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The Women of Copper Country 4.5 Such amazing courage in the face of unbeatable odds That s what my thought was when I finished this book A twenty five year old Roman who took on a copper Baron The year was 1913 and changes were coming to the mine, but not good ones One man drills were not only dangerous but would cost many men their jobs The company owned them, here in Calumet on the peninsula of Michigan Owned their houses, the stores, the banks and almost everything within view A death, will be the impetus to strike, and to strike now.We will meet Mother Jones whose indefatigable spirit will lend support and money A Union organizers, and a photographer, and another woman who comes from afar, to support and bring a fresh infusion of cash Most of all, we will meet Annie, and many other strong, amazing women A grim novel, some scenes touch the heart, but all history isn t pretty Most isn t We meet a man without a heart or a soul Incredibly well researched, something this author is noted for, it brings us a time when workers had little power I think sometimes we forget the horror these early unionizers went through to insure we were treated fair by employers Strikes that led to changes in labor laws Just like the women who fought to bring women the vote, these women, these workers should always be remembered.Another one Angela, Esil and I all agreed on.ARC from Edelweiss. Thanks to Netgalley and Atria books for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review. It s a working man I am And I ve been down under ground And I swear to God if I ever see the sun Or for any length of time I can hold it in my mind I never again will go down under ground Working Man Rita McNeil 1990 I wasn t in a huge hurry to get to my August arcs, but then I read a few reviews of this one and was all about making it a priority Once again, I have discovered a book that is a contender for best book of 2019 Set in early 20th century Michigan, Mary Dora Russell introduces readers to the struggles of the union movement against the copper mining industry and the intriguing story of one of its leaders, Big Annie Klobuchar Clements aka America s Joan of Arc Annie and the other women who have watched their fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers become casualties in the mining companies one man drill operation either by losing their lives or permanently disabled have had enough In 1913, they push for a union strike and while the smaller companies are willing to give into worker demands, one particular mining boss refuses to back down As the months pass, there will be many trials, tribulations and tragedies along the way A few decades later than this story, my maternal grandfather was a miner and thankfully he nor any of the men he worked with were seriously injured or lost their lives during his lengthy career But having learned much about mining in both Canada and the United States, there s no doubt that it s a dangerous industry especially when business overlooks the safety of the workers Mary Dora Russell s novel is a good reminder of what the miners and their families had to do in order to have better working conditions This novel is well written, researched, and with the inclusion of the Italian Hall tragedy of 1913, a heartbreaking and powerful story An important part of American history that shouldn t be overlooked Expected publication 06 08 19Goodreads Review published 04 07 19 NOW AVAILABLE Some books are so good it s hard to write a review to do them justice, this is one of those books I do not get emotional often while reading a book but this one tore at my heart for all of the injustice and inhumanity that the miners and their families had to endure A final tragedy that involved the deaths of many children brought tears to my eyes.The book takes place in Calumet, Michigan which, in 1913, had the largest copper producing mines in the United States, than the mines in Colorado and others out West Located on the shores of Lake Superior it was an ideal shipping location.Much of the focus of this novel is on the November 1913 strike and Annie Clements, called Big Annie because of her tall stature, who was the organizer and leader of the strike They were striking for an 8 hour day, 5 days a week, a small raise in pay along with safer working conditions She started a Women s Auxiliary which sewed white dresses for women and children who marched in the strike parade A photographer, Michael Sweeney in the novel, took photos of the parade which were run in state and national newspapers The general manager of Calumet Hecla was James MacNaughton, a cheerless, selfish man who refused to listen to any talk of negotiations with the union He felt as though the men were lucky to have a job Many of the miners were immigrants, for which he held little respect Even when the Governor of Michigan, Woodbridge Ferris, sent his representative to try and reason with