Hyakujitsu no Bara: Halloween Special II PDF ¾ no

Pairing Klaus x TakiTaki Reizen is reborn as a vampire and attacks Klaus and sucks his blood Lots of OOC moments and comedy Adapted From Hyakujitsu no Bara Maiden Rose Hyakujitsu no Bara: Halloween Special II

About the Author: Fusanosuke Inariya

Inariya Fusanosuke Also known as Tomoyodo Kujoh She reserves the name Fusanosuke Inariya for her BL titles, and writes regular shojo and josei manga and seinen and shonen titles too apparently under Tomoyodo Kujoh Her moe point is a man in uniform.Part of the doujinshi circles duo DECOPONS and Akai Neko Nyo Dan, under the name Kohaku Sabou.She s popular specifically because of her adorable chibis and depictions of strong seme and beautiful uke, as well as her unique art and story telling style Many of her manga are military themed in some way.Rud to once have assisted ARAKAWA HiromuHer work Maiden Rose is now an OVA by PrimeTime.

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