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Touch of Surrender (Primal Instinct, #5) With his auburn hair and lean build, Kierland Scott looks man than lycan But his wolf instincts are aroused by the grayeyed Morgan Cantrell Not because of her beauty, but because of her longago betrayal, a fateful choice that made their love impossibleNow, however, the two Watchmen must team up, leaving the placid Lake Country for the forests of Scandinavia To rescue Kierland's brother, they must track a vampire—and use their combined shapeshifting sensitivities in a battle that will take them beyond death As the two learn to seek together, they begin to understand the history that has driven them apart But they will have to overcome death itself, if their shared passion is to have a chance ➠ [Epub] ➚ Longbow Girl By Linda Davies ➪ – Kierland Scott looks man than lycan But his wolf instincts are aroused by the grayeyed Morgan Cantrell Not because of her beauty [Read] ➲ On His Naughty List By Jessica Jarman – but because of her longago betrayal ➭ Fire Colour One Read ➵ Author Jenny Valentine – a fateful choice that made their love impossibleNow [PDF / Epub] ❤ Invisible Wounds ✅ Kay Douglas – however [KINDLE] ❆ A City Possessed By Lynley Hood – the two Watchmen must team up [Download] ✤ Her Husbands Mistake Author Sheila O& – leaving the placid Lake Country for the forests of Scandinavia To rescue Kierland's brother ➵ Mr Dove Über Den Wassern Read ➼ Author Maurice Shadbolt – they must track a vampire—and use their combined shapeshifting sensitivities in a battle that will take them beyond death As the two learn to seek together ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Squirmy Wormy ✐ Author Lynda Farrington Wilson – they begin to understand the history that has driven them apart But they will have to overcome death itself [Reading] ➿ Honeymoon By Sacha J. Witt – if their shared passion is to have a chance are we looking for in a Paranormal Romance Novel? I contend that, if we are female, we are looking for a heroine with whom we can identify to some degree, and a hero a bit rough around the edges from baggage and/or secrets When we add in the Paranormal, or in this case in equal parts Urban Fantasy, we are also looking for a way to suspend disbelief in what we don't tend to believe of our everyday world Romance novels in general strive to take us away to a fantasy land we devise in concert with the author I found the world Rhiannon constructs in this series to be tightly constructed with enough reality mixed into the mix in the form of trains, actual European cities and car accidents The fantasy and paranormal elements slip seamlessly into our world This book was also tightly edited which, considering it was an uncorrected galley completely amazing these days She is able to provide back story as necessary and naturally It stands alone but would be even better read in series order.Her characters are just what we want, Morgan is a strong, yet soft Watchman; with a stunted shifter nature and abilities due to generations of shifter species cross mating She has some senses which are very keen, like hearing and an ability to track through the ingestion of blood The blood ingestion in shifter species was new to me, but consistent throughout the book in its function and purpose Kierland is a were wolf who was in love with Morgan but believed she allowed the Watchmen organization to order her to use sex to gain the cooperation of a potential source among some of the other, not so nice species in this world Basically, he thinks she whored her self out for the organization Kierland was also her instructor as she trained to become a Watchman, so they got to know each other very well and because of the formal relationship nothing could happen and by the time it could his baggage and those bad feelings made it hard for them to even be in the same room Then they are thrown in to a crucible ina mission and the danger makes a lot of things come out (a lot of things come off too). So, a decade of unrequited love on her part and selfloathing lust on her part Add that to his family baggage and, you got it, she is going to save him Actually, this is a plot with which we are all familiar: it's about redemption through love The lovemaking scenes were hot and I marveled that Ms Byrd could span such steamy sex over several pages I do believe my Kindle was glowing red These are seriously sizzling scenes of sex and seduction Supporting characters include a villain holding people in nasty cells in a frosty castle, and a Vampire who was once Morgan's lover He's the one Kierland thinks she had sex with on order from her superiors And, guess what the mission they must go on includes this vampire! Talk about uncomfortable! More baggage,misunderstandings, danger, and damage make every page of the book hum with anticipation The book ends in a way that will make the next in the series mandatory.Touch of Surrender gives you what you want from a romance novel and ! Recommended. Romantic misunderstandings and life and death situations are just a few things keeping readers on the edge of their seats rooting for the good guys in this fast paced paranormal read In the fifth installment of the Primal Instinct series, readers are thrust into the middle of the ongoing battleofthe sexes between Lycan Keirland Scott and shifter Morgan Cantrell who have been working together as Watchman for the last ten years As Watchman, their job is to battle the evil Casus who wants to return to this world to destroy humans by finding Markers that protect their wearers and can also be used to destroy the Casus Morgan has been in love with Keir since she first started training with him, but when she finally decided to make her move, she discovered he’s dating someone else After a brutal attack, she moves on and started seeing vampire Ashe Granger She never stopped loving Keir and is now forced into close quarters with him as they travel across the Wasteland to rescue Keir's brother Kellan, who is off to save the woman he cares about Morgan has secrets though, ones that will affect her job and her relationship with Keirland Even though Keirland's always acted ambivalent to Morgan, he's actually madly in love with her and has been since he first laid eyes on her No matter which woman he's