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The Deal Hanna Wellsov si je ve v ech oblastech ivota jist v kramflec ch, a na sex a sv d n Jestli chce upoutat pozornost kluka, do kter ho se zakoukala, mus vystoupit ze sv ulity a ud lat v echno, co bude pot eba, aby si j v iml I kdyby to znamenalo v m nou za p edst ran rande dou ovat namy len ho kapit na univerzitn ho hokejov ho t mu.Garrett Graham v dy tou il po jedin m hr t po vysok profesion ln hokej, jen e te hroz , e kv li st le se zhor uj c m zn mk m sv ho snu nedos hne Kdy mu jeho spolu a ka p edlo n vrh, kter by mu zajistil pozici v t mu a j z jem vysn n ho kluka, dvakr t se nerozm l.Sta il ale jedin polibek, kter vedl k tomu nejdivo ej mu sexu v ivot , aby si Garrett uv domil, e u nic p edst rat nehodl Te je t mus p esv d it Hannu, e kluk, kter ho chce, je ve skute nosti on A to tak snadn nebude. ➠ [Epub] ➚ Longbow Girl By Linda Davies ➪ – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk a na sex a sv d n Jestli chce upoutat pozornost kluka [Read] ➲ On His Naughty List By Jessica Jarman – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk do kter ho se zakoukala ➭ Fire Colour One Read ➵ Author Jenny Valentine – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk mus vystoupit ze sv ulity a ud lat v echno [PDF / Epub] ❤ Invisible Wounds ✅ Kay Douglas – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk co bude pot eba [KINDLE] ❆ A City Possessed By Lynley Hood – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk aby si j v iml I kdyby to znamenalo v m nou za p edst ran rande dou ovat namy len ho kapit na univerzitn ho hokejov ho t mu.Garrett Graham v dy tou il po jedin m hr t po vysok profesion ln hokej [Download] ✤ Her Husbands Mistake Author Sheila O& – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk jen e te hroz ➵ Mr Dove Über Den Wassern Read ➼ Author Maurice Shadbolt – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk e kv li st le se zhor uj c m zn mk m sv ho snu nedos hne Kdy mu jeho spolu a ka p edlo n vrh ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Squirmy Wormy ✐ Author Lynda Farrington Wilson – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk kter by mu zajistil pozici v t mu a j z jem vysn n ho kluka [Reading] ➿ Honeymoon By Sacha J. Witt – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk dvakr t se nerozm l.Sta il ale jedin polibek [Read] ➵ Puck You Author Peyton Novak – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk kter vedl k tomu nejdivo ej mu sexu v ivot ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ Mountain Moonlight ❁ Author Jane Anderson – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk aby si Garrett uv domil ❴Epub❵ ➚ Evvie Drake Starts Over Author Linda Holmes – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk e u nic p edst rat nehodl Te je t mus p esv d it Hannu ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Confessio Fraternitatis Author Johann Valentin Andreae – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk e kluk [Reading] ➮ How to Save a Life ➶ unholy.obsession – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk kter ho chce ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, Author Sapir Englard – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk je ve skute nosti on A to tak snadn nebude. 4.5 stars If only there were NA romances like this one This book completely charmed me, and is probably one of the best college romances I ve read in a while now While the premise isn t anything I haven t read before, I felt like the author took the idea and shaped it into her own unique tale, so trust me when I say it s not your typical NA romance riddled with common clich s This book was definitely one of those unexpected gems the I read, the I fell in love with the delightful main characters, the witty banter, and the steamy and impassioned romance Elle Kennedy, you ve got yourself a new fan A big reason to why this book was such a winner for me was the hero Garrett It may be just me, but I m a little tired of heroes who are bad boys and jerksI mean, give me a guy who ll actually live up to the title of hero you know And Garrett really did He s a sports jock who s not only dedicated to playing hockey, but also in getting his grades up as well and has such a fun loving, caring personality It s really hard not to fall for him When his grades drop though, and his hockey playing goal is in jeopardy, he finds the class smartie to tutor him, leading him right to the heroine Hannah.Studious and practical, Hannah is pursuing her goals as a songwriter singer and is pretty confident in all areas of her life, except her sex life that is She s finally found one guy who catches her interest but with absolutely zero seduction skills she s at a loss When Garrett barges into her life asking for her to tutor him, they agree on a deal she ll tutor him so he can bring up his grades and be able to keep playing hockey, and in exchange he ll pretend date her to catch her crush s attention I LOVE that there s no insta love, and heck, the attraction didn t settle in until later too Hannah and Garrett s relationship is very much a gradual build, going from barely acquaintances to tentative friends to an explosive couple But I ll