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Kamikaze Boys April Book of the Month I will confess I wouldn t have read this book I barely read the blurb I thought to myself, Boy with cray cray eyes and scars, haven t I read something like this in a MF version I kind of did not want to read this book I dragged my ass with starting until yesterday And surprise, surprise I ran through it like it owed me money I do not dislike YA, it s not my preference at this point in the reading game I can t gorge myself on it Used to with MF YA After awhile I started noticing a lot of the stories covered a lot of the same basic themes Kamikaze Boys covered two that I like, nerd with the bad good boy and we re damaged and in love sort of epic like You know the books where the couple does stupid shit for one another because they are in twu luv And I can see the appeal for Jay Bell s writing Even with my gripes with the story, I have to admit when I recognize a good story teller Kamikaze Boys was a good story, it felt like it was two books bridged together I d even recommend it to others to try.Kamikaze Boys is a love story starring bullied, out teen David He s being tormented by a bully after high school one day and the rud crazy, killer teen, Connor comes to David s rescue Both boys form a friendship at a great pace They were a little damaged, life was not particularly easy but good kids Connor comes the wrong side of the tracks, struggling to make ends meet for his family David, is a child of divorce living with his father who has really high hopes but doesn t notice his son is being bullied But their friendship turns to a budding romance, they pulls some pranks, one cuts classregular high school love crap The ride is a little bumpy but mostly smooth I m coasting I m liking the boys, their relationship I m caught up in the smell of teen spirit I do love the nerd with the bad good boy vibes.After what I call the sweet spot of 43%, where if the story ended at that point it would have gotten an automatic 4 4.5 stars out of me, it continued.Around 50%, things aren t looking bad The boys are in their first love stage and common sense is slowly but surely leaving the building Common sense ran away, left town without a forwarding address.The end of the first story happens basically The second book from WTF happened to the MCs showed up and it s coming to wreck the joint Criminal acts happen Not the boys fault in the beginning but after the first eventI wondered what happen to the Connor and David from the first bit, then I remember they lost their damn minds Which brings me to the second theme, the we re damaged and in love sort of epic like This didn t have to happen But it did because they are young, dumb and in love view spoiler Connor got fucked by legal aid Even with the other guy s fancy lawyer, it was like reading the slaughtering of a lamb It s bullshit And David I don t understand why he needed to go the facility He wasn t depressed enough to warrant that drastic reaction from his father excluding the baseball thing Maybe if David was slitting his wrists or in catatonic statesomething to excuse psychiatric medication to be involved as treatment 1 STAR for the second act hide spoiler 2.3 stars It was, by no means, a BAD book it was simply, by all means, NOT my kind of book.I just don t think I like being in YA aged characters heads It just doesn twork for me The realism of their stupid STUPID actions rings true however, I m so frustrated by said actions that I end up frustrated by the book as a whole In the case of this book in particular, the completely horrible and awful consequences of those actions view spoiler namely, landing one of the MCs in jail and the other in a troubled youths treatment center hide spoiler 3.5 starsAhhhhback to the safety zone of YA where we rarely argue suspension of belief or hotness of sex scenes.where we usually get a nice dose of naivety and sometimes a good opposites attract storyline.where kids are misunderstood but find acceptance with each other.where first times and explorations and first loves are the norm.I enjoyed Kamizake Boys It is a safe YA book 2 misunderstood, lonely kids finding solace and love with each other Connor, the mystery kid w the scar, that everyone thinks tried to kill his dad and David, the outed gay kid, bullied around every corner Theirs is a sweet friendship turned relationship that is sprinkled with adventure, some angst, consequences for actions, future planning, but an all in all likable couple The epilogue was unnecessary and a bit much, even for me But the rest was just right and a nice, enjoyable read Not unforgettable, but likable nonetheless. Jay Bell..man does this guy know how to paint a wonderful scene for you to picture when reading his books I find myself turning my nose up at books that are considered YA because I always think I ll miss the sex Damn I need to stop short changing these authors because even tho the sexin may not be ott, the friendship, the love, the feelings make everything worth it.The two young men in this story lived very real lives and even when things shitted on them, they held onto hope and their love to pull them thru. I m not really much of a YA reader and I ve seen this book labeled as such After reading it I wouldn t really classify it as YA It may be about YA characters but I