MacNaughton, he wouldn t even let him in his office.Daily strike parades were made nearly impossible when a blizzard of historic proportions hit the town and surrounding areas When the union still persisted, MacNaughton brought in strike breakers that beat the protestors and broke windows and ransaked union houses.Ms Russell s writing is so descriptive I could almost feel the freezing cold and picture the shivering strikers Her descriptions of the harsh winters in this area are enough to make me cold even as our temperatures are now in the 80 s There are so many incredible characters in this novel that I can t list them all One of the paragraph s in the author s notes really stuck with me that I will share with you A strike is a collective action.that said, the central role of women in the 1913 copper strike and in the labor movement in general was remarkable and has been underrepresented in most historical accounts Most of the characters are based on actual individuals while others are a composite of several Most historical references are discussed in the Author s Notes.This book is a quick read because of the wonderful flow of the writing and it s well developed characters I have been online reading articles and looking at photos from the strike as I can t get this story out of my head.I highly recommend this book for lovers of great literature and particularly historical fiction Ms Russell has written another stellar novel for us to embrace.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.This book will be published on August 6, 2019. This is why I read historical fiction To be taken back to a time that I don t truly understand and to learn about the people and events This can only happen when the author combines excellent research with an ability to tell a story in a lucid, interesting and inspiring way Mary Doria Russell has certainly accomplished this and The Women of the Copper Country is definitely one of my favorite books of the year.The setting for this novel is the company town of Calumet Michigan, site of a major copper mine What happens during this novel is the butting of heads of a fledgling union and entrenched management We see all that happens through multiple participants, miners, their families, union organizers, company men, management, newsmen.Through information provided in the afterword, we learn how much of this book is, or is very close to, fact And that is a lot I was unfamiliar with this particular history and wondered a bit as I read, but there is such an air of authenticity and authority that I felt comfortable And most of us of a certain age have heard something of Mother Jones I had never heard of Annie Clements before I now would like to know as much as possible about the real woman This would be an excellent novel for high school students, perhaps, to excite them about the past and how it influences our present and the future For issues of workers rights vs owners overwhelming wealth continue.A definite 5 and highly recommended.A copy of this book was provided by Atria Books through NetGalley in return for an honest review. In 1913, Annie Clements organizes the strikes for miners in Houghton county, Michigan that work under the duress of James MacNaughton, the general manager for Calumet Hecla Mining The strikers are continuously met with violence and other cruel means by Mr MacNaughton and his bully boysThis is the price of copper, she says in that clear, quiet voice A dead man Every week Month after month Year after year While most of the story builds on the 1913 Copper Country miners strike, the characters are used to exploit the everyday family life in the mining community of Calumet Hecla under the watchful eye of Mr MacNaughton As things transpire, the tragic lives of families in the community unfold It is within all of their lives that the telling tells And, although the title itself perhaps suggests the focus of the characters is on women, the characters point of view included is comprised of both genders We see some chapters told from the point of view of a husband, a female child, a male bar tender, a butler, a maid, Annie, a male governor, etc The historical aspects were pleasantly well researched The main character, Annie Clements, is based on the historical figure Anna Klobuchar Clemenc and was presented valiantly Likewise, James MacNaughton, the real historical corporate tycoon and the novel based character, are both found to be equally repulsive Many characters represent authentic strikers during the 1913 Michigan copper strike and can be found in the Author s Note of this book The novel contains, but is not limited to, Croatians, Finns, Poles, Slavs, and Italians however, only certain characters truly represented the dialect.I recommend this to readers interested in labor unions, Women s Auxiliary, and immigrant workers to the U.S in the early 20th century Many thanks to Atria Books, Mary Doria Russell, and NetGalley for allowing me to read this advanced