also admit that in the very beginning of this book, I wasn t fully into the story and the characters until later I didn t like how judgmental Hannah was towards Garrett in the start, partially because her crush was in the same position both sports players as him and she chose to stereotype Garrett while glorifying the other guy, even when Garrett s actions were always honorable and meant well But as I read on, my dislike for Hannah thawed out and I ended up really loving her character I liked that despite her very strong personality, she had this layer of vulnerability and her backstory actually, both hers and Garrett s hurt to read And of course, I loved Garrett s patience and understanding with her, and how he propelled their relationship forward one step at a time.I also appreciated that there wasn t any contrived drama, which almost always exists in the NA books I read Any and all conflict in this story was handled well, very thought out and dare I say, practical too I love that the author doesn t follow the norm and to balance out the angst, she s got a wonderful sense of humor that s evident in the story Almost everything I highlighted in the book were passages of snarky witty laugh out loud hilarious banter that made me laugh the entire time I read And the locker scene near the end of the book Freaking EPIC I tell you Much like the way Hannah and Garrett surprised each other and everyone else when they fell in love, this book also surprised me in the best of ways Love NA romance You ll hit gold with this book Not a fan of NA romance Take a chance and let this book work its charm on you too.The Deal is a NA romance standalone and the first book in the Off Campus series Consecutive books will be about side characters. 5 Made My Heart Pitter Patter StarsHoly smokes I LOVED this book hard It s by far my favorite New Adult romance.I m not sure what I can say that hasn t already been said about this delightful and entertaining book therefore, I ll simply end with a quote from the story that captured my feelings perfectly Tiny butterflies of happiness take flight in my stomach and dance around my heart. 5 stars See this face That s my face while reading this book Yup This book made me happy Throughout the whole thing I was either giggling, laughing, sniffling, blushing, and then smiling and laughing some And I m not even sorry because heck, with so much shit happening in the world right now, it s nice to find a book that you can unabashedly get yourself lost in The Deal was another one of those unexpected reads Unexpected because despite its simple plot, this book succeeded in taking over my heart and my mind Always a good sign for a reader Like what I said, the plot for this book is simple Hannah is college girl with a lot of baggage especially when it comes to sex, so when she finally found someone who makes her feel tingly, she was out of her depth especially when he seems to be unaware of her existence But then solution comes in the form of cocky player Garrett Graham Garrett s life revolve around hockey, so when he failed in one of his subjects, he needed a tutor or else he ll be dropped by the team When Garrett noticed that Hannah got an A on the same subject, he needled her into agreeing to his tutor Hannah initially refused but Garrett was persistent When Garrett found out about her dilemma, he offered a solution he ll help her land the guy in exchange for a tutoring session And thus begin their unlikely friendship.Despite the straightforward plot, this won me over just by the strength of Elle Kennedy s writing, flawed yet ,brelatable and likable characters and by its sheer readability I could not put this book down I devoured it from beginning to end And the dialogue just sparkled Hannah and Garrett despite being opposites on paper he s a jock while she s a music major have a lot in common They were at odds at first, with Hannah being unimpressed by Garrett, but Garrett proved to be not only charming but truly a real nice guy And he slowly but surely demolished the walls Hannah had put up to protect herself I know what you re thinking, Oh another heroine with issues And she does A mile wide, in fact Hannah s back story was heartbreaking as was Garrett s But despite that, their characters weren t overburdened by it Both Hannah and Garrett have already overcome their issues They have goals and dreams apart from each other, which was refreshing to read Most of the time, in this genre, the story often get drowned out by its characters personal tragedies With this book, while it was an integral part of the plot, it didn t suffocate the story It helped to enrich it, giving readers an insight into the characters but their issue wasn t treated as another plot device.I just loved Garrett and Hannah Their chemistry jumps off the page Even when they were snipping and goading each other, you feel it I loved that after their initial introduction to each other, they took their time to be friends first Then their awareness for each grew and holy freakin hell, the slow burn was wonderful to behold Me aw awwing at the Garrett and Hannah banterSeriously, I cannot wait for you guys to meet Garrett He is one of the best heroes I ve read so far He s definitely arrogant and can be quite a handful but he s also the sweetest and the most loyal hero ever I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful this character is Truly a standout hero in my opinion Overall, while The Deal didn t break any new ground in the NA genre, it perfectly pulled some of its familiar tropes and made it work And it s a testament to Elle Kennedy s skill as an author It also proves that you don t have to break the rules to write an engaging and well thought of story All it really takes a familiar plot but well developed plot, add some flawed but relatable characters, unforgettable dialogue and the end result will be on unputdownable book ARC courtesy of Elle Kennedy in exchange for an honest review. 