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Lets Call It a Doomsday Want to seebookish things from me? Check out my YouTube channel: *I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review* Ellis Kimball is a prepper, convinced the world will end any day now Her therapist and family members are trying to get her to work on her anxiety from this belief, but nothing seems to be working Then she meets a girl named Hannah, who has visions and confirms the end of the world is coming, and soon.I don't know what it is about this book, but something just didn't work for me I'm not sure if it the story/plot itself, but I just didn't click with something I definitely was not a big fan of Ellis' family, they were very judgmental and quite frankly mean to Ellis about her anxieties, constantly making her feel as though she was a burden to them I was also not a big fan of Hannah at all she was a terrible friend to Ellis, constantly triggering new anxieties in her, to benefit herself and her narrative I wish that the friendship never existed honestly I did enjoy Tal, and think that he was good for Ellis and really helped her work through a lot of her anxieties I did enjoy the positive therapy plot line though, I thought the book did an excellent job portraying the help therapy can provide to people in need of it I just wish there had been MORE scenes with Ellis and her therapist, as this did have such a big focus on mental health Overall, it was okay but not the greatest. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author.Now I will fully admit that i'm relatively ignorant of the Mormon faith other than the fact that they don't drink coffee and Mitt Romney is one I can't quite speak to the authenticity of the faith specific things BUT I cannot name a single book that I have read that has a main character that is a Mormon I love especially that Katie wrote a religiously diverse group in Heretics Anonymous and continued that theme but with a new religious group I especially love that there was someone who was bisexual and had left the faith while also having someone continuing to be a part of the faith I also really loved that this doesn't happen in Utah It helped me realize how I have seen Mormons as very strict and living exclusively in Utah.The plot is where I had a bit of difficulty I wasn't quite sure where we were actually going until about 70% of the way in but I latched onto the main character and her obsession with preparing for doomsday She is quite different from Michael (Heretics Anonymous) yet they both hold comedic tones and personalities While Michael is heavily sarcastic, Ellis isdeadpan, blunt and over the top Hannah is an interesting and confusing character to me I don't know that I liked her nor hated her BUT I did find her frustrating She's just such a vague character with a vague purpose until the VERY end.Lastly, I actually really enjoyed the romance Ellis has It, once again, challenge the image I had of Mormons in my brain It was sweet and simple and helped develop Ellis as a normal teenager.Rep: anxiety, bisexual, Mormon, former Mormon A biquestioning religious girl with anxiety that includes intrusive thoughts? Hot damn did I connect with this book hard I really love the way Henry writes about religion in YA and honestly after this one it's probably gonna keep me coming back to her forever I thought this was really great. katie henry has done it again, folksthis author knows exactly how to write teenage coming of age stories and this one is no different it’s the perfect blend of hard hitting topics like growing up with anxiety, struggling to make your parents proud, and accepting your sexuality as a person with faith while still having the endless comedic relief of dumbass kids this is an amazing sopho novel and I can tell it was a difficult one to write she pulled it off well and I truly think this could help a lot of readers in many different ways if you suffer from anxiety, enjoy discussions of religion etymology, and/or coming of age stories this is absolutely the read for you 2.75 stars I received an ARC from HCC Frenzy in exchange for an honest review TW: Anxiety, intrusive thoughts, substance abuseThis is a book that I had really mixed feelings on I adored Katie Henry's debut Heretics Anonymous But unfortunately, this was mostly meh to me.This story follows two girls, Ellis and Hannah They meet in a therapist's waiting office and get in touch from there This also has a religious component as Ellis is Mormon Ellis has overwhelming anxiety about the concept of the world ending, and Hannah seems to know how the world is going to end So the story follows them and their friendship, and how the world may come to an end I feel like this had really great mental health representation The way things are explained and described was super accurate in my opinion The characters also stick up for mental illness and talk about myths associated with them The only issue I had with this aspect was the therapist I just felt they were not really in the story very much, when they should have been I also have some spoiler issues surrounding that But overall, I was impressed by the mental health representation The characters in this book I had really mixed feelings about Their friendship was interesting to say the least This book I could not get into and I thought about DNFing it a few times It was not that enjoyable and the characters bond was strange, but not in a good way There were definitely some good things about this book but some that just lacked, in my opinion I am still interested to see what Katie Henry writes in the future. Let me start off this review by saying this is a great depiction of GAD As someone with GAD, I thought Henry's portrayal of it with Ellis's