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Wherever You Are 4.5 stars Wherever You Are picks up where the story left off in Whatever it Takes This book like the previous one goes back and forth between present and past, which was incorporated really well and made sense It is not my favorite way of telling a story, but I really loved it for this Duet I absolutely love Willow and Garrison and like the couples from the Addicted series they will always hold a special place in my heart This duet had a very nostalgic feeling, it felt like I went back in time and was reunited with so many of my favorite characters I loved how drama free this duet was The characters acted their ages but they also felt very mature The friendship and love Willow and Garrison had for each other was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing them grow as a couple and individuals Wherever you are, no matter if it s right next to me or a thousand miles away, I m tied to you with a thread that can t break We re connected by something stronger than time or place I am so happy that Krista and Becca decided to write their story because it was definitely one I was missing Now I feel sad because I had to say goodbye to these amazing characters again I so need to reread the Addicted series I don t have to convince fans of the series to read this duet, because you probably preordered or one clicked it the moment it went live As for the readers who haven t had the pleasure of being introduced to these amazing authors, then I really hope you will give it a try because I think you ll enjoy it Their writing style is very original and has such a great flow The characters will steal your heart and you will think about them days and months after you are done reading their books Krista Becca continue to show me why they are two of my all time favorite authors. this was way better than the first one gillow is such a soft couple and I was expecting them to be really distant with each other in this one or have some type of blow up but it never came and I was glad garrison and willow are perfect for each other and they have so much respect and care for one another and its just so cute to see but of course the highlight of these books for me are the friendship content and those heart wrenching moments, especially between loren and garrison their relationship means the world to me and it was just so, so nice to see garrison find a family that truly cares about him and treats him better, same with willow they both have shitty families and now they have the core six and it makes me so happy also that scene with willow in the closet video chatting the girls made me happy, I just love them all so much and miss them already PLUS THE LILO SCENES they re my heart and soul this book fed me so well. I WILL RUIN HERYou Know That Old Saying Opposites Attract Well, No One Ever Tells You What Happens After The Attraction PartDo Opposites Stick Together Forever Or Do They Just Self Combust And Then There S The Third Option Someone Or Something Forces Them ApartLook, The Third Option Isn T Happening To Us I Will End The Bastard Who Thinks He Can Keep Me From Her I Only Need To Worry About One ThingEpic, Soul Crushing Self DestructionBecause I Screw Up Everything I TouchEven Her Read ✓ Longbow Girl By Linda Davies – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk No One Ever Tells You What Happens After The Attraction PartDo Opposites Stick Together Forever Or Do They Just Self Combust And Then There S The Third Option Someone Or Something Forces Them ApartLook !!> Read ➶ On His Naughty List ➺ Author Jessica Jarman – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk The Third Option Isn T Happening To Us I Will End The Bastard Who Thinks He Can Keep Me From Her I Only Need To Worry About One ThingEpic Read ➭ Fire Colour One Author Jenny Valentine – Ralphslaurensoutlet.co.uk Soul Crushing Self DestructionBecause I Screw Up Everything I TouchEven Her YESSSSSSSSSSSS NOT ONE BUT TWO BOOKS WE ARE SO BLESSED PREORDERS ARE UP BAD REPUTATION DUET Whatever It Takes Book 1 JAN 21, 2020 Books Wherever You Are Book 2 JAN 28, 2020 Books we could ve had one of their best books if it wasn t 70% recycled from other characters pov and the web series and yet here we are I m not complaining that they included those scenes, they had to be in the books, but when they keep skipping months in the present timeline to scenes we ve already read in other books instead of developing these characters and their relationship as they should it s just lazy writing at this point i m just happy that they didn t completely destroy the characters, since that seems to be their new thing. Willow Garrison3.5 starAgain, not a fan of the format I think there just wasn t enough written between these two that showed a deep emotional connection It was told than it was showed Too much was skipped over I really wanted to love their story but I ended up feeling short changed. We re finally together in the same city, same house, same room, same bed Sharing everything A life Love3.5 