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Star Wars Continuing The Imperious Rise Of The Dark Lord A Jedi Makes A Desperate Deal The Inquisitors Mission Evolves And Darth Vader Discovers A Theft And When The Thief Faces The Consequences Of Their Crime, Emperor Palpatine Rewards Darth Vader With Three Gifts A Thing, A Choiceand A Voice Seeking The Path To His Destiny, Vader Returns To The Place Of His Birth There, Echoes From The Past Reach Out To Him Both His Own Past, And The Dark History Of The Sith Be Here For A Story That Could Only Be Called Fortress Vader COLLECTING DARTH VADER Read ✓ Longbow Girl By Linda Davies – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Emperor Palpatine Rewards Darth Vader With Three Gifts A Thing !!> Read ➶ On His Naughty List ➺ Author Jessica Jarman – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk A Choiceand A Voice Seeking The Path To His Destiny Read ➭ Fire Colour One Author Jenny Valentine – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Vader Returns To The Place Of His Birth There [PDF / Epub] ☉ Invisible Wounds Author Kay Douglas – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Echoes From The Past Reach Out To Him Both His Own Past !!> KINDLE ➜ A City Possessed ❤ Author Lynley Hood – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And The Dark History Of The Sith Be Here For A Story That Could Only Be Called Fortress Vader COLLECTING DARTH VADER

About the Author: Charles Soule

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Star Wars book, this is one of the most wanted Charles Soule author readers around the world.

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    Charles Soule s first Darth Vader book gave us the vitally important origin story of his lightsaber Great his fourth book is the equally unnecessary origin story of Vader s Fortress The one that we briefly glimpsed in Rogue One The very same I know, FINALLY, right What s that sound Oh, just the bottom of the barrel being scraped It s pretty bad, and not just because it s pointless, but because it s not very entertaining either The dull storyline o

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    We start out this volume with Vader once again killing another Jedi He is wiping this out He returns to the Emperor and the Emperor agrees to give him a planet as home base Of course, Vader chooses Mustafar as his home base, the planet he became what he is today He has also gathered up secrets with a helmet of Momin, an ancient Jedi from the beginning I don t know exactly how it works Momin has plans to build a building that will open a gateway into the

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    Charles Soule s Darth Vader series goes out with a bang Although perhaps not quite the strongest arc that Soule and Camuncoli, either in terms of story or art, these final 7 issues represent a fine sendoff not only to this chapter of Vader s formidable legacy, but also for Soule and Camuncoli, who over the curse of the last 25 issues have managed a not unimpresive feat actually managing to find a way to make Vader legitimately menacing again Whoulda thunk, afte

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    The entirety of the new Disney Marvel Star Wars comic catalogue hasn t been exactly consistent The titular series has had its ups and downs, Dr Aphra has devolved into a mess that probably y wont ever be fixed, and, while mostly enjoyable and at least one of the better series, Poe Dameron kind of fizzled out and left the conclusion to be somewhat lacking Thankfully Soule s other work, Darth Vader has been one constant bright spot and always delive

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    Overall this was good the final issue in this series was absolutely unreal Charles Souls serves up a than worthy conclusion to a great run A series I consider in the upper echelon of SW comics.The first issue in this volume was kinda standalone ish where Vader s inquisitors find and destroy the last of the known jedi, having concluded there mission for now Vader does what he does best at this troubling stage of his life, he finds someone else to kill After a full day of shenanigan

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    The new Star Wars canon has not been very impressive, but this Darth Vader graphic novel series is really excellent Charles Soule has consistently written Vader in such a way that you can really see Anakin struggling inside of him but he s also captured the angry, Dark Lord of the Sith side of Vader, mercilessly destroying anything that stands in his way Or anything that even mildly annoys him Few writers have been able to accomplish all of that, or to sustain it through an entire series.

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    This Darth Vader line from Soule deserves endless praise Not only does this story add depth to the character, but it also digs deep into Star Wars lore and expands the universe in a way that others do not Not only was the story brilliant, so was the artwork I think most readers were hanging on to see where this went and it wrapped up beautifully in the end This should serve as a model to what we are looking for in Star Wars comics when stories are character driven Vader truly has to cut ties wit

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    A very cool and consistent run Vader Fraser returning to builid his fortress of solitude in a way So far both Vader runs were highly reccomended.

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    Less action but character development than in prior volumes.

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