5 WINNING STARSWhat an enjoyable read that seriously didn t bring anything crazy original to this genre but somewhere between the fantastic characters, the banter and the delivery, this story was a huge winner for me My swooning and laughing while being totally engrossed along the pages of this story has to go to the fantastic writing of a truly talented writer I need to check out her other books because it seems I ve been totally missing out I loved the plot of our hockey jock, Garrett Graham harassing the musician, Hannah Wells for tutoring help in their shared class so he doesn t lose ice time When these two eventually settle on a deal for an exchange of her tutoring services for Garrett s popularity in gaining her the attention of the newly transferred football star, Hannah can t resist The make up is next Friday, which gives us a week and a half to study I ll write the exam, and then on Saturday night we ll go to Maxwell s party and show Loverboy how sexy and desirable you are He won t be able to resist, trust me Every single interaction between Hannah and Garrett was perfection They slowly form a friendship and fall into so much How do you feel about Lynyrd Skynyrd Or do you only like bands where the guys coordinate their outfits Garrett was a perfectly imperfect hero He was hilarious, sarcastic and so very sexy Every girl reading this book will wish they were Hannah He struggles with being in his famous father s shadow while continuingly surviving his wrath I must mention that I also loved all his roommates and am excited that they will follow with their own stories Except am I competing I m still not sure what I even want from her I mean fine, I want sex I want it very, very badly But if by some miracle she decides to give it to me, what then What happens after Do I stick a flag in the ground and claim her as my girlfriend Hannah has survived a rape in her past and is a witty, resilient and strong heroine Remnants of the rape have left her insecure in certain areas I truly loved how she slowly begins to trust her friendship with Garrett and embracing what they find in one another Hannah was bold and I think their combined personalities is one of the things that made me fall for them as a couple so very hard Also it must be mentioned that the intensity of their sex scenes was completely palpable and electric Show me what you do to yourself when you re alone, he coaxes I The lump in my throat is too big to speak past His voice grows hoarse and seductive Show me, and I ll show you I can t think of one negative thing about this story except perhaps if it was possible for a story to never end I would have been perfectly happy day after day reading on and on about Garrett and Hannah. Well I was the lucky one who made it past 4th paragrapgh And oh boy, am I glad I did, because this book this book was Freaking Awesome This is how NA should be done For realz, I m gonna do my happy dance here college setting check sport theme check mega hottie check, check, check very likeable heroine check great plot check enemies to friends to lovers check almost non drama relationship check sexy sexy sexy bedroom times check witty bickering and dialogue check 2 delicate subplot matters very well executed view spoiler Garrett s abusive father and Hannah s rape hide spoiler 4.5 STARS The Deal was not my first book by Elle Kennedy, but for sure was the one that I loved the most It was such an enjoyable read and from the start I couldn t put it down It was sweet, sexy and funny and even a little emotional at times and it just made me smile Despite the simple, not so original plot it was a refreshing read Even if at first sight it s very similar with other college romances, The Deal was a captivating story from the start Written in dual POV, which I really, really enjoyed, this NA is about two people, Hannah and Garrett who apparently are very different from each other, but as the story progresses they will find they are compatible they have thought In ways than one.Hannah Wells is a 20 years old girl who s not very popular She has some good friends and a supporting, loving family Not many of her friends know about what happened to her five years ago Despite her past, Hannah is not a broken girl She wants to be normal , she has people in her life who care deeply for her, she has dreams In most of the areas she s a confident girl, but when it comes to relationships, sex and seduction she s not the most experienced girl Too bad since she has a crush on one of the football players Garrett Graham is the captain of the