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    The Christmas Children by Irene Brand Carissa Whit switches houses for the winter Carissa lives in Florida She moves to Yuletide for the winter The first night there she hears noises Someone in the kitchen She hits him with a fireplace poker Come to find out he is the brother to the owner of the house Paul Spencer is his name A few days l

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    Carissa and Paul discover helping 3 children can bring them closer to each other and God 3 homeless children bring the whole town closer.

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    The MCs are both in their 40s Both have a lot of baggage to carry Then comes a miracle.This was a sweet romance for reading at the holidays.

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    Wow I so enjoyed this little paperback Christmas story Imagine swapping houses for the holidays to get away from it all only to wind up with a handsome stranger staying with you by mistake and four runaway orphans camped in your basement All is not without struggles, tears, tough choices, etc but lots of love The idea of the pricipal character being in her 30 s and no

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    This is a good little christian romance story The town of Yuletide lost it s Christmas spirit Carissa Whit came to Yuletide to find the holiday spirit that she d had as a child See how Carissa with the help of Paul Spencer they revive the true meaning of Christmas for themselves and for the whole town A nice read

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    Miniseries The Mellow Years

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