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A golfing mystery from Herbert Adams, author of The Judas Kiss ➷ [Reading] ➹ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen ➬ – author of The Judas Kiss The Body In The Bunker

About the Author: Herbert Adams

Herbert Adams 1874 1958 was an English writer of fifty cosy mystery novels, mostly featuring the detective Roger Bennion, which were often set in or around golfing competitions He also wrote short stories, humorous verse and two other mystery novels under the pseudonym Jonathan Gray.

10 thoughts on “The Body In The Bunker

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    Not hugely impressed with this mystery Characters felt a bit like cardboard cutouts and I could never get emotionally invested I only finished it because it was short and I wanted to know whodunit So the detection side

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    A classic for the era

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