Witness to My Life: The Letters of Jean-Paul Sartre to

Witness to My Life: The Letters of Jean-Paul Sartre to Simone de Beauvoir 1926-39 The lifetime intellectual and romantic partnership between Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir is one of the most renowned of the th century Witness to My Life offers unique insight into their remarkableyear liaison

About the Author: Jean-Paul Sartre

Jean Paul Charles Aymard Sartre, normally known simply as Jean Paul Sartre, was a French existentialist philosopher and pioneer, dramatist and screenwriter, novelist and critic He was a leading figure in 20th century French philosophy.He declined the award of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature for his work which, rich in ideas and filled with the spirit of freedom and the quest for truth, has exerted a far reaching influence on our age In the years around the time of his death, however, existentialism declined in French philosophy and was overtaken by structuralism, represented by Levi Strauss and, one of Sartre s detractors, Michel Foucault.

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    I long to have a romance of the mind, through letters, like Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre I often think I would be better suited to this kind of romance than I ever could be to the actual kind, where you see people face to face and have to interact with them emotionally, rather than diffuse emotions cerebrally I read this book over and over whenever I feel lonely and it always inspires me to write something to someone I love, somewhere.

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    All I can say is wow. reading how to great minds love each other is just brilliant..

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    Witness to My Life is a collection of letters written by Jean Paul Sartre and edited, compiled, and mostly written to Simone de Beauvoir Sartre s and Simone s romance was legendary, and in this collection, one can partake of that romance incarnate Also, this is quite the Romantic work with a capital R Romanticism is characterized by a trust in intuition and emotion vis a vis rational or skeptical understandings about oneself or the world Almost every page bespeaks this Romanticism Another Witness to My

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    Einerseits bin ich u erst ehrgeizig Aber in welcher Hinsicht Ich stelle mir den Ruhm wie einen Ballsaal voller befrackter Herren und dekolletierter Damen vor, die mir zu Ehren ihre Gl ser erheben Das ist sicherlich eine Bilderbuchvorstellung, aber ich habe dieses Bild seit meiner Kindheit in mir Aber vor allem habe ich den Ehrgeiz, sch pferisch zu sein ich muss gestalten, egal was, nur gestalten.ich f ge hinzu, dass ich ein gewisses Charakterideal erreichen muss moralische Gesundhei Einerseits bin ich u erst eh

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    I was so excited to finally have this book on my hands some good months ago, but I simply couldn t finish it The long, dry descriptions, the multitude of words used to paint small, insignificant events, were just too much for me I found myself bored and dissapointed that i couldn t find any joy in letting myself drift aimlessly on the river of his thoughts.

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    I ve always come to wonder what kind of talk did Sartre and Simone have during dinner or what kind of flirtatious words did he use Well well, this is what you ll get when we have 2 thinkers drowned themselves in an ecstatic feeling we call Love Tonight I love you in a way that you have not known in me I am neither worn down by travels nor wrapped up in the desire for your presence I am mastering my love for you and turning it inwards as a constituent element of myself Such complexity r I ve always come to wonder what kind of talk d

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    A This is the love affair of dreams Of what you really want at the end of the day someone who is absolutely completely devoted to you But bizarrely, I never can figure out the open elements of their relationship fascinating, regarldess Great wonderful letters, and esp his philosophy, and other theories Brilliant.

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    Mostly I found it well written but a bit boring He has a pretty loose definition of the term funny story I also strongly suspect that if he were alive today he and I would probably not get along.

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