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Dashing Dish The Dashing Dish Is An Inspirational Cookbook Chock Full Of Healthy, Innovative Yet Simple Recipes, Most Of Which Are Gluten Free, Sugar Free, And Abundant In Whole GrainsLike Many Of Us, Twenty Four Year Old Author Katie Farrell Has Struggled With Her Weight And Healthy Eating As A Teen She Went Through Yo Yo Dieting And Was Prone To Eating Disorders But Through God And A Passion For Food And Cooking, She Hit Upon The Formula That Would Transform Her From Unhealthy Girl To Confident WomanIn Warm, Accessible Language And Beautiful Photographs, Katie SharesRecipes For Clean Eating Every Recipe Is Simple To Make And Delicious To Eat Katie Uses Gluten Free Oat Flour In Place Of Wheat Flour, Cottage Cheese And Yogurt In Place Of Fat, And Stevia In Place Of Sugar Her Tips Are Practical, Her Tone Inspirational Anyone Looking To Eat Better For The Rest Of Their Life Will Want To Own This Book LOVE LOVE LOVE Love erraddicted to her blog, so why wouldn t I love her cookbook Great layout and photos, includes nutrition information, and helpful tips on eating healthy Great job, Katie Oh, and there were a handful of recipes I was already familiar with because of he This is one of those cookbooks you look through and want to make everything It has great pictures, and the recipes look relatively healthy without being too fussy The author has a couple short chapters in the beginning on eating healthy and meal planning that provided some good information However, I diverge with her when it comes to our opinions on full fat dairy and the use of sugar substitutes I made the Italian meatballs and the white chicken enchilada bake and both were hits with my family.One note on her serving sizes though she obviously isn t feeding teens Her meatball recipe calls for two meatballs per serving The enchilada bake expects to feed 8 people with a 9x9 pan Depending o Randomly discovered the author on Instagram and started following her I assumed she was southern, based on her Instagram photos But apparently, she is a registered nurse who lives in Brighton, MICHIGAN The I find out about this person, the I like her Clean eating Super attractive presentations A fellow Michigander Openly Christian How did I not know about her before I just got her cookbook from the library and I LOVE it Lots of references to God and the spiritual life Attractive format photos And, oh my gosh, the types of foods she makes I haven t gotten to try out many of the recipes yet, but they all look like food I d want to eat Initially, I wondered if it was really healthy LOL Only on closer inspection and reviewing calorie counts did I conclude that eating food from this cookbook wouldn t send me off the rails This cookbook definitely contains healthy versions of mid western food All the f About the Book The Dashing Dish is an inspirational cookbook chock full of healthy, innovative yet simple recipes, most of which are gluten free, sugar free, and abundant in whole grains.Like many of us, twenty four year old author Katie Farrell has struggled with her weight and healthy eating As a teen she went through yo yo dieting and was prone to eating disorders But through God and a passion for food and cooking, she hit upon the formula that would transform her from unhealthy girl to confident woman.In warm, accessible language and beautiful photographs, Katie shares 100 recipes for clean eating Every recipe is simple to make and delicious to eat Katie uses gluten free oat flour in place of wheat flour, cottage cheese and yogurt in place of fat, and Stevia in place of sugar Her tips are practical, her tone inspirational Anyone looking to eat better for the rest of their life will want to own this book.About the Author Katie Farrell is the author of Dashing Dish, a healthy recipe website and ministry to women Katie is a registered nurse from Michigan, where she lives in Brighton with her husband of five years Dashing Dish is a combination of Katie s passions helping women find their identity in God and

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