wouldn t say it s for YA readers I think this book can best be appreciated when read as an adult with the perspective of a few years of experience and knowledge It s especially poignant if you did dumbshit stuff as a teenager, because the emotions of Connor and David ring true Granted, theirs was much intense given the circumstances they were living in, but teen angst is universal, it just comes in different flavors My adult self wanted to throttle these two for some of the choices they made, but my inner teenager was like, Fuck yeah, DO IT Those two reactions really made me appreciate this story Connor and David are perfect for each other and each fills in the others gaps with than just teen love and lust but also the gaps that their messed up families have created As messed up as Connor s family was, there was no doubt he was loved, life and stupid decisions by his father created the dysfunction that was their home life The one that really broke my heart was David The subtlety and total lack of crisis that made up his home dynamic was so sad Having both parents able bodied, employed and available and to still be so distant is just wrong I should say, they could have been available but just chose not to be because of their own selfishness This was where the book lost me a little I really didn t need the added drama view spoiler of the hospital and jail hide spoiler Damn, I love you Jay Bell I really, really do Kamikaze Boys is the story of two very different boys that just happen to be perfect for each other who take on the world hand in hand David is the high school nobody who gets picked on and called a faggot daily by the typical bully The fact that David actually is gay and is not afraid to hide it adds layers to the depth of character that he is, but does nothing to improve his standing in the drama filled world that is public school One day Connor, the dude with a scar and crazy eyes, who is preceded by rumors that he tried to kill his father, comes to David s rescue David isn t sure that this guy is any better than the asshole Chuck that tortures him regularly, but not having many escape options, decides to give Connor the benefit of the doubt From this moment on, the boys know that they are gonna be ok as long as they have each other As we will learn, though, sometimes life gets in the way of love The boys have a wonderful honeymoon period where they enjoy lots of sweet moments, great sex and grandiose plans to escape to a together forever life in Florida with a big Fuck You to all the people who have caused them problems all before David graduates high school Obviously things are gonna happen to derail this happiness I love the fact that Jay describes David and Connor on his website as kinda the anti Ben and Tim from Something Like Summer. It is totally fitting There is no angst between David and Connor They know they love each other, and would go to the ends of the earth to prove it It s just the rest of the world that gets in their way But don t think it s going to be the usual family drama Both boys families are actually fine with them being gay and in love While both boys have had family issues along the way to growing up, there is no homophobia amongst those issues The boys families are actually very accepting of one one another The thing that gets in the way for these two PASSION Yep, the boys passion for one another leads them to do a few stupid, juvenile things, which while they may be justified in the eyes of love, not so much in the eyes of the law This is the point where the mom in me wanted to go to blows with the young passionate thing that still lives in me and remembers what it was like to be young and in love This is the issue I always have with YA books or books about kids in high school or college I was the girl who always wore my heart on my sleeve I fell in and out of love like a whirlwind and each time I thought the most recent boy was the love of my life, never realizing that wasn t true until I met the ACTUAL love of my life I remember the way it felt when it was new, and the adult me would never want to discount those feelings that the young me had But now I am older and maybe a little wiser I know how hard it is to get through those toughest parts of a relationship that you think is meant to be forever, and how amazing it can be to look back at the journey So, often I am apprehensive to be too optimistic about the chances of forever for high school sweethearts This was not the case with David and Connor though The girl in me was cheering for them the entire time I was so upset by the injustice of view spoiler Connor s arrest and the hospitalization of David I detested Dr Wolf so much that I don t have words to describe how I wanted to hurt him Who are these parents that tucked their children away in a mental institute to be drugged for being insecure or gay or lonely or in love with the wrong person I know there are kids with real issues out there, but these weren t them I loved when Sabrina askedSo what about the other people here Any mass murderers, or do all parents try to keep their kids from datingIt pissed me off that parents can give up on their kids so easily and just hide them away from a world that has damaged them But I also loved how Jay wrote both David and Connor to be strong in their isolation And I loved how Connor refused to