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Jakob von Gunten Ebook Jakob Von Gunten Author Robert Walser Wgf2011.eu 1878 1929 1933 1932 1956 1909 1908.

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    Jakob von GuntenRobert Walser Jakob von Gunten dissects the remote and vulnerable regions of human brain, the dramatic tensions between the fluctuating demons of inner self and the savage realities of outer world carves out an enigmatic reality which pierces your heart and thrusts yourself through the crests and troughs of an assorted compendium of human emotions Written during a period which transfo

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    As I was reading through Jakob von Gunten I wondered what genre it belonged to Was it some kind of memoir Was it a coming of age story Was it a love story Was it perhaps something totally new, a genre I d never met before Or was it rather something utterly ancient, as ancient as the stories of the Old Testament Ancient, yes, that was the predominant feeling I was left with at the end, though the writing has nothing b

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    Imagine the school scenes from Gormenghast rewritten by Kafka and you ll have a good idea of the atmosphere of Jakob von Gunten, a short and stodgy philosophical fable of a very Germanic kind It s easy to see why Kafka and Hesse were such fans I wasn t quite so convinced, although I can understand why so many people love it.The novel consists of a journal written by the title character, who has enrolled in a scho

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    Quite an oddity it took me a while to decide whether I liked it or not it s quite abstract and the protagonist isn t someone that I would immediately warm to The novel is written in the first person Jakob is from a good family, with money and possibly titled who decides to go to the big city Berlin and join a school for servants much as Walser did called the Benjamenta Institute The only teaching members we meet are the Principal and hi

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    How does one begin to write even an on the fly review of such a novel, one that should be experienced as a series of deceptively simple vignettes in the young life of the titular character and be relished as Walser carries one along with Jakob s singular voice Jakob von Gunten is also a difficult novel from which to quote given how the reader manages to catch small glimpses of how the narrative voice will develop and evolve, something that

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    Jakob von Gunten uno di quei libri la cui capacit di suggerire interpretazioni infinita il romanzo preferito di Kafka, che lo leggeva ridendo di gusto ai suoi amici, e uno dei pi misteriosi libri che abbia mai letto la storia quella di un giovane discendente di una famiglia aristocratica che arriva in un istituto dove si insegna l umilt e la sottomissione solo chi riuscir a sottomettersi nel maggior grado di purezza, a essere uno zero rotondo come

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    Jakob von Gunten Robert Walser Un libro cada d a Siento que la vida exige emociones, no reflexiones. S , sin duda existe en el mundo eso que llaman progreso, pero no es sino una de las numerosas mentiras divulgadas por los hombres de negocios para poderle exprimir dinero a la masa con mayor cinismo y desparpajo La masa es el esclavo de nuestro tiempo, y el individuo, el esclavo de la grandiosa idea de masa Ya no hay nada bello ni excelente Lo bello, lo bue

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    Bayanlar baylar, e er m saade ederseniz, sizleri Jakob Von Gunten ile tan t rmak istiyorum Bir ocuk, bir renci Jakob Onun hakk nda ok ey s ylenebilir ama k sa kesece im nsana ait ok eyi kendinde bar nd rm Onun iyili ini, k t l n , tembelli ini, mar kl n , k stahl n , kibrini uzun uzun anlatabilirim ama buna gerek yok Bunun yerine onu ele veren kendi c mlelerinden bir ka n ve onunla nas l tan oldu umuzdan bahsedece im.Ondan ilk defa bahsedildi ini bana ayr ks bir okuma listesi

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    Yeni edisyonuyla ok yak nda Jaguar da

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    I would wish it on no one to be me.Only I am capable of bearing myself.To know so much, to have seen so much, andTo say nothing, just about nothing.Written by Robert Walser, as quoted by J.M Coetzee in The Genius of Robert Walser Those dates there at the top of this review tell me that I took an inexplicable two and a half weeks to read this novella of a mere 164 pages At the back of my edition I find a schematic overview of Walser s biography You know the style a date, and where he was in that

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