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yeah I love Star Wars with an immeasurable passion but tbh I m mostly adding this because of that FIERCE cover mkay I can t wait to talk to all y all Star Wars people about this book. You think you re ready for this book You re so not ready I d say I d do whatever I had to in order to protect Yrica Quell but she s never let me and I love her. When we look at Star Wars, it s all too easy to see the heroes and the villains in the original trilogy In the prequel era, those lines became less clear Instead of it being a story of black and white, we were introduced to the element of gray Anakin Skywalker is the good guy who saves the day time after time, yet he s the hero who s tragic fall leads so many to death and misery And yet, he s the one who kills the Emperor and brings about the beginning of the end for the Empire When looked at as a whole, Star Wars is not such a simple story of heroes defeating villains In that vein, Alexander Freed weaves a tale that is both complex and illuminating Sure, in the broad sense it s about the forces of good fighting the forces of evil, but who are the people on both sides of the conflict What happens to those who try to leave the Empire and forge a new life for themselves What happens to the heroes who have to live with the casualties of war Alphabet Squadron dives into those themes, and many , as it explores On The Verge Of Victory In What Seemed An Endless War, Five Former Rebel Pilots Transform From Hunted To Hunters As They Strike Out Against The Vestiges Of Empire Set After Return Of The Jedi, Alphabet Squadron Follows A Unique Team, Each Flying A Different Class Of Starfighter As They Struggle To End Their War Once And For All. !!> Epub ➜ Peyton and the Paragon ➛ Author Cathy Peper – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Five Former Rebel Pilots Transform From Hunted To Hunters As They Strike Out Against The Vestiges Of Empire Set After Return Of The Jedi [PDF] ↠ On Black Sisters Street Author Chika Unigwe – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Alphabet Squadron Follows A Unique Team !!> PDF / Epub ☂ Remote Control (Nick Stone ✎ Author Andy McNab – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Each Flying A Different Class Of Starfighter As They Struggle To End Their War Once And For All. Kathleen Kennedy My apprentices the galaxy has been shaken by their feelings of betrayal over the new canon They have started a Rebellion an Alliance to Restore the Expanded Universe We must build a battle station the destroy the Alexander Freed Hold on, uh, just a minute, Empress, er, Emperor Kathleen, just a minute why don t we just copy the old books Kathleen Kennedy Wasn t that Aftermath trilogy to the Thrawn trilogy We already tried ripping off that Alexander Freed Uhhow about Stackpole s X Wing novels Kathleen Kennedy Alexander Freed Corran Horn Piggy Kathleen Kennedy Alexander Freed Mirax Ter These characters are flatter than the paper they are printed on, and the plot dragged on like I was listening at x0.5 speed.There s the jaded Imperial turncoat, trying to earn some justification from her former enemy the bureaucrat playing spy the interrogator droid turned therapist the guy with a good heart who lost everything, and the comrade who resents him for saving her the other maverick turncoat who cares only for himself a cameo from a very important canon character Somehow, nearly a third into the book, these people finally assemble Chips from their shoulders assault the reader s face Allusions to homosexuality are inconsequentially made to ensure the book meets the inclusivity quota.The mcguffin of the story is the search for the illusive 204th Imperial Fighter Wing Why Well, because they are really tough Super tough They shoot down all the ships But, for some reason, they are also really hard to find If they can find them, maybe they can shoot them down before they shoot others down, and save the day We kind of barely get to see a little about them, but mostly they are ominous, nameless, faceless baddies, not really worth g A rag tag band of pilots, all lone survivors of their units, band together to help the New Republic The main character is Yrica Quell, a defector from the Empire The premise was good, but the execution was lacking First of all, the book was too long It took a long time to get to the point in fact I almost gave up For all that set up, I didn t think the characters or their back stories were explained very well I think the author was going for suspense, but I was confused The last battle scene was pretty cool, but I frankly didn t understand the beginning battles who was on what side, who the characters were, who survived the battle Some of the characters were aliens, but the physical descriptions didn t reveal that until hundreds of pages in I want to know what happens, but I m not sure me i love post endor early new republic stuff and i LOVE fun pilot squadron family dynamics but i cannot STAND corran horndel rey slides this book across the table every member of alphabet squadron i would die for you. I received a copy of Alphabet Squadron from Penguin Random House Australia to review.Rating of 4.5.The Star Wars expanded universe continues to grow as Alexander Freed presents a new and exciting adventure in the Star Wars canon, Alphabet Squadron.Following the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor, the Empire has fragmented Without the Emperor s leadership, the various Imperial commanders have devolved into infighting and are faltering in the face of opposition from the united forces of the Rebel Alliance, who have renamed themselves as the New Republic However, pockets of Imperial power still exist throughout the galaxy, many of which have the destructive potential to fulfil the Emperor s final order, Operation Cinder, the devastation of as many planets as possible.Yrica Quell is a former Imperial TIE fighter pilot who deserted in the face of the Emperor s final order Living in exile with other Imperial deserters, Quell is recruited by Caern Adan from New Republic Intelligence to hunt down the remnants of the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, Quell s old unit Known as Shadow Wing, the 204th, under the command of Colonel Nuress, has taken command of the planet of Pandem Nai, and is using it as a base to launch raids against New Republic targets In order to find and defeat Shadow Wing, Quell and Adan bring Alphabet Squadron

About the Author: Alexander Freed

Alexander Freed is the author of Star Wars The Old Republic The Lost Suns, as well as many short stories, comic books, and videogames Born near Philadelphia, he endeavors to bring the city s dour charm with him to his current home of Austin, Texas.His first novel, Star Wars Battlefront Twilight Company was included on BuzzFeed s Best Science Fiction Books Of 2015 list.

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