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The Dolls' Day for Yoshiko A ten year old Japanese girl s wish to have a set of traditional dolls for the Peach Blossom Festival comes true in a most unusual way

About the Author: Momoko Ishii

Momoko Ishii Ishii Momoko , March 10, 1907 April 2, 2008 was a distinguished Japanese author and translator of children s books.Ishii was born in Urawa, Saitama, and graduated from the Japan Women s University with an English literature degree While working as an editor at Iwanami Shoten Publishers, she decided to become a children s writer after reading Winnie the Pooh by English author A A Milne, which she translated in 1940 Her first book as an author, Non chan kumo ni noru Non chan rides on a cloud was published in 1947 a best seller, it was made into a movie in 1955 All told, she published nineteen books of her own and 120 translations for children.Ishii received many honors in her life, including the Minister of Education Award for Promotion of Art for Non chan kumo ni noru 1951 , the Kikuchi Kan Award for achievement and contribution to the postwar world of children s literature 1953 , the Itochu Memorial Foundation Award for Distinguished Service to Children s Bunko 1984 , the Japanese Art Academy Award for achievement in the world of children s books 1993 , and the 1994 Yomiuri Prize for her two volume autobiographical novel Maboroshi No Akai Mi Memoirs of a childhood in 1995 In 1997 she became a member of the Japanese Art Academy, the first member from the field of children s literature from Wikipedia

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    My favourite book when I was eight I spent hours making hina doll pictures Now I have an emperor and empress of my own incorrectly displayed all year round I was surprised by how grim it is when I reread it all the references to the war escaped me completely.

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