with, Morgan is the only one he thinks about He's afraid of letting her get too close for fear he might hurt her like his father did to his mother But to save his brother he has to team up with Morgan, who has the ability to track Kellan over long distances To make matters worse he also has to rely on help from Ashe Granger, the man he's never forgiven for being with Morgan As danger gets closer, and as truths are revealed, Morgan and Keirland realize what they truly mean to each other But will that discovery come too late or will it be just in time to keep them alive? Morgan is a strong heroine who puts her life on the line to protect humanity She stands her ground and fights to save those she loves She's smart and extremely likable and when she and Keirland fight together they're the perfect team When she verbally spars with Keirland sparks fly and you can't help but admire her Keirland oozes sex appeal and he truly loves Morgan, but fears he will hurt her It takes time to work through that fear, but once he realizes certain truths, he quickly makes up for lost time The romantic scenes between these two are hot and get progressivelyintense as the danger escalates There are many great secondary characters that I look forward to seeingof Some sort of mystery surrounds the sexy vampire Ashe and his brother Gideon Kellan, who's the carefree brother, becomes very intense in this story and the book's cliffhanger leaves him trapped and the reader wondering what will happen to him in the next book This is a great book for fans of the paranormal genre and is easy to follow for those new to this series This is one reader who's counting down the days until the next installment. I'm really enjoying this series, it's hot and has plot gotta love that and Kierland was awesome Yummy. 3.5 StarsMorgan Cantrell is a Watchman for the Consortium, an organization that who deals with the supernatural She is exceptional at her job and has no problem standing up for herself except against her former teacher, Lycan Kierland Scott They both fell for each other the moment they first met and everyone new it, except them Kierland refues to act on his feelings for Morgan because of his families history and will do anything to keep Morgan from him This includes breaking her heart and driving her into the arms of another Ten years later there is a war waging and Morgan and Kierland must work together to got after Kierland's brother and rescue him from their enemy Kier comes up with the idea that if they sexually ease their needs he can get her out of his system and focus on his brother but after he realizes it was like adding oil to the fire He craves herthan ever and as each day passes by his true feelings come to a head but he may reveal them too late.Morgan is a awesome female She is strong, a great fighter, a trustworthy friend and won't back down when things get rough I can't stand reading about whiny females but I thought she was right when it came to Keir He was unfairly mean to her and formed his own negative views of her just to try and convince himself he wasn't still in love with her I was actually frustrated with him He is a deadly fighter, worthy leader, and and good friend and brother but a difficult person to love Morgan and Kierland are enemies for two reasons One, neither will just come out and spell exactly how they feel and two, Keirland fears that he will become the monster his father was towards Morgan They both have wounds that only each other can heal but they are both two stubborn to be vulnerable Reading about their relationship was frustrating, exciting, steamy, and really tugs at your emotions There is a war waging against evil straight out of hell and that will stop and nothing to conquer and rule all but to me the main focus of this book was the relationship between Morgan and Kierland This is the 5th book in the Primal Instincts series and the first I've read so I know that the war is a bigger deal than what I may think it is, but I still enjoyed the book and the love story in it Rhyannon Byrd's characters have a lot of depth with strong emotions that make you fall for them instantly, even the hard headed extremely sexy Lycans I will definitely go back and read the first books in the series as well as future installments ~Stephanie G Once the heroine could count her teacher and mentor as a friend but his past relationship with his father and his fear over loss of control made him break her heart He went to another woman Devastated, the heroine found comfort in the arms of another man and whatever friendship they had dissolved into fights and bitter arguments Now, the heroine must finds the hero's missing brother before it's too late and as a curtesy, she asked for the hero's help Though she still feels an insistent and powerful pull towards the Lycan male, the way he treats her and all those harsh and cruel comments make her reluctant to trust him The hero in turn is powerfully against the heroine coming with him into the wasteland for a multitude of reasons Firstly, she isn't a shifter, though she has the blood she can't shift and in turn is a weaker fighter against the enemy they face Secondly, he is still bitter and jealous over her relationship with the other vampire male, the one he's convinced she loves still And lastly, the most pressuring objection of all is his passionate urge to protect her and possess her But that's something he can never do and so in his attempts to distance himself from her and his own feelings, he picks fights with her and criticizes her But it soon becomes very apparent that he can no longer suppress his physical desire for her and in a move that shows his true selfishness, he proposes sex with no strings attached He convinces himself that if he screws her out of his system, the feelings will go away Not knowing just how deeply the heroine love him before he broke her heart and ignorant to her true feelings presently, he begins to toy with her emotions She knows very well that she can't just have emotionless sex, especially not with this man yet she can't stop herself from wanting him With her ex lover and still best friend as their guild through the wasteland, the hero battles his own cowardice as well as his overwhelming jealousy to a man who never held her heart I liked this book but I didn't love it