hockey team He s very good looking, he s popular and every female in the campus wants to be with him He s not popular only because of all that, but also because his father is a legend in hockey world What no one knows is that Phil Graham is not as perfect everyone wants to believe.When Garrett gets an F at one of his courses he s desperate to find a tutor If he doesn t pass the course he ll be dropped by the team When he finds out that Hanna got an A he proposes her a deal she will tutor him in exchange for some helping regarding her crush Hannah doesn t want to have anything to do with this annoying cocky player, at least at first I ve never met anyone who s so repulsed by my popularity, and I have no idea what to make of it I think I might like it Garrett knows that Hannah is the only one who can help him so he s very, very persistent They become some kind of friends, but one kiss changes everything between them Yes, Hannah and I are friends In fact, she s the only female friend I ve ever had And yes, I want to keep being Hannah s friend But I also want to sleep with her What a breath of fresh air this one was I really, really enjoyed it I read many college romances and for me this was one of the best Evn if the storyline is predictable, I enjoyed it Both Hannah and Garrett were such endearing and relatable characters They were not perfect They have fears and insecurities and they felt real Hannah is a great heroine She s smart, beautiful and sassy Despite her past she s a strong girl She wants to have a normal, heathy relationship and she s not as damaged as I expected her to be I liked the fact that she wasn t shy She speaks her mind, she s honest and she s caring I found her a little annoying at times in the beginning , but overall she was a great heroine While I only liked Hannah, I loved Garrett He made me smile and swoon He was simply adorable He s cocky and arrogant, but he s charming and loyal as well and I couldn t stop falling for him He s sweet, caring and protective and he s the perfect boyfriend I loved the way he talks with Hannah and the way he is with her And I also loved how ambitious he is I absolutely loved their chemistry To say that it was off the charts hot will be an understatement You can really feel it from the beginning Their slow build relationship was very well done in my opinion I just loved how everything progressed between them I adored the banter between them and I loved all the sexual innuendos between them They were so good together and perfect for each other The witty dialogue was absolutely fabulous I simply loved all their interactions The side characters are pretty great too And I m talking about Hannah and Garrett s friends There s some angst and drama, but don t worry, they are low.The writing was flawless and engaging and the story was told in such a way that will make you be invested in this story from the start.All in all, The Deal was a fantastic read with two lovable well developed characters, captivating storyline and great writing If you re a fan of college romances I totally recommend it FIVE STARS BR with Mel, Dee, and Sharon FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK This book was freaking AMAZEBALLS, with a heaping side of AWESOMESAUCE I don t think there are enough words in the English Dictionary to really express just how OVER THE MOON IN LOVE I am with this story This was utterly UNPUTDOWNABLE I usually take days to finish a book, but this one grabbed on to me so tight and wouldn t let go It is the best of 2015 so far, for me All I wanted to do was to find a way to dive into this book and live with all these amazing characters that Elle Kennedy created Well, I d like to specifically take the place of Hannah so that I can have Garrett all to myself Yes, my friends, I fell extremely hard for this man and he is going on my TOP TEN BBF list I might have to add him to my GR name as well Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham both attend Briar University in Massachusetts They are in the same Ethics class where Hannah was the only one to get an A on the mid term, while almost 90% of the class, including Garrett, failed Garrett has the chance to retake the mid term and must ace it in order to bring his GPA up, or he s off the Hockey team Up until this point, neither of them have ever said one word to each other Now Garrett is begging Hannah to tutor him She is not like any of the other girls at school, because she s not falling all over herself to be near Garrett He is THE IT GUY on campus as he s the Captain of the Hockey team and drool inducing HOT But, Hannah has eyes for another guy in school and when Garrett finds out, he offers to strike up a deal He ll pretend to be her boyfriend for a week, which will build up her reputation and land her the man of her dreams In return, Hannah will have to tutor him so that he can get a better grade on the mid term and remain on the hockey team And later on a second Deal is in place between these two that will have your panties melting So here is another story about a popular Jock getting involved with the shy and slightly nerdy girl at school Both have issues from their past that are pretty serious but somehow they find that love they so desperately need from