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The Love That Made Mother Teresa Rev ed of A revolution of love the meaning of Mother Teresa c

About the Author: David Scott

David Scott is a Los Angeles based scholar, writer, and editor with a special interest in religion and culture Scott has held the top editorial positions at the nation s largest independent Catholic newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor 1993 2000 , and the world s largest independent Catholic wire service, Catholic News Agency 2010 2012 Currently he serves as Vice Chancellor for Communications for the Archbishop of Los Angeles He lives in L.A with his wife and their five children.

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    Hmmm I am torn as to what to rate this book I feel awful giving a book about my favorite Mother Teresa anything less than a 4 star rating, but I guess I will have to rate this 3 and half stars This is probably due to my being a self proclaimed Mother Teresa groupie And I have read every book out there on her This book in no way compares to Come Be My LightCome Be My

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    The Love that Made Mother Teresa begins by speaking of Mother Teresa s beatification and the profound impact she had on each of the four popes she met The next chapters then discuss what makes a saint, how she became a saint the miracles she performed , and how some saints are different, i.e., saints with a global message, not just a local saint The next section of the book

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    The Love that made Saint Teresa What a wonderful story on the life of an amazing woman and ambassador for Christ.What was so special about Mother Teresa Why did everybody from Presidents and World leaders to your next door neighbour call her a living Saint She did not become a Saint because the Pope decided to declare her as such in Sept of 2016, as she already was a saint in the wo

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    Short , sweet, but so very informative to the life of a remarkable woman.I ve always admired everything she stood for and believed in and carry her legacy with me daily.What a beautiful example to live selfishly and to always strive to doto help those in need.I can only hope and prayfollow the example she has laid out before us as she was just as kind and sweet inside as out.I stumbled upon

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    An inspiring quick read and overview of all St Mother Teresa taught us in her selfless service to our world Thoroughly explained how we can become closer to Jesus and God through MT s actions and words I was expecting a littleinformation on her dark nights, but did appreciate the explanation of MT s spiritual viewpoints of our world and spiritual connections to suffering.

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    Really, I want to give this 2 1 2 s OK, but it s a bit contradictory in places to other Mother Teresa books I ve read, especially a book of interviews she gave an Italian journalist In some places I felt Scott was reaching a bit in trying to make is thesis work But it s a worthwhile addition to the Mother Teresa canon.

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    InspirationalA remarkable telling of the truly incredible work and achievements of Mother Teresa.Will change my life for which I am thankful.

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    My second time reading this in 2016 Might need to read this annually The last chapter gives me such perspective, courage and even a bit of faith.

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    This book was okay I was really hoping forThe description was how it would help you conquer the slums of your heart and personally I didn t feel it really covered this.

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    Not much newI wanted to learnabout the dark night The book is well written and an easy read Good for someone new to Mother Teresa.

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