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Fighting for Rain (The Rain Trilogy, #2) That ending thooooo I don t even know what I m going to do with myself while I m waiting for Dying For Rain Rain and Wes made it They survived April 23rd Sweeeeet However, the world had descended into even chaos and survival wasn t guaranteed They needed to find food and shelter They needed to save their friend And they needed to figure out what their future, if they even had a future, would be No getting attached.Leave before you get left.Supplies Shelter Self defense.Survival above all else. I found so much of this story absolutely hilarious The introduction of Q and her insane antics kept me extremely entertained I wonder if I ll see Mz Ridiculous in the next book BB Easton has a knack for snagging my attention within a few words and leaving me hungry for This trilogy is hypnotic with its despair and its hope and its love I can t wait to find out how it all ends Here we are again Me trying to articulate just how phenomenal of a storyteller BB Easton is Fighting for Rain delivers so much than I ever could have imagined The action and intensity start immediately when the world DOESN T end The damage is done The world has unraveled into a lawless chaos Wes and Rain have no time to revel in the fact that they survived, and with a couple found friends along the way, they very quickly have to seek shelter while they deal with the aftermath of a terrible accident Little do they know that they are walking into a place already swimming with past ghosts and new antagonists, not to mention learning the mind bending revelation of the vile psychopathic reason behind all of it Something obvious but still needs to be shouted Wes and Rain ARE the stars of this crazy, raw, stressed show Period Rain is still so broken, and she can t outrun the horrific memories that led her to be at peace with dying in the impending apocalypse Wes fought tooth and nail to ensure her survival and tada, the apocalypse didn t happen No jumping for joy for Rain though She s too fractured and the one reason she is barely hanging on is because Wes is by her side Wes is there, the only thing knocking down the cage in her brain, one bar at a time And oh my Wes WES For me, he is the SUPERstar of the show Damn this man has been through hell and back only he had to kick and punch and drag himself tortuously slow out of it, just to find himself spending all of his energy on one thing survival Until Rain of course The shitastic life he s been dealt has left him with an extreme case of self doubt No one has ever cared about him before and though he loves Rain than anything, he can t fight his insecurity But this man of men, this legend of a man, this epically heart achingly loyal man shucks that doubt off the back of his motorcycle and fights for Rain with a renewed fervor.I said it after Praying for Rain and I will say it now with my own renewed fervor Wes and Rain are two of the best characters I have ever read BB dives deep into each of their beings to vibrantly splash every anxiety ridden feeling, every idiosyncrasy, and every single trait onto the pages with a flourish And I would be remiss to not point out that the secondary characters wholeheartedly support this story And it s a story completely original and extraordinarily written Bring on the finale 5 plus plus plus plus plus stars for Fighting for Rain 4,5 The only exception stars I knew from the moment I first laid eyes on Rainbow Williams that I would end up dying for herWow This story keeps getting better and betterI loved how the events turned out and literally, i m itching to get my hands on the last bookEspecially after THAT ending An ending that left me with my mouth wind open on surprise, my heart broken in the possibility of what will happen and with a big WHY repeating on my mind Phew That ending stressed me out so damn much and i don t know what to think after everything that had taken place in the last chapter and through out the bookThe impending apocalypse made people do crazy thing Some burnt entire cities to the ground And me I let myself believe the desperate ramplings of a lost, lovesick teenanger.But the fours horsemen never came for us.Reality didWell, Rain and Wes survived April 23 and now, we are on April 24They re still trying to survive and to fight this storm togetherBut the things very soon will become very complicated in many aspectsSomeone is tumbling back in Rain s life and it s making it really hard for Wes to stay unaffected.The nightmares are still there but they had taken a different turnMore people are appearing, new people, but what are their intentions And the apocalypse had come in a different form A chaotic and unpredictable formWhat will happen after all when everything are falling apartHe looks like the man who refused to let me go when everybody else had left me behind.But he did let me go He must have.Because this guy sure as hell ain t him Leave before you get left has never fucking hurt like this Love doesn t exist in my worldWell, Wes is still my favorite guy in the worldHe is so strong, so determined, so capable to survive, so protective of the one he cares aboutBut in here, we saw that he can have also insecurities and that he can take the easy way out, even though he might rip his heart outAs for Rain I think that the day after, stressed her even than before Because then, there was an expiration date, so she could keep her problems on arm s length and now, they are suffocating her and she is acting a little bit crazyI might have survived April 23, but not all of me made out alive Rainbow Williams is buried back there tooAll that s left of me now is Rain.Whoever