inner voice and her journey through therapy were good I read it and related strongly with the vast majority of Ellis's struggles I was impressed.Henry also had a great insight into the Mormon religion Unfortunately, as a religion, Mormonism gets a bad rap Admittedly, I am limited in my knowledge of this particular religion (it is limited to THE BOOK OF MORMON, I am sorry to say) However this family and Ellis herself were great, unparodied insight into Mormonism I definitely learned a lot.I also liked the said characters of Sam and Theo I wish we gotof them I also am going to steal that FiveWord Books game! I totally would have been that kid in high school who played that.Once again, Henry put a focus on family relations and the complicated notions of them I am grateful for that portrayal in YA because I think it is wholly underrated It was relatable and unique and something, I think, needs to be addressed Critiques and approval from parents is huge for children, especially teenagers! And Henry does a good job of add that level to the story.My biggest issue with this book was Hannah Ironically, I lost faith in that storyline but Henry turned it around in the end and made it worthwhile I ended up liking it but I couldn't stand the manipulative nature of Hannah Honestly, that has to do with my history in toxic relationships and being manipulated in similar ways I saw that signs and it made me uncomfortable reading about Hannah and Ellis's relationship It was torturous to get through those spots not gonna lie This is proof that Henry is a YA author to watch out for, writing unique stories with entertainment and faith and family and friendship and selfdiscovery at the center She's becoming an instabuy author for me.Conclusion: Buy in Hardcover People can be complicated and it's great when stories understand that Ellis Kimball is definitely not a onenote character But a book is about figuring out how that character moves through the world and expresses herself, and that is where it comes up a little short Ellis is struggling with anxiety, religion, sexuality, family, and the actual end of the world That is a lot for just one character in just one book!Despite my criticisms, I liked all the issues this book brought up I just wanted them all to mesh together into a wholethoughtfully Ellis is Mormon and not actively trying to rebel from the rules within her culture even though she lives in superprogressive Berkeley Ellis's anxiety disorder is made plain throughout the book, giving you her inner commentary as she worries and doubts herself Ellis has the kind of obsession that can build to troubling peaks when fed by religious belief and heightened anxiety I just found myself withandquestions as the book went on Ellis's anxiety is getting pretty severe but she is new to therapy and not on meds, the book doesn't really let her develop coping mechanisms, and the ties back to Mormon/Christian beliefs about the end of the world often feel like a stretch We never quite get into Ellis's own little world, her big leaps never quite make sense And as someone who grew up Mormon there were times when the book was exactly right on and other times when it felt a bit too much like reciting off a fact sheet than a real thing someone lives. DNF 25% | 30/04/2020Sadly, I have to put this one down I loved Heretics Anonymous so much that I thought I would love this one too, even if the synopsis made it sound like something I wouldn’t be interested in I was in for Katie Henry’s funny writing style, but this book doesn’t really have that quality It discusses religion in a great way and from the perspective of a Mormon girl, which is super interesting, but it’s not enough to make me want to continue.This is a very good book for the right person, it’s just not for me It’s way too quirky and I don’t like to read about characters like Hannah Though I need to specify this has INCREDIBLE generalized anxiety rep and it’s full of diverse characters Too bad the doomsday and prophecies subject matter is not for me! I toyed with the idea of not writing a review for this book Which might give you some initial insight as to why it’s unrated Hopefully the review itself will explain why but also might explain why you might still want to read it yourself.First of all, our main character has pretty severe anxiety It manifests in constant doubt, internal criticism, and almostconstant fatalism; and we get to read that internal narrative as she hears it Her anxiety also manifests itself in a worry about the world ending Not necessarily fire and brimstone, though it’s not ruled out, but. nuclear war Natural disaster The list goes on She’s a prepper, though she doesn’t love the word, and she’s actually rather open about it; even if she’s constantly bracing for judgment or disbelief from those she tells.Survivalists have skill sets Hunting and fishing and living off the land and I can’t do any of that I’m a prepper I have supplies, not skills.All this to say that this book is basically an anxious person’s worst nightmare Add in a somewhat fraught family dynamic, with Ellis’ parents and sister struggling to deal with her anxieties, constantly having to accommodate her, and not always able to be calm or kind about it. yeah, this was hard to read for me Em was always the Golden Girl, from the moment she was born What choice did I have but to be the Perpetual Disappointment? Every family needs one So I’ve fallen on my sword It’s actually very noble of me There’s also a whole (unexpected) plot, or rather emphasis, on the LDS church and community Ellis is LDS, as is her family, and there’s a lot of narrative surrounding the lifestyle, belief, values, etc I thought it an interesting choice for someone who believes the world is going to end but there were