Phoebe’s Fair Valentine Epub ´ Phoebe’s Fair

Phoebe’s Fair Valentine Phoebe is getting ready for her first Valentine s Day date with Griffin with a little help from Nicole and things never go quite smoothly with hematheos magic is involved

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    I don t understand why this is a thing because I just don t like this.

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    I m not thoroughly impressed with this short story For me, it was way too short I know that the date was not that short and didn t end there There were not enough details There wasn t any kind of plot to it, either Plus, it was the typical dream date nothing exciting there I never liked Phoebe or Griffin from Oh My Gods anyways It was a waste of five minutes to me If you re going to waste my five minut

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    Cute read And she managed to find something totally date worthy in my very limited wardrobe a short white skirt from my one attempt at playing tennis trust me, hand eye coordination and I aren t on speaking terms , a super soft red v neck sweater, and the pair of plain white Keds I d borrowed from Stella I feel ready to take on Valentine s day Or Venus and Serena Williams Made me laugh a little.Griffin s gi

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    Okay, okay It s been a while since I ve read the Goddess books This story was pretty cute though, although a bit cliche Some of the transitions were awkward, but it had a nice way of adding in facts about the characters.

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    aw they make a really cute couple

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    Super short scene, really,than a story She dresses for a Valentine s date with Nicole s help , gives Griffin his present, and then opens her present from Griffin.

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    it is soo cutee

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    Very cheesy and yea right rolleyes yet likable and yay sort of way.

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