the hell that is I laugh and cry and look into the eyes of the a man who destroys beautiful things.but who also makes destroyed things beautiful againWes and Rain are made for each other, even though they know each other for a few daysYep, the time is sooo short to develop those kind of feelings, but in their world, it seems like it is possible Cause they are running out of time Honestly, i just want something good for those two, cause all the time ugly things are tumbling down on them and now after that ending I m afraid that i have no much hopeThis woman found me broken and made me whole, and I m suddenly determined to do the same for her I received an ARC copy for the exchange of an honest review I received an ARC for my honest review Fighting for Rain is the second book in the Rain Trilogy It comes out January 16th, 2020 Praying for Rain MUST be read prior to this book Dying for Rain, the third final book, will be released January 30th I CANNOT FORM WORDS BB TOOK THEM I LL BE BACK WHEN SHE GIVES ME BACK MY SANITY.Okay, it s been a couple hours I still haven t gotten back my sanity but I DID eat I think that s like the same thing So um here we go with a ramble fest in 321DevastatingChaoticBADASS If I had to describe this book in 3 words, those would be it I honestly cannot BELIEVE what I just read Since this book starts right where PFR left off, there was no trouble getting into it It was like hitting resume on my favorite action movie which is laughable because I do NOT watch those But with BB s stories, I am totally game for my heart to race like a frickin jackhammer I ll admit I was uber afraid to start this book I barely survived the emotions brought on by book 1 I honestly have no idea how I survived this book either Because really, for all the action danger within this book, believe me, there s SO MUCH what really got to me was the nostalgia heartache Wes and Rain experience in this desolate, unforgiving time They ve had everything taken from them They each deal with it in very different ways But the fact that they craved normalcy and comfort from each other the most in the most desperate of times was so obvious I love their connection Wes acts like this intense brick wall with absolutely no feelings when really his biggest weakness is Rainbow Williams And Rain She is trying to figure out just exactly who she is now that her version of normal has disappeared And Wes is such a huge part of that They deserve everything perfect and good in the world.BB Easton, my lady, were BORN to write Your stories are phenomenal They never disappoint Let me tell you something I remember when I went to Book Bonanza 2019 last year Staci Hart was talking about angst in books and how authors keep readers on their toes She said something along the lines of how the relationship is like a cookie You dangle that cookie like it s your job and just when readers think they FINALLY have the cookie, you take it away Okay well, replace cookie with my heart that s what happened to me the whole book You see BB, I HAD my heart at the start of this book As evidenced by the rapid beating of it BUT I gave it gladly with some sweet moments Got it back THEN THENNNNN You straight up STOLE IT TOOK IT And didn t give it back until 60 something percent of the book was over And I thought, oh okay cool we re FINE No No no noooooo Because it just kept happening after that It was like you played tug of war with my heart I was happy then angry then worried then hopeful then scared then back to happy And by the end DEVASTATION But it was WORTH IT I ll just say fuck em and survive my heartache anyway I need book 3 like I need to breathe, okay I m not joking when I tell you I ve been a fumbling screaming mess since I finished My mom literally wants to ship me off to Crazytown I definitely shouldn t have had that coffee while reading I legit couldn t catch my breath or form a coherent sentences for like 2 hours It s a miracle I m writing this right now I should probably point out Dying for Rain comes out the day before my birthday I really don t think I can handle it, I m so excited And don t even START with that freaking playlist I ve played one particular song a bazillion times and cannot quit crying I NEED ANSWERS Also thank you so much for the ARC even if it did destroy me a lot inside I LOVED IT OH And Wesson Patrick Parker SO MUCH PERFECT I love every single thing about him K thanks byeeeee 4.5 starsFighting for Rain is book 2 in The Rain Trilogy and it was another awesome read Wes and Rain find themselves looking for shelter after the explosion in book 1 and Rain comes face to face with someone from her past This situation will test their relationship and we will see a different side to Wes The confident guy we first met will be replaced by a boy afraid of being left behind This was something that really broke my heart and I couldn t wait for him to come back Rain showed a very confident side at times but the debilitating panic attacks slowed her down The why s of what happened to the world are shocking and I knew it was only a matter of time for the other shoe to drop That ending shocked me but I m thrilled I only have to wait 2 weeks to get answers. 