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Ancestral Vices This title involves left wing academics, right wing capitalists, true blue country gentry, workers, peasants, police and lawyers [PDF / Epub] ☉ Book Lover Author Jennifer Kaufman – right wing capitalists ★ Secret Delivery / Her 24-Hour Protector PDF / Epub ✪ Author Delores Fossen – true blue country gentry ➥ [Epub] ➟ Kholodovs Last Mistress By Kate Hewitt ➯ – workers ❮Télécharger❯ ➺ Wicked Sinner (Regency Sinners 7) ✤ Auteur Carole Mortimer – peasants [KINDLE] ❃ If the Stiletto Fits... ❧ Wendy Etherington – police and lawyers

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    It took me a while to discover Tom Sharpe, who wrote mainly in the 70 s and 80 s, but when I did I got hooked Sharp is the word for his satires on modern British life, with all varieties of phonies and poseurs viciously skewered This one s about an embittered old oligarch who hires a radical academic to write a scathing history of his family, just to annoy his relatives Whether doing soc

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    Ancestral VicesNot everything that counts can be measured.Not everything that can be measured counts.Albert EinsteinAncestral Vices by Tom Sharpe is another hilarious spoof about our brothers of higher learning Tom Sharpe s articulation and enormous vocabulary is again put to good use in his depiction of a college professor and university lecturer In the well established tradition of Shar

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    The farce kicked off pretty early on, about 100 pages in The master mind behind the action is Lord Petrefact who is loathed by all and sundry with very good reason One of my favourite sequences in the novel involves a mechanised Victorian bath, a professor and a runaway wheelchair In many ways it reminded me of Pratchett without the fantasy element.The tag line on the front cover describes

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    This is the second time I ve read this book The first occasion wasthan thirty years ago and has always sat in the back of mind as an enjoyable read I was not disappointed the second time around.The story is beyond all reality but totally enjoyable and funny The characters may be caricatures but that is what makes it so enjoyable It is definitely black comedy and sure to be offensive to some

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    There are many many better Tom Sharpe books Read this for completeness, but do not start here

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    Even despite the rushed ending, this is one of the absolute best farces I ve ever read.

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    My next book thanks to the recommendation of GR friend Griselda Starting tonight My copy is an elderly but not much used inter library library hardbound edition from the Boston Public Library Doesn t look like it s been checked out much.Started this last night and, indeed, the author had me laughing out loud a few times At times an intended funny thing fell flat in the face of my own prejudice

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    After a quiet start this develops into a brilliant satyrical farce on the higher education of the time and on business There s some great dark humour, a dash of dark slapstick and a chunk of insight Times have changed, and this is a book of its time, but I still really enjoyed it Tom Sharpe is a master of taking the mickey.

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    Hilarious Highly recommended.

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    A friend lent me this ages ago, and i ve finally got round to reading it You ll have it back soon Christiana With Mrs Thatcher s death bringing back to my mind all things eighties, reading this book, released in 1980 took me back to that world Militant Left Wingers, Right Wingers, Old Money, the class war, all those things which seemed to matter then but maybe not as much nowadays It s a farce, a

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