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Sarah's Baby Sarah s Baby by Margaret Way released on Jan ,is available now for purchase

About the Author: Margaret Way

Margaret Way was born and educated in the river city of Brisbane, Australia Before her marriage she was a well known pianist, teacher, vocal coach and accompanist, but her hectic musical career came to a halt when her son was born and the demands of motherhood dictated a change of pace.On a fortuitous impulse she decided to try her hand at romance writing and was thrilled when Mills Boon accepted her first effort, Time of the Jacaranda, which they published less than a year later in 1970 a feat that brought tears to her father s eyes Some seventy odd books have followed resulting in a loyal readership whose letters provide a source of support and encouragement A driving force in all her writing has been the promotion of her much loved country, Australia She delights in bringing it alive for her readers its people, way of life, environment, flora and fauna Her efforts so far have not excited official recognition, but she expects one day she will be awarded the Order of Australia Her interests remain with the arts She still plays the piano seriously, but her top Cs have gone She is still addicted to collecting antiques and paintings and browsing through galleries She now lives within sight and sound of beautiful Moreton Bay and its islands, inspiration for some of her books Her house is full of books, spectacular plants, Chinese screens and pots She is devoted to her garden and spends much time directing the design and digging and providing cold drinks and chocolates.

10 thoughts on “Sarah's Baby

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    Margaret Way finally uses the phrase personality disorder and narcissist to describe the matriarch of the hero s family Now that MW has named her pain, she turns this first story in a series about an Outback town over to Granny s antics.Since personality disorder and narcissist is a thing, MW

  2. says:

    The H makes the h s pregnancy trauma all about him in an unforgivable way Otherwise, this book was 80 s nighttime soap opera dramatic and not to be taken seriously, but I just can t warm up to an H who has so little compassion and awareness Ring Theory 101, dude you don t complain to the victim abo

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    A bit too much detail about things at times I, personally, wasn t interested in the history of things The story was a bit long winded but I thought the ending was brilliant Horrible old hag thought she was going to win by drowning herself but the powers that be soon sorted that out I don t think she will

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    Stile di scrittura vecchiotto ma carino, mi sembrato di tornare quindicenne a quando leggevo gli harmony di nascosto in camera mia.P.S Che gran stronza la nonna

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    The McQueens are the town s founding family, and Ruth McQueen is their matriarch She s a dangerous woman to cross, as Sarah Dempsey found out sixteen years ago Pregnant and desperately in love with Ruth s adored grandson Kyall, Sarah stood up to Ruth and was banished from the town.Now, all these years later, Sarah i

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    While I still love Kyall and Sarah s story, this one didn t quite hold up to what I loved about it in the past Yes, the book still gave me the feels, but I didn t love it as much as I have in the past I still loved how Kyall and Sarah still loved each other after 15 years apart I still loved how Kyall still pursued her wh

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    I can t lie this book was a bit everywhere, but the anticipation waiting for the wicked grandmother to die or be exposed was great, I can t lie I was disappointed she died, I wanted punishment not death, Kyall was annoying believing what his grandmother said but I guess it s family so you can t blame him Sarah being scared of R

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    A truly gripping saga.

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