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The Siege The second installment in a four part saga brings about the return of powerful and mysterious villains who would upset the entire balance of power in the Forgotten Realms world

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    It was a long time coming for me to finish this 3 4 part series, and overall I would say it was well worth the time.Troy Denning is one of the first authors I ever read, and I think that I ve read just about everything that he s written within Forgotten Realms It s been interesting and fun to watch him progress as a writer And I would say that this is one of his best

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here In all fairness, once I remembered what happened in Book 1 after the first twenty pages, this book moved very quickly and I was able to enjoy the dynamic of the various storylines leading into the siege of Evereska I was hoping to see a late appearance of Elminster to save Tiverton somehow

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    Bon livre, intrigue et personnages int ressanta avec un bon potentiel D veloppement du personnage de Galaeron un peu lent et sans int r t

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    Being the only way seldom makes something the right way Trying is easy, doing is hard a wise adivsor always tells his master what his master is eager to hear.

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    7 10

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    The action and pacing in this book made is a better read than the first, possibly because there s muchgoing on now The main characters are a mixed bunch of being able to emphatise and not being able to, so they re ok It s also nice to see the major characters of the Forgotten Realms setting starting to muchinvolved Too bad the early parts of this book felt disjointed from

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    Sold to Lewis White on eBay on 7 Jun 11 Sold to Lewis White on eBay on 7 Jun 11

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