copy. An enthusiastic 4 stars As far as I m concerned, good historical fiction does not romanticize or trivialize real historical events, but rather uses fiction as a way to bring history to life The Women of the Copper Country really hit the mark The novel focuses on a mining strike in Northern Michigan in 1913 as mostly seen through the eyes of the women of the town Specifically, the story focuses on Annie Clements known as Big Annie who was the head of the Women s Auxiliary and instrumental in getting the strike going Annie was a real person, and the author clearly did a lot of research about her life and the strike This is not a happy story because it s based on a difficult historical time and because this author does not romanticize what happened to Annie and others But it s not all bleak the story really highlights the role and strength of women involved in the labour movement and it brings home the dramatic improvements in working conditions over the last 100 years with perhaps a warning to be careful not to backslide And I should mention that the writing was excellent This was my first but won t be my last book by this author This was a great buddy read with Angela and Diane Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy. If the words on the page find a niche in your heart, it deserves all the stars.Mary Doria Russell has a sharp skilled, fine tuned talent to capture the angst, the sorrow, the despair of the mining families clustered around the copper mines of Calumet, Michigan in 1913 It is a desperate life for the men who leave the freshness of nature above ground to enter into her pits of unspeakable darkness below ground It is an equally difficult life for the wives and the families who wait at day s end for the sound of their footsteps entering dimmed doorways.or possibly not.Russell presents the character of Annie Klobuchar Clements in such a raw, human way that the reader feels a deep connection from the onset Big Annie as she is called by friends and neighbors, is beyond tall at over six feet in height She had always been self conscious as she towered over everyone But fate brought her Joe Clements who met Annie eye to eye even though he was twelve years older Annie dutifully cooked, cleaned, and packed adequate lunches for Joe every day.The copper mine was located on Kewanee Peninsula along Lake Superior and was manned by Poles, Czechs, Swedes, Russians, and the like who spoke 30 different languages Men worked twelve hour days under precarious conditions Russell introduces us to James MacNaughton, manager of Hecla Mining Company She paints him with dark, absolutely no sunshine, colors If the man had a soul, it would be found only with a high powered microscope We ll see him in action throughout this story.As conditions worsen, Annie finds herself and involved with the daily activities at the mine much to Joe s chagrin She becomes president of the Women s Auxiliary of Western Federation of Miners Local 15 Annie is the go to person for everything now MacNaughton s unfairness and cruelty forces the miners to go on strike The impact of that decision will be felt throughout the pages as Russell takes you into the midst of this turmoil As the situation tightens and becomes knotted and knotted, the families take on the painful brunt of no work and no pay Violence sets foot in Calumet and it takes a deadly toll.The Women of the Copper Country sets the tone for the voices of those who leaned hard into almost impossible odds in order to cut into this rugged land of America The backbones of these individuals formed the steps of which led to better working conditions for those who came after them In reflection, such supreme sacrifice appears to be a word found only in the pages of the past.I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest opinion My thanks to Simon Schuster Atria Books and to Mary Doria Russell for the opportunity. In July , Twenty Five Year Old Annie Clements Had Seen Enough Of The World To Know That It Was Unfair She S Spent Her Whole Life In The Copper Mining Town Of Calumet, Michigan Where Men Risk Their Lives For Meager Salaries And Had Barely Enough To Put Food On The Table And Clothes On Their Backs The Women Labor In The Houses Of The Elite, And Send Their Husbands And Sons Deep Underground Each Day, Dreading The Fateful Call Of The Company Man Telling Them Their Loved Ones Aren T Coming Home When Annie Decides To Stand Up For Herself, And The Entire Town Of Calumet, Nearly Everyone Believes She May Have Taken On Than She Is Prepared To Handle In Annie S Hands Lie The Miners Fortunes And Their Health, Her Husband S Wrath Over Her Growing Independence, And Her Own Reputation As She Faces The Threat Of Prison And Discovers A Forbidden Love On Her Fierce Quest For Justice, Annie Will Discover Just How Much She Is Willing To Sacrifice For Her Own Independence And The Families Of Calumet From One Of The Most Versatile Writers In Contemporary Fiction, This