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Ascent Two young men with very different personalities set out to climb a mountain Ull, decisive and competent, has his eye on the goal the summit Johann, irresolute, is just along for the climb after several setbacks, he gives up and turns back Ull continues on despite near impossibility of summiting alone, and ignoring all warnings signs determined to reach the summit in defiance of his friend ❴Reading❵ ➻ Muerte en Hamburgo (Jan Fabel, Author Craig Russell – decisive and competent ❴Download❵ ➾ Jazz Age Stories Author F. Scott Fitzgerald – has his eye on the goal the summit Johann [Read] ➳ Much Obliged, Jeeves By P.G. Wodehouse – irresolute ❮PDF❯ ✪ The Wrong Blood ✑ Author Manuel de Lope – is just along for the climb after several setbacks [Epub] ➟ The Customer-Funded Business ➠ John W. Mullins – he gives up and turns back Ull continues on despite near impossibility of summiting alone [Download] ➶ The Affair By Emma Kavanagh – and ignoring all warnings signs determined to reach the summit in defiance of his friend

About the Author: Ludwig Hohl

Hohl was the son of a pastor and was born in the small town of Netstal He went to Gymnasium in Frauenfeld but was expelled due to the alleged bad influence he had on other students He never worked in an ordinary profession and spent most of his life in poverty suffering from alcoholism From 1924 to 1937 he lived outside of Switzerland, first in Paris 1924 1930 , then in Vienna 1930 31 and The Hague 1931 1937 He then returned to Switzerland and lived first in Biel, then in Geneva, from 1954 to 1974 in a small basement flat which became legendary His financial situation then improved due to an inheritance, but in his last years, he suffered from several physical illnesses Hohl died in 1980 from an inflammation of his legs He had been married five times and had one daughter.Hohl s works never gained him commercial success he published several himself His small income came from writing for magazines and newspapers as well as private and public support In the 1940s and 50s, he took legal action against his publisher who refused to print the second volume of his Notizen see below because the first volume had sold less than two hundred copies Hohl won which, according to some sources, substantially improved the position of authors versus publishers in Swiss jurisdiction but the second volume sold equally badly In the 1970s, he finally achieved some recognition from the literary world Siegfried Unseld, head of the renowned German publishing house Suhrkamp Verlag, had been introduced to Hohl by Adolf Muschg, and Unseld and Hohl agreed on a contract for a new edition of Hohl s works In 1970 and 1976, Hohl was awarded prizes by the Schweizerische Schillerstiftung, in 1978 he received a special prize dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Robert Walser s birth, and in 1980 he won the Petrarca Preis Ludwig Hohl s literary estate is archived in the Swiss Literary Archives in Bern.Works edit Hohl published some poems and stories His best work of fiction may be the narrative Bergfahrt the German word Bergfahrt, literary mountain ride, is an old term for climbing , which he wrote in 1926, rewrote several times over the next decades and which was finally published in 1975 An English edition of this novella, called Ascent, was published in 2012 it is the first and, as of 2013, only English translation of one of Hohl s works.Many regard Die Notizen oder Von der unvoreiligen Vers hnung as Hohl s opus magnum The title could be translated as Notes, or On Non Premature Reconciliation Hohl wrote it in 1934 36 problems with his publisher see above delayed the publication until 1954 it was re published, with some additions and in one volume, in 1981, a few months after his death The volume is divided into twelve parts with titles like On Working , On Writing , On Death which consist of hundreds of numbered notes in the form of short essays, aphorisms, quotations, poems, outlines for stories etc Hohl insisted that these notes are not a disparate collection but have a deep inner connection The main thought which lies behind them is that there is only one true meaning of life, namely to exercise one s own creative forces This is what Hohl calls Arbeit work This work includes the philosophical concepts of knowledge and action, which become one in the person who works Hohl also polemizes against the masses of people who do not work in this way, but are very busy trying to avoid such true work Hohl personifies this flawed way of life in his antagonist, der Apotheker the pharmacist or Herr Meier Mr Average.A second volume with similar format was not published until after Hohl s death It is called Von den hereinbrechenden R ndern On the margins closing in or simply Nachnotizen After notes.Hohl often quotes the few authors and thinkers he held in highest esteem They include Goethe, Lichtenberg, Montaigne and Spinoza He called Goethe s writings his daily br

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    A Romantic but unromantic Alpine parable, as clean and dangerous as the windswept heights of its setting Ascent is I think the only translated work of Swiss literary recluse Ludwig Hohl, who lived and died in relative obscurity but has become somewhat unburied, to use the fashionable Goodreads idiom, by subsequent writers in Switzerland and elsewhere, many of whom have named him as a k

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    Good thing I didn t read this before going climbing in the Alps, or I wouldn t have done it I wonder if Hohl did much climbing himself, and if so, why He certainly doesn t make it sound appealing at all The narrative could usechamois goats Good thing I didn t read this before going climbing in the Alps, or I wouldn t have done it I wonder if Hohl did much climbing himself, and if so, why He ce

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    Ludwig Hohl 1904 1980 is another of thesui generisauthors I find myself drawn to The Swiss German Hohl was thrown out of school for being a bad influence and never acquired a profession, subsequently living in poverty for most of his life For quite some time he lived in a cave, where he wrote some of his best work Somehow or other he managed to wed five times He had a low opinion of writing and writer

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    This short chronicle of a death foretold narrates a hazardous climb on a high unnamed Alpine peak in a time when detailed route descriptions, low weight apparel and mobile phone were not there to help mountaineers to keep the risks in check But no technology can protect against hubris, stupidity and naivet And the ineluctable consequences of this unholy trio is the key theme of this novel Two friends move in

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    The Opposite of Modernist FragmentationSome years ago George Steiner named Ludwig Hohl as one of the greatest 20th century authors Die Notizien is his central work it is 900 pages long and still untranslated I read this to get a sense of him, but it seems to be a singular piece, by which he can t be judged Steiner s judgment, which is widely repeated on the internet, is that Hohl is one of the secret masters of twent

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    Een dusdanig wonderlijk rijke taal van meanderende frasen, plechtstatige beschrijvingen van de meest precieze handelingen en gedachten, en meeslepend beeldende woordenschat zou je in een bergbeklimmersrelaas niet verwachten.Bergtocht is dan ook meer dan slechts een korte anekdote over twee klimmers die enkele dagen doorbrengen op de Zwitserse kammen Het is een bijzonder gelaagde psychologische parabel over de menselijke staa

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    Hohls Bergtocht leidt naar een berg die nog niemand gezien heeft en die toch als hij ter sprake komt door iedereen wordt herkendAdolf Muschg, geciteerd door Anna St ssi in het afsluitend essay Beschrifte bergen Zonder St ssi s essay zou ik de bergtocht van Ull en Johann wellicht snel vergeten Gelukkig legde het essay heel wat ondergesneeuwde lagen op de bergflanken bloot

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    3 1 2 sterIk heb helemaal niets met bergen beklimmen maar het is prachtig beschreven.

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    In minder dan 100 bladzijden schrijft Hohl zijn verhaal over alpinisme, nostalgie en intermenselijke relaties, in een stijl helder als berglucht In De acht bergen volgt Paolo Cognetti de route die door De Bergtocht werd geopend, maar zonder de ijle hoogten van Hohls stilistische bravoure te bereiken.

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    3,75 5 Net iets te veel beschrijvingen van bergen in specifieke woordenschat om echt goed te zijn.

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