moments when some indialogue discussions were fascinating.However the main plot is Ellis’ new friendship with Hannah, a girl she meets outside her therapist’s office, and hoo boy If the anxiety didn’t get me going, this friendship did Hannah’s whole existence is this book is stringing Ellis along with vagueries She’s seen the end of the world, she says, and Ellis is there with her But she needs Ellis’ help to decode the visions So they have to find this man, this homeless person, who calls himself Prophet Dan Except he’s not who Hannah makes him out to be But overwhelmingly I just hated Hannah’s role in this story I hated the vagueness, I hated the frustrations she inspired, the agonies she would encourage in Ellis and then step back from. I feel for Hannah, I do, I can be sympathetic — mostly in hindsight, but it was present in certain moments, too — but oh god I hate this kind of character I found it really difficult to see how strong they were in the end, too, this friendship enduring everything it did I would’ve preferred it to fracture or. maybe just quietly be let go, considering everything that came to pass I 100% do not condone the connection.Trying to Be Cute, Accidentally Implying Cannibalism : The Ellis Kimball Story.I did, though, enjoy Tal He was a sorta expected (but also not) love interest and he was everything Hannah wasn’t He had a connection, an understanding, with Ellis and also offered her something new I liked that quite a lot Plus, his group of friends, and their Quiz Bowl GuessABookInFiveWords was hilarious Easily the highlight for me.I really want to make a sex joke right now But you’re ruined it You’ve ruined it with the apocalypse.There was a lot of therapy positive, heavy but groundbreaking, discussion — in fact all interactions with Ellis’ therapist were another highlight for me — and I found the writing to be pretty smart I loved the word games, the guessing games, and some bits of dialogue were outrageously funny But this was not the book for me If this wasn’t an ARC, I probably would’ve DNF’d And thus here we are with this unrated review This book was a lot of things and I think many people will enjoy the journey and feel for the main character I just felt too much of the wrong (though accurate to Ellis’ anxieties) things.** I received an ARC from the publisher (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review **This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities. Katie Henry, the author of Heretics Anonymous, delivers an engrossing and thoughtful tale that tackles faith, friendship, family, and the potentially impending apocalypseThere are many ways the world could end There could be a fire A catastrophic flood A supereruption that spews lakes of lava Ellis Kimball has made note of all possible scenarios, and she is prepared for each one What she doesn’t expect is meeting Hannah Marks in her therapist’s waiting room Hannah calls their meeting fate After all, Ellis is scared about the end of the world; Hannah knows when it’s going to happenDespite Ellis’s anxiety—about what others think of her, about what she’s doing wrong, about the safety of the ones she loves—the two girls become fast friends But time is ticking down, and as Ellis tries to help Hannah decipher the details of her doomsday premonition, their search for answers only raises questions When does it happen? Who will believe them? How do you prepare for the end of the world when it feels like your life is just getting started? ❴Reading❵ ➻ Muerte en Hamburgo (Jan Fabel, Author Craig Russell – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk the author of Heretics Anonymous ❴Download❵ ➾ Jazz Age Stories Author F. Scott Fitzgerald – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk delivers an engrossing and thoughtful tale that tackles faith [Read] ➳ Much Obliged, Jeeves By P.G. Wodehouse – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk friendship ❮PDF❯ ✪ The Wrong Blood ✑ Author Manuel de Lope – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk family [Epub] ➟ The Customer-Funded Business ➠ John W. Mullins – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk and the potentially impending apocalypseThere are many ways the world could end There could be a fire A catastrophic flood A supereruption that spews lakes of lava Ellis Kimball has made note of all possible scenarios [Download] ➶ The Affair By Emma Kavanagh – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk and she is prepared for each one What she doesn’t expect is meeting Hannah Marks in her therapist’s waiting room Hannah calls their meeting fate After all ❰Download❯ ➾ Summer People & The Little House Author Shirley Jackson – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Ellis is scared about the end of the world; Hannah knows when it’s going to happenDespite Ellis’s anxiety—about what others think of her ❰Download❯ ➹ Beautiful Creatures Author Lulu Taylor – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk about what she’s doing wrong ❮KINDLE❯ ❤ Dr. Simon Forman ❧ Author Judith Cook – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk about the safety of the ones she loves—the two girls become fast friends But time is ticking down [PDF] ❤ Susannah (Sunfire, Author Candice Ransom – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk and as Ellis tries to help Hannah decipher the details of her doomsday premonition ➾ An Obsession with Cigar Box Guitars Download ➹ Author David Sutton – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk their search for answers only raises questions When does it happen? Who will believe them? How do you prepare for the end of the world when it feels like your life is just getting started?

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