5Garrison and Willow will always remain the softest couple ever I LOVE THEM SO MUCH An ARC was provided by the authors Oh my goodness This was such an amazing experience to anticipate what s going to happen next even though I already know what s gonna happen, only this time I get to see it from Willow and Garrison s POV.I loooooove all the BFF Daisy and Willow moments, and also the Calloway sisters and Willow moments My heart expands tenfold after reading those scenes I love the moments with Garrison and Lo I m over the moon at how happy Garrison is around Moffy and I live for the moments with Garrison, Lo, Ryke, and Connor Garrison s character growth throughout this book is just phenomenal I was full on bawling my eyes out and laughing hysterically at some scenes I m amazed at how much this book is like all my dreams come true As I said before in my review of Whatever It Takes, it may be because I m biased and have loved and wanted Willow and Garrison s story from the start, but I honestly love this duet It s a look back at all their moments from the Addicted and Calloway Sisters series from their POV and I could not stop smiling at how precious they are together Their intimate moments are so intense and tender that I feel like I m intruding in such precious moments between them All the scenes that I wanted to see from their POV are here and I couldn t be happier You can read this duet without having read the Addicted Series or Calloway Sisters series beforehand BUT, I would highly suggest reading the Addicted Series and Calloway Sisters series first if you want the full experience You would appreciate Willow and Garrison s story a lot if you have the history of how it all began and knowledge on all the side characters present in the story There s just way too much history there and if you don t have it all, I don t think it would mean as much This duet has everything I ever wanted from Willow and Garrison s story Every moment that I wanted to see in their POV is here and it makes me so happy that I want to keep re reading it and staying in their world for a bit longer Quick note if you ve read the web series and loved it, you ll be happy to know that Parts 3 and 4 made it into Wherever You Are This one picks up right where Whatever It Takes left off INITIAL REACTION July 22, 2019 Two books Two books of Willow and Garrison s romance It doesn t get any better than this.My Review of Whatever It Takes I m so depressed right now, whew.This book was everything I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I wanted to die a little But ultimately, it left me feeling so hopefulI, Willow Hale, am a risk taker A challenge seeker I see that now I feel it deep in my bones. And I want someone with me, always, to face risks together. I want Garrison For as long as I can have him. There will never be another couple so perfect for each other Willow and Garrison shouldn t make sense, but they fit so well They complete each other in such a beautiful way They re patient with each other, they support one another They were two lost people who happened to find each other exactly when they needed someone.I won t say much about the plot You don t have to ready any of KB s other series to read this, but you do need to read book 1 of this duet WYA picks up right after WIT left off Garrison is in a really bad place emotional and mentally Willow is trying to navigate college, her long distance relationship with Garrison, and keep her friendships alive Wherever you are, no matter if it s right next to me or a thousand miles away, I say, I m tied to you with a tread that can t break We re connect by some thing stronger than time or placeLike I said, the romance is amazing This is KBs sweetest and softest couple ever, and I very much doubt they ll write another couple like this soon But beyond the romance, the sibling relationship between Willow, Lo, and Ryke was amazing Each relationship was different, but no less special.Daisy and Willow are my favorite friendship ever They are so cute, I d take an entire book just based on their friendship Also, seeing Garrison slowly get closer to Connor, Ryke, and Loren was beautiful Seeing him accept the fact that he does deserve respect and love and kindness brought tears to my eyesConnor, Ryke, and Lo they protect me all the time They care about me when they don t have to These are three brothers that I d never trade in, never swap out, and even though we re not blood related, I know they re mine. I wouldn t change one thing about this book I have an epic book hangover right now I literally finished the book not one hour ago I have no idea what I m going to do with the rest of my day I never thought I d see these books Willow Garrison have been my favorite characters to come out of the Addicted World, and when their web series was cancelled I was crushed The fact that we are now getting TWO books on them when I didn t even think we d get the one makes me so happy 3 I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

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