Novel Is An Authentic And Moving Historical Portrait Of The Lives Of The Men And Women Of The Early Th Century Labor Movement, And Of A Turbulent, Violent Political Landscape That May Feel Startlingly Relevant To Today [EPUB] ✻ Dark Harmony (Fairmont Riding Academy, ✾ Michele Scott – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Twenty Five Year Old Annie Clements Had Seen Enough Of The World To Know That It Was Unfair She S Spent Her Whole Life In The Copper Mining Town Of Calumet [PDF] ↠ The Art of Heavy Transport Author Marco J. van Daal – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Michigan Where Men Risk Their Lives For Meager Salaries And Had Barely Enough To Put Food On The Table And Clothes On Their Backs The Women Labor In The Houses Of The Elite ➝ Freak Show free download ➢ Author Robert Bogdan – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And Send Their Husbands And Sons Deep Underground Each Day [Epub] ↠ Retro Game Dev: C64 Edition (English Edition) Auteur Derek Morris – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Dreading The Fateful Call Of The Company Man Telling Them Their Loved Ones Aren T Coming Home When Annie Decides To Stand Up For Herself [PDF] ✈ De twaalf wonderlijke sprookjes van Koningin Fabiola By Fabiola de Mora y Arag√≥n – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And The Entire Town Of Calumet [PDF / Epub] ☁ Of the Subcontract Author Nick Thurston – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Nearly Everyone Believes She May Have Taken On Than She Is Prepared To Handle In Annie S Hands Lie The Miners Fortunes And Their Health [[ EPUB ]] ✰ Secret Fantasies of Submissive Men Author Karin von Kroft – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Her Husband S Wrath Over Her Growing Independence !!> Lire ➳ Morales provisoires ➶ Auteur Rapha l Enthoven – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And Her Own Reputation As She Faces The Threat Of Prison And Discovers A Forbidden Love On Her Fierce Quest For Justice [EPUB] ✹ Future Health! Super Nutrients - Psyllium Seed Husks ✾ Carolyn Dean – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Annie Will Discover Just How Much She Is Willing To Sacrifice For Her Own Independence And The Families Of Calumet From One Of The Most Versatile Writers In Contemporary Fiction [Read] ➲ Her Cowboy Deputy (Wyoming Legacy, ➮ Lacy Williams – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk This Novel Is An Authentic And Moving Historical Portrait Of The Lives Of The Men And Women Of The Early Th Century Labor Movement [[ Read ]] ➳ Meet Me in Monaco Author Hazel Gaynor – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk And Of A Turbulent Download ➾ Mine (Imperfect Chaos Author Marie York – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Violent Political Landscape That May Feel Startlingly Relevant To Today Annie Clements 1888 1956 , known as American Joan of Arc the courageous woman who started a rebellion by leading a strike against the largest copper mining company in the world.A fight for a good life, not just a better life, comes vividly in this story The nice city of Calumet built by one of the most profitable companies of its time is just a fa ade What hides behind it, is the meager wages hardly making ends meet and the dangerous conditions under the ground Every week someone dies or gets injured The injustice sparks major union strike.Houghton, Michigan Anna Klobuchar, daughter of tall Slovenian parents, at 15 years old she already tops 6 feet This causes her to be a subject of ridicule Boys laughed and pointed, calling out familiar taunts Freak Giant Monster But her father encourages her, Stand up, straight, Anna Hold your head high That s your strength You are tall for a reason When your head is high, you can see farther than anyone else Lake Superior, Michigan James MacNaughton in 1901 became the general manager of Calumet Hecla, the world s largest copper mining company in the so called Copper Country along the Lake Superior The Keweenaw Peninsula holds the richest copper deposits on earth He was a pioneer in the field of scientific industrial management For fifty years, wave after wave of immigrants have come to the copper Country, all of them eager to work for the world s most productive and progressive mining company Anna Klobuchar, at 18, marries Joe Clements, who now works night shifts at the mine They share a small house with three young Italian immigrant men What miners make is a bare minimum to survive They can t make enough money to get even a little ahead, what hope is there for anybody Annie comes to a decision Somebody has to do something The focus of the story is 1913 strike The Western Federation of Miners demanding an 8 hr work day, 5 days a week, a minimum wage, and an end to use of the one man pneumatic drill.I ve read quite a few books with vivid depiction of a time period or a historical figure, and yet I have to say WOW what an impressive