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Nyx: Wannabe The X Men s dream has been one of creating hope from despair in a young mutant s darkest hour Charles Xavier will always be just around the corner, ready with open arms and a helping hand But Xavier can t be everywhere at once What becomes of a group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everything ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Poltergeist (Greywalker, Author Kat Richardson – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk ready with open arms and a helping hand But Xavier can t be everywhere at once What becomes of a group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everything

About the Author: Joe Quesada

Joseph Joe Quesada born January 12, 1962 is an American comic book editor, writer and artist He became known in the 1990s for his work on various Valiant Comics books, such as Ninjak and Solar, Man of the Atom.He later worked on numerous books for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, such as Batman Sword of Azrael and X Factor, before forming his own company, Event Comics, where he published his creator owned character, Ash.

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    So I originally grabbed this and NYX No Way Home , because I had been enjoying X 23 s character And supposedly this covered her time on the streets Yeah, she s in it, and her story plays an important role in things, but she doesn t really say much Or act much like herself Justdon t make the mistake I did, and read this for Laura s story The cliffnotes version of her missing time will do just as well as th

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    The things I read for X 23.This wasboring.And Laura was just there.And I felt like sleeping on my feet.

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    This is the first appearance of Laura x23 and honestly, it has little to do with her Instead the story focuses around Kiden, a mutant who can basically stop time and then hurt people really bad by touching them After a incident at school leading to her favorite teacher getting shot she goes on the run Around half way meet Laura and then a bunch of other mutant kids who are basically the street kids The thing

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    I didn t find this one to be as horrible as I thought it would be I mean ok, the art was so inconsistent, the storytelling was haphazard to the point of confusion, and the characters were really very one dimensional BUT I thought there was a lot of potential with the story The characters would have beencompelling with a better development, but the ideas were fresh and exciting Kiden acting out fights, drugs, st

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    Kiden Nixon is a troubled high school girl, whose life is compounded when she discovers her latent mutant ability to slow time She teams up with were girl Tatiana, astral projecting Bobby, her former teacher Cameron, and an unnamed former child prostitute who will become known as X 23 in order to protect each other on the streets.This felt very real in a way that, say, Spider Man s teenage origin definitely did n

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    Nyx Wannabe is a wannabe edgy comic In the hands of DC s Vertigo line or even Dark Horse, this one may have been interesting But with Marvel it just falls flat in all phases Had they known X 23 would become such a fan favorite, they might have treated her better Well maybe not, this is Marvel.

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    NYX is such a totally weird book I remember when it was coming out in singles it sort of looked too cool for me to even buy like X Men meets Larry Clark s Kids, or something Anyway, after reading it I feel like I wasn t too far off Not because it is indeed too cool, it isn t but because it s tonally confusing and sort of voyeuristic in its depiction of a group of teen mutant runaways both of which are very Kids But

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    NYX Wannabe is kind of a mess The story is jumbled in a way that I think is supposed to be realistic and edgy, but it just ends up being confusing and underdeveloped For example, I have absolutely no idea what Felon s mutant abilty is He can possess people But his physical body comes along , and the scene that introduces him makes no sense at all He raped a pop star Or killed her Isn t he supposed to be reformed at tha

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    In a word Meh.Like many other s I did come for X 23 reading this directly after reading lost innocence and target x was a mistake but I kept an open mind knowing this was not her own title, I didn t expect too much but even the expectations I did have weren t really met either From the second Laura appeared I knew it wasn t going to be great Her client saying she was the best at what she did left me with this bad taste i

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    Like many others I came to this looking forX 23, Nyx does not deliver on that front Unfortunately it doesn t deliver on any other front either.I think I can see what Quesada was going for here, looking at mutants who rather than instantly becoming perfect costumed superheroes are actually worse off and forced onto the street It s not a bad idea but it s not explored interestingly at all None of the characters have any dept

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