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Idoru (Bridge #2) Now In Trade Paperback From The Author Of Neuromancer Comes A Story That Takes Readers To st Century Tokyo After The Millennial Quake, Where Something Violently New Is About To Erupt ❴Reading❵ ➻ Muerte en Hamburgo (Jan Fabel, Author Craig Russell – Where Something Violently New Is About To Erupt

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    You know, it seems like I would really like William Gibson, from what I ve heard of him, but there s something about his writing that leaves too much out This book is the first of his I ve been able to finish I still don t feel like I understood everythi

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Quote I think I d probably tell you that it s easier to desire and pursue the attention of tens of millions of total strangers than it is to accept the love and loyalty of the

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    10 25 2012Last night my daughter introduced me to one of her hot new things on YouTube Hatsune Miku, a purely synthetic pop star In return, I introduced her to this book in which Gibson predicts such a thing, twenty years ago Then we checked out her other

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    Taman kada ovek pomisli da se istro io i da period stagnacije u knjizi najavljuje dosadu, ma inerija se pokre e i ne dozvoljava da ispustite knjigu iz ruku.Gibson ko Gibson odli an, inspirativan, kreativan, imaginativan.

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    I really thought I will enjoy this but it seems too unrealistic for me barely able to finish this.

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    As with Virtual Light, the selling point of this book is the setting, not so much the story Gibson s futuristic Tokyo is not too different from present day Tokyo, but it s still fun to walk the streets of nanotechnology enhanced Shinjuku and feel the uncanny

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    About half the way into this book I had a rough outline for this review in my head It went somewhere along the lines of if Gibson s stories sucked you in as his world descriptions do he would write the best books ever And that was when the story grabbed me So

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    Gibson is an ideas man big on what , not on why or how It s been said enough times that his predictions are spookily accurate This book written in 1996 features many foreshadowings of the current time A time where we hide behind an avatar, led around by geo awa

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    Now this book I remember better than its immediate predecessor, Virtual Light One might guess that it is because I liked Idoru better than VL, but I think it is another subjective factor From the early to end of the 90s I did a fair amount of traveling and East

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    The fact that some of the futuristic detailing of this story is already here and old hat wasn t lost on me, but didn t bother me either The story world of this book is a believable take on the not too distant future I loved the fantastic worlds people create toge

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