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Party Dreams Nine year old Paige s worries about her mother s hospitalization and the new brother who is on the way, not having a birthday party, and needing to stay at her step grandmother s spooky country house, fade when a magical puppy named Storm arrives [PDF / Epub] ❤ The End (The 30-Day Collective Book 1) ✅ Ellen A. Easton – not having a birthday party ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ The Light Over London Author Julia Kelly – and needing to stay at her step grandmother s spooky country house ➶ [Reading] ➸ Cell By Robin Cook ➫ – fade when a magical puppy named Storm arrives

About the Author: Sue Bentley

Sue was born in Northampton where she still lives For many years she worked for Northamptonshire libraries and remains a passionate supporter of Public Libraries Sue loves everything about books, the feel of them, their smell the way they look And has a habit of matching a bookmark to the cover of each book she s reading The process of reading, the feel of the book, carrying it around in her shoulder bag, sitting in favourite cafes reading all make for a complete sensory experience.Browsing bookshops old and new, talking all things bookish with other book lovers, spending time with other writers and meeting with fans of her own books at author events are her favourite things That and eating good quality dark chocolate, while writing.

10 thoughts on “Party Dreams

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    This book will always be special to me because my dad bought it for me when I had to stay in the hospital overnight, after having my tonsils and adenoids removed, when I was six It was a real comfort.

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    Better than the others but still am not a fan of this series because of how the puppies use magic to do something mean to the bullies in every book

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    Storm has a secret that only one person knows.

  4. says:

    My favourite part is he had a dream friend

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    I read Party Dreams of Magic Puppy This book is about a girl named Paige Paige is in every book of the series The series has different kinds of puppies Some books include a Dalmatian, Boxer, Russel Terrior, Great Dan, and a lotThe book I read included a Dalmatian named Storm.Paige was at her friend s house with her two best friends Paige s dad picks her up because her mom has to stay in the hospital until her brother arrives While that

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    I was happy to find another Magic Puppy book that I could read when I went to the library last time I like how the puppies and the kittens in Magic Puppy and Magic Kitten always go to girls to live with, but never boys Maybe if I was a boy, I wouldn t like that as much.

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    Out of all the Magic Puppies so far Sydney says this is by far the best one.

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    I liked the adventures that the puppy and the girl Paige did while they were on vacation.

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    Such a quick read.

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