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Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution Focusing On The Ground Breaking And Often Controversial Science Of Charles Darwin, The Author Seeks To Bridge The Gulf Between Science And Religion On The Subject Of Human Evolution [PDF / Epub] ☉ The End (The 30-Day Collective Book 1) Author Ellen A. Easton – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk The Author Seeks To Bridge The Gulf Between Science And Religion On The Subject Of Human Evolution

About the Author: Kenneth R. Miller

Kenneth R Miller is Professor of Biology at Brown University He earned his Ph.D in 1974 at the University of Colorado, and spent six years teaching at Harvard University before returning to Brown He is a cell biologist, and chairs the Education Committee of the American Society for Cell Biology He serves as an advisor on life sciences to the NewsHour, a daily PBS television program on news and public affairs.His research work on cell membrane structure and function has producedthan 50 scientific papers and reviews in leading journals, including CELL and Nature, as well as leading popular sources such as Natural History and Scientific American Miller is coauthor, with Joseph S Levine, of four different high school and college biology textbooks used by millions of students nationwide He has received five major teaching awards, and in 2005 was given the Presidential Citation of the American Institute for Biological Sciences for distinguished service in the field of Biology In 2006 he received the Public Service Award from the American Society for Cell Biology, and in 2007 was given the Science Educator Award from the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco.One of Miller s principal interests is the public understanding of evolution He has written a number of articles defending the scientific integrity of evolution, answering challenges such as intelligent design, and he has debated a number of anti evolutionists over the years.

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    Evolution is a tricky subject There are few topics like it everyone has an iron opinion on an issue about which they know so very little With thousands of papers and books written on the subject in the past 150 years, there is no shortage of information, just a shortage of courage God loving folks are genuinely scared of this dangerous theory, and for this reason av

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    Ken Miller is a Christian and a biologist at Brown University, and one of the major anti creationist debaters I really liked this well argued dismantling of intelligent design and other creationist arguments from a scientific perspective His theological reflections weren t as deep as I would have liked, but Conrad Hyers The Meaning of Creation Genesis and Modern Science cove

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    I chose this deliberately after reading The God Delusion Dawkins pretty clearly thinks that religion is incompatible with science, and I wanted to read the POV of someone who thinks the opposite I didn t get as much out of this book as I d hoped it seems to beaimed at people who believe in God, but not evolution So clearly I am not the audience Occasionally Miller will make dismissiv

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    In the past 700 years science has had a way of humbling humansand , once we were the center of everything, created on day 6 in the image of God First we learn that everything doesn t revolve around the Earth, instead we circle the sun The sun isn t anythingthan just one of billions of stars in the Milky Way, which itself is just one of billions of galaxies The earth wasn t created created in

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    Enlightening World view altering I think it is a MUST READ for anyone interested in either science OR religion I love both Enjoyable to read and fun to chew on There is enough science, enough philosophy, enough logical reasoning, and enough religious thought to make one pause, think, and digest however, it is not daunting or intimidating, just thought provoking I liked Jared Smith s 2 3 08 review Evol

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    I enjoyed this book most at the beginning and decreasingly as it went on, despite the fact that many of Miller s views seemor less right to me It was helpful to see the clarity of the physical evidence for the great age of the solar system, particularly the chart of radioactive nuclides on pp 70 71 If this doesn t mean anything to you, no worries Miller explains it clearly It was also helpful to know that Phil

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    First and foremost, Ken Miller is an excellent science writer, expressing things plainly and concisely in a wholly accessible manner that other science writers should study This is essential in dealing with things like irreducible complexity, which most people haven t even heard of, let alone understand As an evolutionary scientist and Christian, he represents a sorely misunderstood middleground between Christian creat

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    Theistic evolutionists get attacked from both sides From creationists they are attacked for compromising with the theory of evolution And from their atheist colleagues they are attacked for joining the religious in believing in God Kenneth Miller spends this book articulating why he believes in both God and evolution.The first half of the book focuses on the theory of evolution it is true, best explaining all the evidence and s

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    This is the rare book that attempts to bridge the divide between fundamentalist Christians and atheist evolutionary biologists Miller has tendrils iin both camps, being a Brown University biologist and author of the the textbook at issue in the Dover Evolution Trial and a committed Roman Catholic In the first half of the book Miller ably displays the flaws in Intelligent Design while sympathetically attempting to understand what might d

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    Overall I thought this book was pretty interesting, and I was amused by how easily and thoroughly Miller dispatches all the intelligent design arguments I wanted a littlefrom the last part of the book, in which Miller explains the compatibility of religion and science, and how science actually makes his faith stronger I suppose what I really want is a conversation with him, so I can ask all the questions his book raised for me but didn t answer

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