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The Indians: Portrait of a People Looking At What Constitutes A Common Indian Identity, The Authors Examine In Detail The Predominace Of Family, Community And Caste In Their Everyday Lives [Reading] ➻ Muerte en Hamburgo (Jan Fabel, ➱ Craig Russell – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk The Authors Examine In Detail The Predominace Of Family [Download] ➾ Jazz Age Stories ➹ F. Scott Fitzgerald – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Community And Caste In Their Everyday Lives

About the Author: Sudhir Kakar

Sudhir Kakar is a psychoanalyst and writer who lives in Goa, India.Kakar took his Bachelor s degree in mechanical engineering from Gujarat University, his Master s degree Diplom Kaufmann in business economics from Mannheim in Germany and his doctorate in economics from Vienna before beginning his training in psychoanalysis at the Sigmund Freud Institute in Frankfurt, Germany in 1971 Between 1966 and 1971, Sudhir Kakar was a Lecturer in General Education at Harvard University, Research Associate at Harvard Business School and Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad After returning to India in 1975 , Dr Kakar set up a practice as a psychoanalyst in Delhi where he was also the Head of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology He has been 40th Anniversary Senior Fellow at the Centre for Study of World Religions at Harvard 2001 02 , a visiting professor at the universities of Chicago 1989 93 , McGill 1976 77 , Melbourne 1981 , Hawaii 1998 and Vienna 1974 75 , INSEAD, France 1994 2013 He has been a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, Wissenschaftskolleg Institute of Advanced Study , Berlin, Centre for Advanced Study of Humanities, University of Cologne and is Honorary Professor, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam.A leading figure in the fields of cultural psychology and the psychology of religion, as well as a novelist, Dr Kakar s person and work have been profiled in The New York Times, Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Neue Zuricher Zeitung, Die Zeit and Le Nouvel Observateur, which listed him as one of the world s 25 major thinkers while the German weekly Die Zeit portrayed Sudhir Kakar as one of the 21 important thinkers for the 21st century Dr Kakar s many honors include the Kardiner Award of Columbia University, Boyer Prize for Psychological Anthropology of the American Anthropological Association, Germany s Goethe Medal, Rockefeller Residency, McArthur Fellowship Bhabha, Nehru and ICSSR National Fellowships and Distinguished Service Award of Indo American Psychiatric Association He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the Board of Sigmund Freud Archives in the Library of Congress, Washington and the Academie Universelle des Culture, France In February 2012, he was conferred the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the country s highest civilian order.Sudhir Kakar s twenty books of non fiction and six of fiction, include The Inner World now in its 16th printing since its first publication in 1978 , Shamans, Mystics and Doctors , with J.M Ross Tales of Love, Sex and Danger,Intimate Relations, The Analyst and the Mystic, The Colors of Violence,Culture and Psyche, with K.Kakar The Indians Portrait of a People, with Wendy Doniger , a new translation of the Kamasutra for Oxford world Classics, Mad and Divine Spirit and Psyche in the Modern world and Young Tagore The makings of a genius His fifth novel, The Devil Take Love will be published by Penguin Viking in August 2015.Sudhir with Katharina Poggendorf KakarSudhir Kakar is married to Katharina, a writer and a scholar of comparative religions and artist He has two children, a son Rahul who is in financial services, and a daughter Shveta, a lawyer, both in New York.

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    A revealing psychoanalysis of the archetypical Indian or Hindu personality, in as much as it is possible to generalize a diverse country of over a billion inhabitants The author draws from a variety of sources, including ancient texts and modern anthropological studies, to formulate the broad contours of the Hindu character He writes about various

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    I have always enjoyed reading Sudhir Kakar s insight into the Indian psyche and personality from a Freudian perspective It has often given me a better understanding of myself, my fellow countrymen and Indian history This book is onestep in that process In this book, Sudhir and Katharina Kakar investigate the nature of the Indian identity what is Indian nes

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    The author goes to talk about, How Indian ness is formed I was curious to learnabout my own culture The book talks about Hindoo majority s psyche but doesn t include other religions This book would help someone from the outside to dive into common experiences of Hindu culture The chapter on women, thoughts, and concerns from their perspective was valid On the grou

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    Reading this book is like looking into a mirror which betrays both the beautiful as well as the ugly facets of Indian psyche.

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    Truly a wonderful book Superbly insightful and surprisingly illuminating, it is written with verve and passion, and with all the authority and confidence The chapters on Hierarchies, Sexuality, Caste, and on Health and Healing are excellent.A must read for everyone, and especially for Indians.

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    This book is a historical, sociological and, at times, psychological explanation of how and why society in India is the way it is The issues it explains are so practical and ubiquitous, you might find yourself reading real quick through the 200 pages in order to know the authors insights might finish within just a day or two, or even maybe in one single stretch It does answer a lot of qu

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    A very average book when compared to his other books The book can be used as a reference by novices and uninitiated of Indian culture studies however, for the experts or people already familiar with Indianness and Indian culture, etc this will be a big disappointment The book doesn t tell or analyse anything in a new way it only acts as a re statement of the known and existing theories.

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    Amazing readDefinitely a must read for someone who wants to understand why Indians behave the way they are be it about the hierarchy in social domain , patriarchy, sexuality, religion Loved every aspect of the book

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    I would recommend this book to everyone, specially those who deride Indian society without having any understanding of how this society thinks and operates, those who suffice a universality to philosophies borrowed from West, those who feel it is very intellectual to make fun of the Hindu way of life But, having said that, this book is meant for everyone Every society is different in it s conception and operate

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    You cannot separate psychoanalysis from anthropology and this is what The Indians, by preeminent psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar and his anthropologist wife, Katharina Kakar shows us It s a brilliant, bold and incisive study into the Indian character An Indian myself, there was no new information in this book However, the consolidation of what makes an Indian, an Indian, into a single book, along with examples, cultural and

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