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The Secrets of My Life The book will cover Caitlyn Jenner s childhood as Bruce Jenner and rise to fame as a gold medal winning Olympic decathlete her marriages and her relationships with her children her transition and her experience as the world s most famous transgender woman

About the Author: Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Marie Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is an American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal winning decathlete.

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    Feeling inspired so there s a Bonus BookTube Video this week all about the most impactful Pride books I have read.Now that you know this one made list, check out the video to see the rest As mentioned in the novel, I will be using Bruce he for when she was Bruce, and Caitlyn she for when she transitioned.As with much of the world, I am fairly aware of the Kardashians Jenners and the

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    Ary Hi, Caitlyn Glad you have a moment to sit with me and chat about your new book Congrats Caitlyn Hi, Ary Beautiful home you have I didn t know welfare bought you nice houses like this one nowadays.Ary Oh, Caitlyn You re so funny Like when you said you endorsed Ted Cruz, and later stated that you believed Trump could be flipped in trans issues You broke the internetthan Kim s butt Caitlyn

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    Note In my review of this memoir I m going to follow the author s lead, using male pronouns for Bruce pre transition, and female pronouns for Caitlyn post transition I also want to note that though I ve seen the odd episode I don t watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians , haven t read the Vanity Fair article about Jenner, and don t follow the innumerable stories about Jenner in the media In 1976 Bruce

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    Caitlyn deserves credit for being so honest about her confusion and life altering decisions She s very fortunate that Bruce s ex wives and children are all so supportive What kept going through my mind as I read this though was that this story was in no way typical for a transgender This was practically a fairy tale compared to the majority of those faced with the difficult choices that come with being trappe

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    I picked this up whilst on vacation as I wanted to read something fluffy What a badly written book Torturous Yikes What a waste of money.KUWTK is fluffy, inane and stupid as is this book Yes, a fluffy read if you do not like my opinion, stick it in your pipe and smoke it that is the G rated version of what I wanted to state in response to all the lovely hate messages I have been getting I am not a bigot I have family

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    3 stars for the OJ gossip, especially bold considering he s up for parole and hates women, zero stars for the rest Off the top of my head 1 are you allowed to describe someone as having a Jewish accent 2 did Kris edit the book so she could take a royalty cut but not actually read it or was there just no editor whatsoever 3 I can t decide if it was shopping addict Buzz Bissinger or Caitlyn but how are you comparing male ejacula

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    This is one of the hardest reviews I ve written of a book because I m not really sure what to say It was a good book and really informative about being a transgender There were a lot of interesting chapters but there was a lot of boring chapters too Some were quite repetitive and I found that Caitlyn just seemed to care about what clothes she should wear than anything else I wish there wasinformation regarding the kardashian jenner fam

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    The memoir of Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn I thought it was well paced, interesting and the narrator was good In the case of memoirs, I really enjoy when a author narrates their own book But as Caitlyn explains in the beginning, she is not a great reader, has always suffered from dyslexia, and thought it would work better with a professional it was fine and still felt authentic I do watch the Kardashian s show, I did watch the interview with Diane

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    Jenner s fame is the reason this book got published There are undoubtedlyand better stories out there, but this is the book the system has delivered Although it has been filtered by a ghost writer, I believe this is as honest a record as we will get for now of the turmoil experienced by those whose gender orientation differs from their physical gender Jenner shows how this orientation was manifest well before puberty gender orientation has nothing to do

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    So, here s the thing I don t like Caitlyn I didn t like Bruce either, and I had high hopes that Caitlyn would soften that part of the personality I couldn t stand Unfortunately that is not true, and I kind of think Caitlyn is even worse now than Bruce was Just my opinion But, I couldn t resist reading this I used to watch the Kardashians all the time sad but true and I still remember how shocked I was when Bruce confirmed he was transitioning So naturally, I was

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