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Ace The Wildes Of Wyoming Ace by Ruth Langan released on May ,is available now for purchase

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    Ace is the youngest brother and something of a dare devil He considers himself a gambler, so when he is hustled at pool by the heroine he is mad as hell and when it turns out that the heroine is a new employee he gets mighty suspicious and fires her.The heroine is back in town after spending years away from her grandfather She hustled the hero b

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    Questions will finally be answered as this series comes to a end, but there will be one final question asked Have I just beenhustled

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    The conclusion in the Wilde trilogy, Ace s story was not, in my opinion, the best of the three though he is certainly the most charming brother , but it was highly enjoyable The sparks and feuds between Ace and Ally only serve to heat things up, and for those who were waiting for Ace to finally meet his match in a woman, you won t be disappointed

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    Cute, quick read Didn t see the mystery person til the very end

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