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Tremere (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel, #12) Paperback.

10 thoughts on “Tremere (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel, #12)

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    Very, very good I enjoyed this one immensely I really liked the insight into Clan Tremere

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    Even though I did not expect much out of a roleplaying game based fiction I found the novel to be a complete and utter disaster Loose plotlines and barely defined characters coupled with an attempt to create a rich internal mental struggle based on some water filled well of an afterlife reality did not leave a lasting impression view sp...

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    I don t think this book was QUITE as bad as Malkavian or Giovanni, but it s darned close A couple of the characters are actually mildly interesting which is what makes it better than Giovanni, and it isn t QUITE as inexplicable as Malkavian, although it s distressingly close considering that none of the characters are comlete, utter raving loony tune

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    This is a fantastic series if you are a fan or player of the Vampire the Masquerade Table Top game I gave it a 3 because I don t recomend this series to those who are not.

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    rese a en proceso

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    It IS 12 of 13 but I felt like the story line jumped around too much I think I will wait awhile if I read any of the others.

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    I just feel the novel could have been so muchTwo stars for becoming a somewhat interesting story toward the end.

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    Not the ultimate best writing, and my dislike for the Tremere seeps through But deffinitely a good clan novel.

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