vivid portrayal Not only of the fight for a good life, but also of very memorable characters, passionate driven immigrants.Mary Harris Jones 1837 1930 , known as Mother Jones, is quite a character The union men call her the Miner s Angel She left Cork Ireland during the Great Famine and survived a voyage across the Atlantic in a filthy, overloaded boat Odds against, she found a good man in America, and survived four pregnancies only to lose them all to yellow fever Then lost her home and business in the Great Fire of Chicago So she rolled up her sleeves and went to work besides the laborers who rebuilt that city Her last straw came when her own parish priest began to preach that the strikers should go back to work She yelled from the last pew, I m damned if I ll eat shite on earth, praying for pie in the sky when I m dead After that she became a union representative and a ferocious fighter for a good life, not just better FB BestHistoricalFiction Russell again delivers a lovely reading experience by creating vivid characters who breathe life into significant historical events Here we are treated to the role of certain real life women in the labor movement shortly before World War 1 Our key hero is Annie Clement, the wife of a copper miner at the Calumet Hecla massive operation in the Upper peninsula of Michigan Known as Big Annie because of her 6 ft 1 in height, she grew up in Calumet, where her suffering of the loss of her father to a mining accident has led her since childhood to participate in the community grieving process of all such deaths Recently Annie has assumed leadership of the Women s Auxiliary, which organizes social services and supports for mining families in dire straits, all the while keeping house for her husband, gardening and canning, and doing laundry for necessary extra income Despite her husband Joe s compliant, non Union posture with respect to grievances, she is brave and forthright in moving to the stage of organizing a protest against company policies that have led to another miner s recent death Soon the intransigence of corporate management leads her to the next step of leading a full scale strike, for which she heads frequent planning sessions, media relations, and daily marches of mostly women and children under the banner of a huge American flag that only she is strong enough A union organizer from the Western Federation of Mines envies her ability to personally connect to hundreds of community members and marshall help to deal with the 32 languages they speak Yet he wishes she didn t take on a company with such deep pockets and a shop with insufficient rates of union members Despite the limitation of union funds to sustain strikers without a paycheck due to an ongoing major strike in Colorado, Annie gets enough headlines and empathic news images from a photojournalist who is sweet on her he aims to make her a Michigan Joan of Arc to pull in a lot of donations to their cause This support gets amplified when her teenaged Finnish prot g , Eva, succeeds in getting Mother Jones to come and lead rallies in Calumet The company s CEO is a man you come to love to hate, one James MacNaughton On the surface he has reasons to be proud of his visionary approach to drawing immigrant labor with modern facilities and housing of the town he has built Clean, well built homes and dorms with running water, bathrooms, and electricity a school, and communal grounds for gardening or even pigsties Personally, his Scottish Calvinist background puts him on a righteous moral plane, which aligns with obsessions over cleanliness and efficiency and distaste for outward ostentation over his wealth On the other hand there is a world of other hands Such as being the type of man who never learns the name of his Irish maid and his cook the type who dreams of a scheme to sterilize all immigrants One who sees 12 hour shifts, six days a week, as only to be expected One who is willing to leverage his power as landlord for the whole town to threaten eviction of renters or revocation of business leases of any troublemakers There is no negotiation with a man who refuses even to acknowledge the existence of a union There is little wrestling over Christian values when he eventually hires a professional company of strikebreaker thugs to terrorize the strike leaders with beatings and arson Or orchestrating the arming a trainload of immigrant scabs with clubs and siccing them the strikers as impediments to their being able to work There is much tragedy along the way and a disastrous finale out of left field, but Russell s writing about these courageous women is so uplifting and makes me take to heart Mother Jones inspiring message that sacrifices for justice are worthwhile even if the efforts only benefit future generations The pacing of the drama and character development here are masterful, confirming that I can t help adoring everything Russell writes.

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