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In the Billionaire's Bed IN THE BILLIONAIRE S BED by Sara Wood released on Jan ,is available now for purchase

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About the Author: Sara Wood

Sara Wood was born in England She has wonderful memories of her childhood Her parents were desperately poor but their devotion to family life gave her a feeling of great security Sara s father was one of four fostered children and never knew his parents, hence his joy with his own family Birthday parties were sensational her father would perform brilliantly as a Chinese magician or a clown or invent hilarious games and treasure hunts From him she learnt that working hard brought many rewards, especially self respect During her degree course she met her husband, a kind, thoughtful, attentive man who is her friend and soulmate At 21, she married and had her first son at 22 Now she has another three children She loved teaching in Sussex which she did for twelve years.Her switch into writing came about in a peculiar way Richie, her elder son, had always been nuts about natural history and had a huge collection of animal skulls At the age of fifteen he decided he d write an information book about collecting Heinemann and Pan, prestigious publishers, eagerly fell on the book and when it was published it won the famous Times Information Book award Interviews, TV and magazine articles followed Encouraged by his success, she thought she could write too and had several information books for children published Then she saw Charlotte Lamb being wined and dined by Mills Boon on a television programme and decided she could do Charlotte s job But she d rarely read fiction before, so she bought twenty books and analysed them carefully, then wrote one of her own Amazingly it was accepted and she began writing full time.Sara and her husband moved to a small country estate in Cornwall which was a paradise Her sons visited often Richie being married to Heidi and with two daughters Simon rushing in after some danger filled action in Alaska or Hawaii etc, protecting the environment with Greenpeace Sara qualified as a homeopath, caring for the health of her family and friends But Paradise is always fleeting Sara s husband became seriously ill and it was clear that they had to move somewhere less demanding on time and effort After a nightmare year of worrying about him, nursing and watching him like a hawk, she was relieved when they d sold up and moved back to Sussex Their current house is large and thatched and sits in the pretty rolling downs with wonderful walks and views all around They live nearer to the boys men and see them often Richie and Heidi are expecting another baby, Simon has a baby son and a new, dangerous, passion flinging himself off mountains paragliding The three hills nearby frequently entice him down She adores seeing her family mother, mother in law too around the table at Christmas Sara feels fortunate that although she s had tough times and has sometimes been desperately unhappy, she is now surrounded by love and feels she can weather any storm to come.