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When dealing with the devilIt s taken years for the Dimitri Kalakos sized hole in Louise Frobisher s heart to heal Yet now she has to face him once again she needs the ruthless magnate s financial helpbut absolutely nothing Be prepared to play with fire Louise is offering the one thing Dimitri thought his money couldn t buy the Greek island that should be his She thinks she can The Greek's Acquisition

About the Author: Chantelle Shaw

I grew up without a TV, let alone DVD s, computer games etc that my kids spend so much time engrossed in, but I learned to read at an early age and from then on I was always entertained so much so that my friends used to hide their books when I visited them because all I wanted to do was read When I was a teenager I discovered Mills Boon romances in my local library, and so began a lifelong love affair I still remember that feeling of anticipation when I settled down with a pile of books all bearing the famous rose logo knowing that I would be drawn into a world of love, passion and emotional intensity that I have never found in any other books I enjoy reading a wide range of books, especially historical novels, and I am a big fan of Agatha Christie, mainly I think because her characters seem so real, but I love romances and unashamedly admit that I only want to read books with a guaranteed happy ending Reading is my joy and pleasure and I don t want to cry buckets at the end of a book or have my sleep disturbed by its gruesome content.For me, the characters in Harlequin Mills Boon romances are the key I love reading and writing about strong, alpha heroes and feisty, independent heroines who find that they can t fight the blazing attraction between them.When I married my own tall, dark, but sadly not wealthy hero, we moved out of London to the Kent coast and started a family that grew and grew I adore my six children, and when they were small I loved being a stay at home mum, but there can be days, as I m sure many of you know, when you feel isolated and dare I say it bored of conversing with three year olds Harlequin Mills Boon romances were my life line and my sanity and I read them whenever I had a spare five minutes in the bath, pacing the floor at three am with colicky baby on one shoulder and a book in the other hand My imagination soared and I decided to try and write a book myself My first attempt was typed up on a manual type writer with the full stop key and the letter p missing Luckily my hero and heroine were not called Paul and Poppy, but it still meant going over my manuscript with a pen to fill in the gaps That first book was duly rejected as were my next two I suppose I was disheartened and by now I had four small children and very little spare time, so although I continued to read romances, I gave up writing It wasn t until my youngest son started school that I tried writing again I was struggling to come to terms with the death of my darling mum Gabrielle and writing became my therapy Mum had always nagged me to get on and write a book and had an unshakeable belief that I would one day be published I m so glad that she was proved right and my biggest regret is that she isn t here to share my success with me.I wrote twobooks which were both rejected by HMB, but I was given some advice on my writing from the editorial team that encouraged me to try again Third time lucky certainly applied to me the day I received the call was exactly four years after Mum had died It was one of the most exciting moments of my life but instead of chatting to the editor about contracts I had to dash off and pick my sick daughter up from school Reality is never far away in my house I have now had nine books published At the Sheikh s Bidding was released in September 08 My next book, Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love Child will be out in the UK in July 09, and The Greek Billionaire s Innocent Princess in the UK in August 09 I have just had my twelfth book accepted and am already busy on my thirteenth Now that my children are growing up I am able to write every day between 9 am and 3 pm, but often I become so involved with my characters that I sneak off to write again in the evening I feel I must be one of the luckiest people in the world to be doing something that I love, but I work hard at my luck and I believe that w

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    Heroine is desperate for money She needs them for her terminally ill mother The only man who can help her is the man who broke her heart seven years ago sexy Greek tycoon Dimitri Kalakos He agrees to give her the money but only if she becomes his mistress for two weeks Louise accepts his crazy proposal but they find themselves falling in love with one another all over again.Chantelle Shaw is a grea

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    Good but predictable

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    3.5 stars The story is good but too predictable, too familiar Same old plot A helpless h in immediate need of money to save her dying mother, an arrogant H who thinks she is a gold digger, a blackmail, the big question to be a mistress or not to be What make thingscomplicated is that Louise mother was Dimitri s father s mistress who broke his family apart Also Louise and Dimitri had an affair 7 y ago tha

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    A quick tepid read The h and H meet again as a second chance They have some intermingled past and the h is asking for the H s help as a first and only resort I didn t care much for either of the mc s Lou Lou was a bore and Dimitri was a passionate lover but not as forbidding and ruthless as I mostly prefer my H s to be I would ve given it 4 stars but there was a lot of internal monologue in this one and not

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    It was a story of the past, similar to so many others though The heroine needed money to help her sick mama and the hero needed a mistress Little did they both know, that they loved each other but in order to have a future they must discuss the past A past where the heroine has miscarried the heroes baby without telling him.It was only slightly dramatic and it held my attention but it wasn t all that and a bot

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    The sins of the fathers It s amazing how children, no matter what pain and unhappiness their parents may cause them, will still love them This is exactly what this lovely book by Chantelle Shaw is about.Louise Dimitri had become very close but due to the circumstances surrounding the affair between her mother and his father, were so cruelly torn apart.Years later Louise is forced to ask Dimitri, who has become a

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    Chantelle Shaw know to write romance in such a magical manner that you will feel like the princess who finds her prince.In the Greek s Acquisition she has done so again Strong and powerful characters,each with a background that in the end brings them together and a with a secret that simply shocked The setting was perfect for romance,the author s plot brilliant and I was transported to a world of captivating and del

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    The Greek s AcquisitionThis was about two people who meet because of his father s betrayal to his wife Her mother had become his mistress and broke the family apart She was never really loved by her own mother But she loved her They had an affair seven years ago and was torn apart when her mother found out Now she is back to ask him for help Will he help her Or will she not let him know what she needs the money for

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    RomanticA great story with two wonderful characters, I was taken away on love and heartache A must read for all the romantic s out there

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    Sexy, delicious and oh so compelling, Chantelle Shaw s The Greek s Acquisition is vintage Modern Romance Louise Frobisher is desperate She needs to raise enough money for her terminally ill mother to have a life changing operation that could give her the much needed second chance she so desperately craves Having exhausted all other avenues, Louise realizes that the time has come for her to swallow her pride and come face to

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