4.25 starsApril 23rd, aka Doomsday, has passed Now what For Rainbow Rain Williams and Wes Parker, that is the big question.Their plans of escaping the area turn sideways quickly and their new fate may just end them What surprised me in this story was the role reversals Rain seems stronger, given a purpose to help others Sure, she has moments of weakness when the memories haunt her, and she struggles to overcome her painful losses, but given what she s been thru over the past couple days, that s expected.On the flip side, I thought Wes role weakened in this book with the reemergence of someone from Rain s past He begins to second guess everything, to not feel worthy, and would rather walk away than risk being abandoned again He looks like the man who refused to let me go when everybody else had left me behind But he did let me go He must have.The bond between the two of them begins to crumble and we see whether they can survive on their own.The shocking twist to this story centers on the truth about April 23rd and what happens next It is an unfathomable concept that some truly selfish people thought would fix everything And from the reader point of view, you can see how stupid a concept it is What s most concerning is that the new rules put Rain at a huge risk, and as my kindle book percentage wound down, I knew something drastic, aka a cliffhanger, was headed my way What it actually was definitely surprised me, and I m not sure how the author plans to tackle this problem and whether the key characters in this series can survive Given this dystopian theme, no person ever is truly safe I m looking forward to seeing how things play out and whether this author will put my emotions thru the ringer in the conclusion to this trilogy We shall see An ARC was received for an honest review.For reviews, visit Speechless Oh, Wes I fell for you in Praying, but Fighting Wes has consumed me The passion and the turmoil in their relationship has truly sent me on an emotional roller coaster BB Easton writes in a way that makes me feel like a friend is telling me a story that happened to her She has turned Rain into my friend Rain has so much to offer those around her and it s going to take a man like Wes to show her all of the ways she deserves to be loved. The World Was Supposed To End On April , But Rainbow Williams S World Ended Days Before That The Mass Hysteria Caused By The Impending Apocalypse Claimed Everything She D Ever Loved Her Family Her City Her Will To Live Until She Met Him Wes Parker Didn T Have Anything Left For The Apocalypse To Take He D Already Lost It All By The Time He Was Nine Years Old His Family His Home His Hope Of Ever Being Loved Until He Met Her Brought Together By Fate And Bound By A Love That Would Last Lifetimes, Rain And Wes Were Prepared To Die Together On April They Were Not Prepared For What Would Happen On April Let s just start this review with a big HOLY COW what did I just finish reading here BB Easton are you planing on giving me a heart attack I can t believe you left me with my jaw hanging here and with that ending in book 2 Thank goodness book 3 it s releasing pretty soon because I might die waiting Fighting for Rain it s book 2 of The Rain Trilogy You definitely need to read this books in order This book twisted my heart and made it pound doubly This trilogy is a combination of Dystopian love story with after apocalyptic madness I mean when you think life it s finally achieving some sense of normalcy for the main characters after all of their ordeal in book 1 BB comes and bam gives you another twist Fighting for Rain has elements of suspense, action and passion to last you a decade The story in book 2 starts right where we left off after Praying for Rain Now it s April 24 and the world didn t end and there s no Horsemen coming to take everyone The big question for Wes and Rain is what happens now It s a new world and new rules but no one is safe still What will come of humanity now and where does Wes and Rain will find their new beginning You guys HAVE TO read this to get all the answers Promise is TOTALLY worth it Wes and Rain s love will be tested and I ache and wanted to scream for themI ll fight to keep you alive I ll fight to keep you safe But I will never fight to keep you, or anyone, from leaving me If you guys read book 1 and thought this was brilliant, you haven t seen NOTHING yet I was not expecting the development on book 2 and the twist and turns will keep you on edge all the way to the end Release is around the corner and I need BOOK 3 NOW I voluntarily read and review an advance copy of this book. ARE YOU KIDDING ME BB EASTON WowI m sitting here speechless I devoured absolutely DEVOURED this book in one day It is addictive, jaw dropping, and leaves you breathless with every page I fell so in love with Wes Rain in Praying for Rain Their chemistry, passion, strength, loyalty and determination to survive was all consuming and I was riveted to the pages And once againin Fighting for Rain, these characters step up their game and you will be left with your heart in your hand by the end of this book Not only is FFR suspenseful at every page turn, but it delves even deeper into Rain s character the dark depths that her tragic losses have left her in She is a shell of a girl, yet still remains standing and surviving The relationship between her Wes is heartbreaking at times, and leaves you sighing and swooning at others Their passion is HOT Their steam is off the charts, and I literally felt like a voyeur reading some of their steamy scenes while sighing and dreaming of Wes He is THE PERFECT BROKEN HERO He s strong, yet carries his own demons He is so lost in his love for Rain that he loses himself and the rules he s laid down When they re together it s only them on the pages and you can feel their love, loyalty, and connection between them as if it were your own BB Easton has once again written a perfect romantic suspense story that will leave you wanting with her own personal stamp on it I m in love with Wes Rain and CANNOT wait for the conclusion to their story in Dying for Rain coming soon Well done once again BB Easton

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