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Secret Bodyguard Secret Bodyguard by BJ Daniels released on May ,is available now for purchase

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    Unfortunately, The Secret Bodyguard did not work for me There was the potential for this one to hook me I love a good mob story, I love an undercover cop story, and I love a good mystery but this one failed to wow me in the way I d hoped.In truth, it was all too surface level for me I expected a lotfrom this one and found it to be lacking in depth I failed to feel anything betwe

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    July 2, 2001Intrigue s part of the Texas Trueblood series continues with Secret Bodyguard Jesse McCall is undercover as a chauffeur as he investigates a mobster When the man s daughter reports her child has been kidnapped, he doesn t believe her After all, a mobster s daughter has to be a liar, right Can Amanda make this mysterious man believe her Secret Bodyguard reminded me a l

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    4.25 Overall I enjoyed reading about Amanda and Jesse It s amazing that Jesse started his job to help find a missing baby, and to take down JB Crowe, a mobster He also intended to find out how JB s daughter had arranged for her daughters kidnapping He didn t matter that he felt a connection with her and attracted he was to her, he was a cop, she was a monsters spoiled daughter It

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    Undercover as a driver for Monster s daughter Amanda, Jesse wonders if her baby has really been kidnapped or if she is using her to get money from her dad Didn t know who the kidnapper was until near the end.

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    It was about an undercover cop, who was placed in a cardboard box and put in a field right after his mother was shot and killed He was lucky enuf to have been found by the McCall family and was adopted by them and he was raised as one of 6 siblings.Later in life he finds clues to who he is later falls in love with wild girl, whose father is a mobster Really good read

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    Thrilling, entertaining, and action packed.

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    This was a really good book kept you wondering right to the end how it was going to unfold.

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