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Scandal at the Christmas Ball 2.5A Governess for Christmas Marguerite Kaye 2.5 5 Both Drummond and Joanna have been invited to the Brock Christmas House Party in order to get their place back in society Drummond was cashiered out of the military and needs to show the Duke of Brock that he s ready to follow orders and Joanna was a governess accused of theft, who is being offered a position and compensation for her silence Unfortunately, in order to achieve this, neither can afford a scandal, and also unfortunately, being together as the two increasingly seem to want to be, would mean the loss of that status all over again If they want a future, Drummond and Joanna will have to let love take precedence over security and position in society.This was just okay and was actually at parts, kinda boring The beginning most definitely dragged for me and I can t figure why Maybe I wasn t feeling the emotion and passion from the characters, because it kinda just felt like I was following them through their day without actually engaging with either of them And their chemistry wasn t much initially eitherand I A Governess for Christmas by Marguerite KayeI adore Marguerite Kaye novels, they are always so uplifting, so when they are set at Christmas time as this book is.Brock house parties in the summer are known as matchmaking events by the Brocks Drummond Mackintosh, a former army major, had been invited to attend a Christmas house party there and hopes that it too won t be a matchmaking event He is attending for one reason and one reason only, he needs to put his shameful past behind him Brock s good word in the right ears will go a long way to making that happen.Joanna Forsythe is attending the same house party for very similar reasons She doesn t need help from Brock himself, but a person in attendance at the party might offer her employment, something that has been in short supply for her due to a scandal in her past.Perhaps these two damaged souls naturally gravitated towards each other There was definitely an instant attraction between Joanna and Drummond even before they knew each others stories The story revolves around this wonderful couple, how happy they make each other and yet how they both know they have no future together Two people with scandals to their names cannot make a fresh start unle One Christmas House Party Leads To Two Regency Love Affairs A Governess For Christmas By Marguerite KayeAt The Glittering Brock House Party, Former Army Major Drummond MacIntosh Meets Governess In Disgrace Joanna Forsythe, Who S Desperate To Clear Her Name Both Are Eager To Put Their Pasts Behind Them, But Their Scandalous Affair Will Make For A Very Different Future Dancing With The Duke S Heir By Bronwyn ScottAs Heir To A Dukedom, Vale Penrith Does Not Want A Wife, And Certainly Not One Like Lady Viola Hawthorne So Why Does London S Shocking Beauty Tempt Him Beyond Reason Dare He Try And Tame Her, Or Is A Christmas Seduction The Best Way To Bring Her To Surrender [PDF / Epub] ☉ The End (The 30-Day Collective Book 1) Author Ellen A. Easton – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Former Army Major Drummond MacIntosh Meets Governess In Disgrace Joanna Forsythe ✬ The Light Over London Books ✮ Author Julia Kelly – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Who S Desperate To Clear Her Name Both Are Eager To Put Their Pasts Behind Them [Epub] ↠ Cell Author Robin Cook – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk But Their Scandalous Affair Will Make For A Very Different Future Dancing With The Duke S Heir By Bronwyn ScottAs Heir To A Dukedom [Reading] ➬ Braving the Wilderness ➳ BrenĂ© Brown – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Vale Penrith Does Not Want A Wife !!> PDF / Epub ✈ Lightning / Midnight / The Bad Place ⚣ Author Dean Koontz – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And Certainly Not One Like Lady Viola Hawthorne So Why Does London S Shocking Beauty Tempt Him Beyond Reason Dare He Try And Tame Her [PDF] ↠ A Cidade Das Trevas (Dean Koontzs Frankenstein, Author Dean Koontz – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Or Is A Christmas Seduction The Best Way To Bring Her To Surrender 3.5 StarsThese were two very enjoyable stories They take place at the same location and at the same time, but don t rely too much on each other I adored the characters and the story lines.By far my Favorited was the historical aspects of how England in the 1800 s celebrated Christmas and Twelfth Night and the Naughtiness 3 Wow cannot do justice to these awesome books but is a start, I as always