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Sapphistry: The Book of Lesbian Sexuality The Book of Lesbian Sexuality, illustrated ➠ [Epub] ➚ Longbow Girl By Linda Davies ➪ – illustrated Oh man.This is one of those strangely early reads.Like, I think I picked it up around age 14 I have been fascinated by sex for as long as I can remember.There s a book about gay male sex that s sort of similar in its 70s era cover design Just have to find it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sapphistry The Book of Lesbian Sexuality Paperback by Patrick Califia Rice Highly illustrated Encyclopedic introduction to basic sexuality. This is sort of a reference book I guess when it came out there was nothing similar first published in 1980 It is remarkable that it s so old and still so relevant In terms of politics it could have been written last week Califia talks about including trans women in lesbian culture and about pedophilia as an alternative sexuality There are also long sections about bdsm and use of dildos which I gather were controversial at that point in time It s a good book. I remember loving this when I read it It seems to me I reread it once. Too fundamental to be of any real interest However, maybe I should have read this at a younger age. I can only say that my copy is signed and numbered by the author. I dont htink you can get this any, its a rare find Or so im told But its a lesbian must have Just because its pretty informative, interesting, hot and well by Pat Califia I bought this book in at a Half Price Books in 1995, the first time I ever went to Austin, TX There is a recipe for chicken and couscous handwritten on the inside front cover, and the title page includes Marlene and Dawn s phone number I wonder how they re doing.Anyway, this book has lovely illustrations by Tee Corinne and really hot sections on sexual fantasies and favorite sexual experiences. stored 2012

About the Author: Patrick Califia-Rice

Patrick Califia Rice, who formerly wrote under the names Pat Califia and Patrick Califia, is a writer of nonfiction on men, gender, transgender identity, and sexuality and fiction erotica, poetry, and short stories.

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