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The Descent of Inanna Limited edition of poems

About the Author: Catherynne M. Valente

Catherynne M Valente was born on Cinco de Mayo, 1979 in Seattle, WA, but grew up in in the wheatgrass paradise of Northern California She graduated from high school at age 15, going on to UC San Diego and Edinburgh University, receiving her B.A in Classics with an emphasis in Ancient Greek Linguistics She then drifted away from her M.A program and into a long residence in the concrete and camphor wilds of Japan.She currently lives in Maine with her partner, two dogs, and three cats, having drifted back to America and the mythic frontier of the Midwest.

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    A bit of a cryptic read, but with the help of translators, it s quite fascinating The religous undertones offer a glimpse into how belief systems develop.

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