utterly loved them both, I ve been a fan of Margeurite and Bronwyns books for years both are truly outstanding authors and I know I ll love a book purely if they are the authors, they have never ever disappointed me, and I ve always loved every single one I ve read these new titles included.As always I will not give spoilers but what I will say is, that any who love to be utterly captivated and gripped within in pages all the way to the end, either heros and heroines you can relate Scandal at the Christmas Ball A Governess for Christmas by Marguerite Kaye and Dancing with the Duke s Heir by Bronwyn Scott A Governess for Christmas Christmas Eve 1818Drummond MacIntosh has been invited to the home of the Duke and Duchess of Brock for a house party Drummond had been ousted from society some years after being accused of a serious charge Even his illustrious military career had been ignored So, now it is the Duke of Wellington who got him the invitation to the party Now, Wellington may be needing his help with a special assignment If Drummond succeeds in impressing his hosts, he will be given a second chance.Drummond meets Mr Edward Throckmorton who tells him who the different guests are He confides in Drummond that he is the illegitimate son of the Duke of Brock and that he is hoping for a career in politics.In search of a few moments of solitude, Drummond slips into an empty and quiet room only to find it already occupied by Miss Joanna Forsythe who, like Drummond, is also seeking solitude It appears that Joanna had caused some trouble in the past and is there to show that she has atoned for it She is a teacher at a school for girls.As the days of the party pass, Joanna and Drummond get to know one another, sharing confidences and acknowledging their mutual attraction But as both ar RITA finalist is Dancing with the Duke s Heir by Bronwyn Scott Recensione a cura di NoOne per Feel the BookAdoro l atmosfera che si ritrova nei libri Regency, soprattutto quando sono ambientati durante il periodo delle feste natalizie Leggere questo genere di romanzi un po il mio modo di festeggiare il Natale, di rilassarmi, perdendomi tra le pagine di queste splendide storie, sognando a occhi aperti Scandal at the Christmas Ball stata un ottima scelta un antologia che contiene al suo interno due racconti scritti da due autrici diverse, Marguerite Kaye e Bronwyn Scott, che gi in precedenza avevano collaborato in Scandal at The Midsummer Ball.Anche queste nuove storie hanno un ambientazione simile alla precedente i protagonisti sono ospiti del Duca e della Duchessa di Brock, una splendida coppia che durante il periodo delle feste natalizie ama organizzare balli favolosi presso la loro dimora, a cui tutti vorrebbero essere invitati Amo questa coppia e mi piace che siano loro a fare un po da filo conduttore tra queste antologie Il Duca e sua moglie si amano e il loro pi grande desiderio quello di poter dare agli altri la possibilit di trovare quella persona speciale in grado di trasformare la loro vita Sono sempre molto selettivi nei loro inviti, amano creare un po un gioco delle coppie , basandosi sulle loro intuizioni, cercando di dare vita all occasione per far scocca Last year, I read and very much enjoyed Scandal at the Midsummer Ball, the previous collaboration between Marguerite Kaye and Bronwyn Scott Once again, the country estate of the Duke and Duchess of Brock, forms the backdrop for both stories The couple is holding their prestigious Christmas house party culminating in the Christmas Ball on Twelfth Night Unlike their Midsummer House Party, this is not a matchmaking event, but it seems that cupid s arrow can strike the most improbable couples at any time.REVIEW OF A GOVERNESS FOR CHRISTMAS BY MARGUERITE KAYEThree and a half years ago, army major, Drummond MacIntosh, was cashiered from the army for refusing to follow a direct order Shunned by society, he has been forced to lead a purposeless existence until the Duke of Wellington approaches Drummond to say that he wants him to serve as his aide This would give Drummond the opportunity to forge a new life, but first he must attend the Brock Christmas festivities and impress his hosts enough to earn their patronage It is well known that the Duke and Duchess have great My ReviewOh wow this is the perfect Christmas book and this quote by Manda Jane Ward sums it up, its as ish as a pack of mince pies.I loved how Marguerite and Bronwyn made you feel part of the book and I wanted to get my best dress out and join the party I also wanted to go to the fair, with hot cider and gingerbread.I do agree with D

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