startling discovery about the husband they share.

Enter to receive one of 100 Kindle advanced reader copies of this new book by 2016 Goodreads Readers Choice Awards Nominee Ralph Webster.


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Loverboy by Sarina Bowen

Loverboy by Sarina BowenYou could be the first to read Loverboy! Enter for a chance to win one of three signed copies.

Secrets, desires, and exquisite pie. It’s all in a day’s work at The Company.

Growing up, I was the rough guy from the wrong neighborhood who couldn’t catch a break. Posy was the pampered girl I tried to impress. But all she gave me was a single kiss before I had to skip town.
Now I’m back, and the tables are turned. Posy runs a struggling pie shop. I’m the VP of a secretive billion-dollar security company. 
Not that I can tell her.
There’s a murderer on the loose in New York, and he seems to spend a lot of time at Posy’s shop. It’s my job to identify him before he can harm a hair on her pretty head.
Going undercover as Posy’s new barista wasn’t my idea. I don’t even drink coffee. But now I have to call her “boss,” and do everything the curvy perfectionist asks of me. I’d forgotten how much we infuriate each other, and that she somehow fills me with both irritation and desire in the same breath.
There’s nobody more skilled at stealth ops than me. I can bring this killer down. Right after I take a cold shower. And just as soon as I figure out how to make a skinny peppermint latte with milk poured in the shape of a kitten...


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Nathan Stark, Army Scout by William W. Johnstone

Nathan Stark, Army Scout by William W. JohnstoneEnter for your chance to win a copy of NATHAN STARK, ARMY SCOUT by William W. Johnstone!


They slaughtered his family. Killed his young bride. And ever since that tragic day, Nathan Stark has devoted his life to fighting the hostile tribes who massacred those he loved. As a civilian scout for the Army, he's served with such famous commanders as Custer and Crook. He's battled against such notorious war chiefs as Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. Among the fiercest natives of the untamed West, Nathan Stark is a living legend--one that must be destroyed...

Against his better judgment, Nathan agrees to be teamed up with a rival Crow scout named Moses Red Buffalo. Their mission: to forge a trail deep into Indian territory under the command of a bloodthirsty army colonel. But the mission is not what it seems. If Stark and Red Buffalo want to stay alive, they'll have to work together as a team--if they don't kill each other first...


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A Sapphire Child by Janet MacLeod Trotter

A Sapphire Child by Janet MacLeod TrotterIn the dying days of the Raj, can paths divided by time and circumstance ever find each other again?

In 1930s Northern India, childhood friends Stella and Andrew have grown up together in the orbit of the majestic Raj Hotel. Spirited Stella has always had a soft spot for boisterous Andrew, though she dreams of meeting a soulmate from outside the close-knit community. But life is turned on its head when one scandal shatters their friendship and another sees her abandoned by the man she thought she loved.

As the Second World War looms, Andrew joins the army to fight for freedom. Meanwhile in India, Stella, reeling from her terrible betrayal, also throws herself into the war effort, volunteering for the Women’s Auxiliary Corps, resigned to living a lonelier life than the one she dreamed of as a child.

When Andrew returns to the East on the eve of battle with Japan, the two former friends are reunited, though bitter experience has changed them. Can they rekindle what they once had or will war demand of their friendship the ultimate sacrifice?


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