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The Angel Experiment Do Not Finish at page 145.I want to finish this book, but after a while I remember life is too short for reading one crappy book after another.If I read The Angel Experiment when I was 12 years old, I guess I would have been oh so impressed.But readers who possess the mental maturity of a 13 years old or above are free to skip this book.And James Patterson, I m blacklisting you I will not read any other of your books Trick me one, shame on you trick me twice, shame on me. Take a bit of the child like innocence vs evil of Harry Potter, some of the artificially created destiny from Ender s Game, throw in the flying fantasies from Eragon and mix them in with Patterson s trademark flippant characterization, and you ve got Maximum Ride This is the book I m going to recommend when everyone s recovering from the end of Harry Potter later this month Really It s that good And the best part is there are two books after this one There s already a waiting list for my copy.Premise six kids bred with avian DNA in a lab which explains their superstrength and their wings escape in pursuit of a life as normal kids, as normal as you can get without parents.Written for teens, so it s automatically a fun and fast read Definitely worth the time, even if there s a few places where continuity and plausibility are challenged. This is a book I always thought I wouldn t enjoy.I saw it numerous times at my former high school s library and, each time I came across it, I would let my fingers linger on the cover, a pensive expression on my face, and think, Naaaah, not for me Boy was I wrong not to read it YEARS ago The Angel Experiment is such a fast paced, action packed, well, RIDE I thought it would be about actual angels, but that s not what Max and her friends are They are literal experiments with bird genes in their blood How messed up is that But hey, they have crazy superpowers and ALL OF THEM CAN FLY I thought Catwoman was pretty awesome with her ability to jump great lengths and move like a cat, but nothing beats being able to fly It s definitely an enthralling read The action is ever present things are always moving, always progressing Granted, for most of the book, there s this game of cat and mouse going on, so that can get repetitive, but there are many other things happening Max s voice is a young one, but that s normal since she s fourteen years old We can t really expect her to be devoid of immaturity Still, she s strong, brave and loyal to her friends And isn t it refreshing to read YA novels without romance SO refreshing BUT, I think there will be of it in the sequels Give this a shot if you have some time to kill and are curious about mutants like The Fantastic Four but with cooler superpowers.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin OK I thought this was going to be a lame cheese fest I mean, James Patterson I know kids seem to like the series OK, and even a couple adults have recommended it to me But I figured it wasn t my bag I m not sure why Genetically engineered mutant kids with wings escaping from evil scientists and fighting super strong werewolf like soldiers What s not to like I couldn t put it down Fast paced, exciting, kind of horrifying and a lot better written than I expected I m totally reading the next book In fact, I can t wait to read it. 2.5 Stars The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective Well that was fun, i LOVED MAX she was great, annoying at times but funny, and loving big sister The writing was okay, The story had potential but was poorly executed. I want you, the reader, to take a moment and scroll down to the lists this novel has been shelved in Best Young Adult Books, Best Books Ever, What To Read After Harry Potter, Best Female Lead Characters, and Best Science Fiction Fantasy Books If you haven t guessed by the titles, these are pretty big and popular lists If you click into them and view the lists, you will see that this book is pretty high up the ranks And if you looked behind the book, you ll see raving review after raving review If you looked inside, you will see MORE raving reviews telling you that Maximum is a soaring story that will sweep you off your feet, etcetera etcetera This book reminds me to the ad for Kellogg s Rice Krispies Squares They would say the most fabulous things about the product, and then would turn around at the very end they say in a big, booming voice I was lead to believe I was about to read a soaring adventure novel filled with damaged characters who stick together out of both love for each other and fear of their enemies I thought I was going to read about the horrors they went though, and the horrors they d have to face I thought this book would make me feel the magic of flying, to make me truly understand the meaning of freedom This book lied to me it lied right in my face It told me it was a Christmas Dinner with juicy turkey and ham and lobster and chocolaty dessert but instead I got a plate of brussel sprouts What I got was a pathetic and one dimensional cast of character who seemed mentally sound even after their years of abuse , unclear and unemotional writing, poor action scenes, has no depth whatsoever and lacks simple life to it While I was reading it I felt like I was reading the writing of a reluctant reader or the back of a cereal box It lacks character to it One single paragraph written in simply for humour was what really ruined the book for me It was the paragraph that made me almost cry at the lost of the money I spent on this book Am I tough Am I strong Am I hard core Absolutely Did I whimper with pathetic delight when I sank my teeth into my hot fried chicken sandwich You betcha Your probably reading that quote and wondering what s wrong with it, aren t you Let me paint you a picture first, and then I will ruin that quote with some of my logic The main character, Max, is part human part bird Before this quote was written they had spent several days hiding out on some cliffs with a couple of wild hawks On and on they went, telling the reader how fascinating these creatures were and what they learned from them They all even call themselves The Flock Then, zoom on a hundred or so pages and Max is munching down on some fried chicken So she s part bird, spent most of her time with birds, and calls her family the flock Oh yes, now you can see where I m going to go Chickens are birds So Max a half bird girl is eating a bird, and is completely cool with it Relishes it, in fact Yeah Solid thinking there from the author That quote also shows you how shallow the characters are, because Max continues to tell us how spunky and feisty she is But does she actually show these characteristics Nope Unless you count the truly horrendously bad come backs she made In many way s she reminds me of Celeana from Throne of Glass Talks the talk but never truly walks the walk The rest of The Flock merge together, most having no real purpose to the story What does the sweet little Angel do Nothing What does the Gasman bring Nothing but farts Iggy He made something explode Nothing after that And I can t tell you the rest of the characters, because I have forgotten their names Just shows you how much these people stick in your mind.The plot mainly featured weird twists, confusing battle scenes, constant running and flying away, and useless scenes Another reviewer named Joe wrapped up the useless scenes perfectly There s a concert scene, a family sub plot that has no real reason of existing, and many chapters wasted by them spending days with hawks I m pretty sure I ve mentioned that before.I hope your happy, Mr Patterson You tricked me into thinking that you would take the emotionally powerful and moving route with a dash of action and adventure, and for your trickery I will award you with this this shall be my first and last book of yours Your welcome and good day. This book was okay, but I just felt like it didn t have a lot of substance I didn t really take anything away from it, almost like it didn t have a lot of deep meaning And it wasn t terribly entertaining, either I just would have liked the characters to be a little deeper, I guess I doubt I will read the rest of the series Reviewed for Nothing massively wrong with it but the writing was just way too young for me. Well that wasn t too bad You have six kids that are human and have some bird in them Huh, and all this time I thought they were angels Goes to show you have to read to know I m glad this was on one of my challenge lists because I have wanted to read it I think I will keep checking them out on Overdrive to see what else happens I mean they all escaped and have people things after them Happy Reading Mel Six unforgettable kids with no families, no homes are running for their lives Max Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly And that s just the beginning of their amazing powers But they don t know where they come from, who s hunting them, why they are different from all other humans and if they re meant to save mankind or destroy it. ❴Reading❵ ➻ Muerte en Hamburgo (Jan Fabel, Author Craig Russell – no homes are running for their lives Max Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly And that s just the beginning of their amazing powers But they don t know where they come from ❴Download❵ ➾ Jazz Age Stories Author F. Scott Fitzgerald – who s hunting them [Read] ➳ Much Obliged, Jeeves By P.G. Wodehouse – why they are different from all other humans and if they re meant to save mankind or destroy it.

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