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Bate-papo com o além Em cr nicas inusitadas, cheias de li es de otimismo e bondade, Silveira Sampaio descreve com detalhes como a sensa o de estar do outro lado ➠ [Epub] ➚ Longbow Girl By Linda Davies ➪ – cheias de li es de otimismo e bondade [Read] ➲ On His Naughty List By Jessica Jarman – Silveira Sampaio descreve com detalhes como a sensa o de estar do outro lado

About the Author: Zíbia Gasparetto

Z bia Gasparetto Campinas, July 29, 1926 is a Brazilian spiritualist writer who distinguished herself as a medium.Of Italian descent, married the twenty years of age, with Aldo Luiz Gasparetto, with whom he had four children, including the television presenter Luiz Antonio Gasparetto.Z bia account that in 1950, already the mother of two children, she awoke one night with a tingling in the body Then, would have raised and spent around the house like a man, speaking in German, a language unknown to him The husband, surprised and frightened, turned to the aid of a neighbor, who, upon arriving at the family home, would have a prayer can restore Z bia The next day, Aldo Luiz went to a bookstore, where you purchased The Book of Spirits Together they have begun to study the Spiritist Doctrine.Aldo Luiz began to attend public meetings of the Spiritist Federation of S o Paulo, but Z bia could not accompany him because they do not have anyone leave the children Weekly, however, did a study together at home, during which the medium says he began to feel a sharp pain in her right arm, from elbow to hand, which was moving from side to side, she could not control it Aldo Luiz you put a pencil and paper to the front Taking them, Z bia have begun to write quickly Over a few years, once a week, was so automatic writing his first novel, Love Won, signed by the named Lucius 1 When typed and ready, the medium referred the work to a history professor at USP, which at the time, ran a study group in Spiritist Federation But only two weeks later came the answer in the form of warning about the choice of the work to be published by Editora LAKE.Currently, the medium said writing the computer four times a week, each day a different work conscious states hear a voice dictating to him the words of the text.

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