each other Yea, I do believe I have read a few books like this, BUT, it didn t make me LOVE this story any less I kiss her hard, losing myself in her taste and her heat and every damn thing about her I never expected her Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don t know how you ever lived without them How you went about your day and hung out with your friends and fucked other people without having this one important person in your life.Garrett is INCREDIBLE The moment he was introduced in the story, I was a goner for him His quick and snarky comebacks to Hannah were hysterical I lost count on the amount of times I cracked up due to the banter between the two of them Not only was this super funny, it had angst, it made me shed some tears, and there were many times I felt I needed to douse myself with an ice bucket I absolutely loved when Hannah literally gets a PENIS SMORGASBORD towards the end of the book I only wish that something like that would happen to me I would be thinking I died and went to heaven WHAT A WAY TO GO I know I m pretty late in the game with this book, but if any of my friends have not read this yet, I urge you to read it I really haven t felt this good after reading a book in a while I do believe this is the first book released in 2015 that has made me a gushing fool Since I love my friends on here, I just want to share the feels with you all 5 stars What can I say about The Deal that hasn t been said in hundreds of other reviews Well, I can say I regret being so late to the party on this one I had a friend recommend this to me when she read it back in February and every few weeks I would get a message from her asking if I d read it yet thanks for pushing, Jen I can t say why I waited to read this, I just got busy with other books One things for sure though, I ll be reading book 2 in this series very soon No waiting for me Hannah Wells is a smart woman She is so smart in fact, she s one of the only people doing well in a certain class she s in Garrett is having trouble with this class and it s bringing down his entire GPA, which he can t have being a star hockey player and all So there is one solution Get Hannah to tutor him There is also one problem, Hannah is resistant to Garrett s charms When she finally agrees, they strike a DEAL They become friends, then they kiss And everything changes Hannah and Garrett were perfect together I loved their banter and friendship I loved even when it developed They had such fantastic chemistry And it wasn t just about the sex between them Those weeks of friendship made them really care about one another and get to know each other I can say with absolute certainty that there wasn t one thing I didn t love about this book And as much as I love books and love to read, that doesn t happen very often I wouldn t change a thing about this read If you re like me and haven t read this one yet, I encourage you to make it your next read You won t regret it 5 Amazing Stars Hannah is a simple girl who just wants her crush to finally notice her Garret is the hot shot, playboy, hockey player that needs help with one particular class he s failing He knows Hannah s is the only who can help him, so they make a deal she helps him pass the class, he helps her winning her crush s attention by pretending to be interested in each other It seems the perfect deal, until things start to look very real and they can t keep pretending any The problem Their pasts and their worlds that seems to complicate everything between them And when their finally collide, can they make it through the crash First, let me thank you Elle Kennedy for letting me know that there s a profession called Fluffers and what they do Seriously, I was probably the only person who had NO IDEA about that For some time now, I ve been taking my NA fix in small dosages, mainly because they all started to look the same for me and I got a little tired So imagine my surprise when this book swept me off my feet It is amazingly written, is funny, it s sweet, it s romantic, it has enough angst not much and drama to keep us entertained, and I loved the banter between the MC s and the whole friends to lovers premise It felt extremely real and I was able to completely connect with the story Definitely one of the best NA books I ve read in a while You should try it Rating 5 Stars Characters Development I loved, LOVED Garret He was sweet, and sexy and completely honest He had no problem in saying what he needed and making his intentions clear A great hero Hannah was pretty good as well, I loved how she wasn t an whinny and insecure heroine and she had reason to, believe me , but instead she was sassy and went after what she wanted, I really liked her Their friends of both of them were awesome, I can t wait to read their books Especially Logan s Steam Some hot moments Sensible Subjects view spoiler Physical Abuse Rape hide spoiler

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A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A in English from York University From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.Elle currently writes for various publishers She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just

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