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Wielder's Awakening A powerful wielder of magic is preparing to conquer a world whose people only remember magic in legends of the past A king grappling with personal tragedy prepares his army to save his kingdom A restless princess seeks love and adventure In the middle of it all is Traven, a poor, ambitious peasant who dreams of being than a simple woodcutter and unknowingly holds the key to saving the world ❴Reading❵ ➻ Muerte en Hamburgo (Jan Fabel, Author Craig Russell – a poor ❴Download❵ ➾ Jazz Age Stories Author F. Scott Fitzgerald – ambitious peasant who dreams of being than a simple woodcutter and unknowingly holds the key to saving the world

10 thoughts on “Wielder's Awakening

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    I cannot comprehend how this book has almost 4 stars as rating The writing looks like it s from the hand of a grade school student, characters are 2 dimensional at best, and the dialogue between characters is obtuse and contrived The IDEA of the plot is OK, but

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    The story was good, but the writing was terrible There were a ton of grammatical errors, and the author would repeat himself a lot The story changed viewpoints between different characters only to describe the same scene again Most of the time these extra viewpoints

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    No No No No No No NNNOOOOOOO This was the worst book I have ever read I didn t even finish this monstrosity of a novel I ended it at 40 percent, and for anyone who did finish this I am so sorry.I read the description on kindle, saw it was cheap and bought it because, hey,

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    This was offered free onand I really needed a book to read, so I said what the heck, I ll give it a try I absolutely loved it The main character is so cute and you love him right from the very beginning This is truly a character you want to win and get everything he wants I th

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    OH MY GGGGGGOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHH It is a rare I do not finish a book I put this sucker down half way I think is it This is the WORST book I have ever read It is absalutley official It has three really bad things about it.1 The plot2 The descriptions Unless body parts are being chop

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    This book gets off to a long rough start The authors immaturity as a writer is immediately apparent, and the simplistic exposition and dialogue made the story seem stilted and the characters shallow Honestly, a third of the way through I considered abandoning it, but I ve stuck it out w

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    The Wielders Awakening was a book I picked up in the kindle store fairly randomly Saw it was a dollar, thought description seemed mildly promising, and figured it was worth a shot As is usually the case with such books, I went in with low expectations and modest hopes and was pleasantly surp

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    The author is talented at creating a story, but needs practice at storytelling To be fair, he wrote this particular book as a teenager, so I m interested to read the sequels to see how his writing matures The story itself is interesting, and I like how he created the world It gets off to a slow s

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    Let me start off by saying the basics of the story is the same as others in this genre for the most part Boy is introduced boy matures boy becomes the world s hero However, the author does a great job at the storytelling and the building of the characters I enjoyed the descriptive storytelling that so

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    The story is compelling and the character development helps to overcome the amateur writing issues The author is clearly inexperienced as evidenced by the poor and repetitive word choices, grammar errors, and descriptive passages that feel like he s trying too hard I found it worth reading and look forward

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