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The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Witchcraft This A Z encyclopedia provides historical and biographical information related to the practice of witchcraft and the persecution of witches from ancient to modern times, as well as insights into how witches developed the religion of Wicca ❰Ebook❯ ➦ Rumor Has It (Texas Cattleman’s Club: A Missing Mogul Author Maureen Child – as well as insights into how witches developed the religion of Wicca

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    I read this book cover to cover, which I don t recommend It does get dull after awhile.A lot of historical information on Witch trials, and on the various traditions of Wicca No information at all on dreams and trancework.A lot of the entries in this resource felt off Or incomplete Like how the entry for Beelzebub doesn t mention the idea that he s the fath

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    In some places, this is dated and biased and it clearly shows However, it gave me so many new things to research and read about that I m not as upset about that as it would usually make me I have a list of several authors to begin reading if only to get a better knowledge of who they are and how they influenced modern paganism I also have several new things to c

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    Definitely Wicca centric and biased, but that s pretty normal these days The passage on Satanism was completely wrong Robert Cochrane was only mentioned in passing in the entry about 1734 yet no entry about Clan of Tubal Cain No entry for Traditional Witchcraft, a definitely one sided entry for Devilis my own bias showing yet That aside, the many entries about famed

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