give up even when he didn t know what was going on with David and why he was unable to reach him And, yes, Connor s reminiscing actually brought me to tears Sometimes a little blind trust is someone is all you need hide spoiler Why did I adore this Why was I completely taken by a book that made me cringe and want to look away from the pages You know when characters make such stupid, stupid decisions that you re embarrassed for them Gah Yup, that was me I adored it because it was so completely far away from the perfectly, perfect MC s and the perfectly, perfect love stories and HEA s that I so often read about And, quite frankly, usually bore me.I was not at all bored I couldn t put this down Jay Bell just gets me I would not call this a sweet coming of age story Don t get me wrong, they were totally in love and were very sweet together, but their actions were that of a teenager Not just any teenager, but a teenager in love Crazy and dumb It did not make me feel mushy, gushy gumdrops inside No, these boys were infuriating, immature and hot headed But they loved each other and I loved them in all their craziness Conner and David were, at times most of the time , very immature teenagers They made some really dumb decisions I wanted to reach in there and smack em And smack em hard Then their stupid decisions made me think of all the stupid things I did as a teenager of which I have many , so there I was fuming about Conner and David s choices and reminiscing about my own choices when I was younger I had all sorts of conflicting and not so good feels going on inside of me and it was fantastic David and Conner completely broke my heart, as did their parents I m can t even say I was able to bask in the HEA afterglow because I m not sure they ended up with the healthiest of relationships David and Conner were just a little on the insane side But most teenagers are We read it, we re going to chat about it and probably turn this very real, angsty, YA story into something completely inappropriate.STAY TUNED If The World Is Against You, Don T Give Up Find Yourself A Kindred Spirit Then You Can Start Fighting BackThey Say Connor, The One With The Crazy Eyes And Creepy Scar, Tried To Kill His Old Man Lately He S Been Seen Hanging Out With David, The Gay Guy Who Always Eats Lunch Alone They Make An Odd Pair, The Loser And The Psychopath, And Bad Things Happen To People Who Mess With Them Not That Connor And David Are Looking For Trouble Even When Taking On The World, They Seem Interested In Each Other Than FightingKamikaze Boys Is A Story About Breaking The Chains That Bind You And Using Them To Beat Down Anyone That Gets In Your Way Better Yet, It S About Holding Hands With The Guy You Love While Doing So [Epub] ↠ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space Author Muriel Dimen – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Don T Give Up Find Yourself A Kindred Spirit Then You Can Start Fighting BackThey Say Connor [KINDLE] ❆ Insight and Interpretation ❤ Roy Schafer – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk The One With The Crazy Eyes And Creepy Scar [Reading] ➶ Good People in an Evil Time By Svetlana Broz – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Tried To Kill His Old Man Lately He S Been Seen Hanging Out With David !!> EPUB ✽ On a Day Like This ✸ Author Peter Stamm – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk The Gay Guy Who Always Eats Lunch Alone They Make An Odd Pair Download ☆ Heart to Start By Derek Handley – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk The Loser And The Psychopath !!> BOOKS ✯ Light without Fire ⚡ Author Scott Korb – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And Bad Things Happen To People Who Mess With Them Not That Connor And David Are Looking For Trouble Even When Taking On The World !!> Ebook ➥ Secrecy ➦ Author Rupert Thomson – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk They Seem Interested In Each Other Than FightingKamikaze Boys Is A Story About Breaking The Chains That Bind You And Using Them To Beat Down Anyone That Gets In Your Way Better Yet !!> KINDLE ➛ The Silence and the Roar ❥ Author Nihad Sirees – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk It S About Holding Hands With The Guy You Love While Doing So 2.5 rounded upThis was originally a dnf for me, but I promised some unicorns I would try it one time So I did, and this time, I finished it Warning Major spoilers are hidden under the tags.Basically, it s a sweet story buried under a lot of depressing crap I was so angry about the bullying and general unfairness injustice in the story It was too much And then Then the awful choice to have the father view spoiler trick his son and admit him to a treatment center A treatment center hide spoiler I usually like YA but this one was not for me It was definitely a coming of age than romance in my eyes, and I think that is the reason It also took such a strange turn view spoiler Maybe this is realistic in the US, to be put away like that David was, but it felt so sudden Why would his father do that to him, since they seemed to have an ok relationship No, that felt totally off I also did not really feel any chemistry between David and Connor, and did not really understand what Connor saw in David hide spoiler

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