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Reecah's Flight: Epic Fantasy Series Dragons are dangerous To hunt them is insaneThere is something strange about the woman living on top of the hill and the people of Fishmonger Bay leave her alone At least until the day she visits the village witchOne magic user is bad enough the emergence of another intolerableSpinning out of control, Reecah must decide whether to slay the dragon or risk becoming a victim of her peopleCan Reecah find the key to unlock her family heritage or will she fall prey to the secret so many have died to protect ❮Reading❯ ➶ I Blame The Scapegoats Author John O& – Reecah must decide whether to slay the dragon or risk becoming a victim of her peopleCan Reecah find the key to unlock her family heritage or will she fall prey to the secret so many have died to protect

About the Author: Richard H. Stephens

Born in Simcoe, Ontario, in 1965, I began writing circa 1974 a bored child looking for something to while away the long, summertime days My penchant for reading The Hardy Boys led to an inspiration one sweltering summer afternoon when my best friend and I thought, Hey, we could write one of those And so, I did As my reading horizons broadened, so did my writing Star Wars inspired me to write a 600 page novel about outer space that caught the attention of a special teacher, Mr Woodley, who encouraged me to keep writing.A trip to a local book store saw the proprietor introduce me to Stephen R Donaldson and Terry Brooks My writing life was forever changed.At 17, I left high school to join the working world to support my first son For the next twenty two years I worked as a shipper at a local bakery At the age of 36, I went back to high school to complete my education After graduating with honours at the age of thirty nine, I became a member of our local Police Service, and worked for 12 years in the provincial court system In early 2017, I resigned from the Police Service to pursue my love of writing full time With the help and support of my lovely wife Caroline and our 5 children, I have now realized my boyhood dream.

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    Review for Reecah s flight by Richard H Stephens It s the first book from Legends of the Lurker series written by Canadian author Richard H Stephens The story focuses on Reecah, a girl whose life changes after meetin

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    If you re a fan of dragons, this is a book for you I devoured this book in an afternoon As a definite How To Train Your Dragon fan and also of the Eragon series, this book immediately tickled my fancy The next to two books i

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    This is a great read, with crossover appeal to a YA audience and in fact anyone who enjoys a good story well told It follows a plucky heroine as she finds her place in the world with the help of her faithful raven and dragon compani

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    This book is fantastic The struggle of the main character felt real, and the challenges encountered people can, or will relate to The first book in this series and I cannot wait for the rest of the series to come out I couldn t put this one

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    If you are considering a fantasy book to put into your reading collection, I suggest you give this a shot It is an enticing tale of a young woman whose life tugs her in every direction and everything she ever thought she knew falls to shambles That

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    heartache for the dragonsReecah s family has been connected to the dragons on the mountain for generations Reecah is the last one and it comes with great surprise to her that their traditional role is that of protector Reecah feels compelled to do the same

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    What a wonderful story First of all, Reecah is an incredibly likable character who was so easy to root for We first meet her as a child who is being raised by her grandparents From the very beginning, it s clear that the family is somehow different from other inha

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    Oh my goodness that was an emotional roller coaster of a ride I criedthan once, laughed out loud, garnering me a few strange looks, and if I hadn t been reading it in ebook form I would have thrown it at least twice that s good by the way.Great writing great flow great ch

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    Overview Even as Reecah Draakvriend struggles to fit in with society and unravel the dark secret hanging over her head, she must come to a decision whether to slay an infamous dragon or become a victim of her people So begins a legendary quest worthy of birthing an epic fantasy h

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    Reecah is a young girl with hopes and dreams of flying She is loved by her Grandparents, having lost her own parents, that is until she too, loses them as well Left on her own to survive in a time when dragons roam the town and threaten the livelihood of many townspeople, Reecah s journe

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