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Heartbreakers: Treat Her Right\Mr. November Heartbreakers by Lori Foster released on May ,is available now for purchase

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    Heartbreakers is 2 stories in 1 Each is a novella and actually part of a series The stories are quick and interesting especially since each has a Hero that is a First Responder The books contain great characters, a well written plot and a sweet HEA.

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    Story 1 is Zack and Wynn s saga and story 2 is Josh and Amanda s saga I enjoyed both stories as they are grouped together with characters in the same circle Romance, steam, and plenty of humor in these stories

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    Both stories were great Treat Her RightNever being a shy woman, Wynn felt the strong attraction between her and her paramedic neighbor Zack and did everything she can to make it blatantly clear, even staring at his crotch the first time they met Zack s frustration and determination to keep Wynn s hands to herself was absolute

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    I enjoy Lori Fosters books Loved Wynn,Zack Dani s story in the first story Nice seeing womanizer Josh get gobsmacked by Amanda I enjoy Lori Fosters books Loved Wynn,Zack Dani s story in the first story Nice seeing womanizer Josh get gobsmacked by Amanda

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    LAME LAME LAME I got this as a bargain from Audible and this was just bad Wynn is a 6 foot tall and attractive woman and it s great to get a sense of a person s appearance, but the book just goes on and on and on how big she is It s her making comments, her parents, her brother and also Zach I wonder if she did that just to tak

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    Two very nice romances with well developed characters, although I liked Mr November better than Treat Her Right , the conflicting inner turmoil of Amanda Barker added extra depth to the second story.

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    I did like the first story better than the 2nd, but they were both steamy and sweet and a fun romantic read Sex scenes were steamier than your average romance novel but not quite into the hot hot erotica.

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    A fast, quick romantic read I took it to the beach on vacation.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Treat Her Right 2 5 Zack is a single father to his 4 year old Dani and on the lookout for a nice, domesticated wife who can teach his daughter to be a lady That means that his new neighbor, Wynn, a tall, ian like woman who acts like one of the guys is c

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    Two books in one Treat Her Right is about Wynonna Wynn Lane a loud, boisterous, statuesque gorgeous new neighbor to Zack Granger Love the characters, especially Dani, Zack s 4 year old going on forty precocious daughter Others are Wynn s brother Conan, her parents Artemus Chastity, Mick Delilah Del Piper Dawson and Josh Marshall Mr

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