I thought the hero was a coward and a little bit of a shit for the way he treats the heroine both before and currently He really only thought about himself His father and the way the man tortured him and his mother made the hero crave control So, he thinks he knows best about everyone around him He pushed the heroine in the vampires arms yet calls her a whore and shames her for it He acts possessive and jealous but isn't willing to fight for her, rather he allows her to dangle on a string In turn I thought the heroine to be a little bit spineless She's supposed to be a warrior yet every battle she either has a panic attack or hangs back and lets the hero to the fighting Also, she allows the hero to walk all over her She's ruled by her desire for him and as such she permits him to purpose the sex arrangement and lies to herself about the fact that she's happy to have him the only way she can I thought that have a strain relationship at best and a destructive one at worse That paired with the low moving story about nothing at all really and it made for an alright book but nothing to phone home about. I found it really hard to like Kierland throughout Touch of Seduction, he was a total twit and idiot and really someone (namely Ashe) should have smacked him around a bit Morgan and Kierland have this really complicated history together when they used to be in the academy together Kierland was Morgan’s teacher and they both had the hots for each other but Kierland was too moral and decided to date someone else to keep his hands off Morgan (she was too young), which broke Morgan’s heart and she jumped into bed with Ashe (who’s a vampire) But Kierland thought Morgan was following orders and thought less of her for doing so and basically went on a hate campaign against Morgan Quite a lot of the book is about Kierland and Morgan just trying to get on good terms with each other and trying to sort out their past and what happened with lots of sex thrown in for good measure But if it wasn’t for Ashe and the sex and a few other characters this would have become a DNF for me, because I just couldn’t warm up to Kierland at all! I really wanted to because I liked him in the previous book and I really liked Morgan, but really I kept wanting Morgan to tell Kierland to stuff it and for her to jump Ashe instead Sadly that didn’t happen but I’m glad I persevered because I liked the ending and it sets up the storyline for the next book. I really liked this book and would have rated it higher, but Kier was such a pompous ass that for me it took away from the story He has loved Morgan right from when he saw her So what does he do, well he takes up with another woman, causes Morgan to run to another man for comfort, thinks that she sells herself to the greater good of the group and even in an earlier book offered her body to help Ian get through his transition With all of those actions I just don't get why Morgan fell for him and waned to think a little less of her for it, but we can't help we who we fall in love with.I was glad that Morgan had Ashe there for her He was the perfect guy friend to help soothe her hurt feelings, their friendship was a fun part of the book I loved how Ashe and Kier had such an antagonistic relationship.As the story went on Kier did manage to slightly redeem himself in my eyes as all of his issues were revealed and the lengths he went to at times to save Morgan Along with Morgan and Kier's story, we got abackground on the vampires and things that happened with the Casus With the events that led to Morgan and Kier and be together I think the next book will be even better, a big battle looks to be coming between the watchmen and the Casus. With evil circling from three collective fronts, the Watchmen prepare for war as it looms on the horizon, dark with inevitability A combat trained group of shifters that watch over the paranormal species of Earth, the Watchmen are in the race of their lives as they scramble to find the Dark Markers These magical ancient relics are not only successful in killing a particularly vicious tribe known as the Casus, but they also may very well prove to be the key to closing the gates to the Meridian the dimensional Casus prison As both are Watchmen soldiers, our hero's and heroine's story takes place on a specific outer ring of this overreaching plot arc, allowing for bountiful page time to be dedicated to the complex layering of mistrust that infects their tumultuous relationship.Morgan Cantrell, a shifter of indeterminate species, and Kierland Scott, a werewolf, have been embroiled in a personal feud for over a decade Each carry secrets that could easily reverse the hostile course of their relationship to one of passion but neither can let go of their formidable pride Instead they fight and fling jealous accusations at each other all in the hopes of protecting their hearts from what they've determined to believe will be an inevitable gutwrenching fallout.When Kierland's younger brother, Kellan his only remaining family, takes off to rescue a witch from an extremely protected enemy compound, Morgan uses her blood connection to Kellan to force Kierland's cooperation and bring her along to provide backup for Kellan's rescue plans Irritated that he must utilize the one woman he can't stand in order to save his foolish brother, Kierland grudgingly follows Morgan as she listens to the pull of Kellan's blood which just so happens to be leading them into the Wastelands in Northern Europe A magical prison for vampire families that have committed incredibly heinous crimes, the Wasteland is one of the most dangerous places for an outsider to travel with the hopes of making it out alive And things just keep getting better for Kierland when Morgan reveals her plans to engage Ashe Granger, vampire and exboyfriend, as their guide.Kierland has been disturbed by his possessive feelings for Morgan for ten years He wants her badly but he won't ever let himself have her His is a long line of possessive and fiercely jealous males and what he fears the most is his already abundant and long standing jealously where Morgan is concerned Afraid that he'd manage to fatally harm her, Kierland has instead built and maintained an image of Morgan as a biddable whore, one who'll do whatever the Consortium, the governing body that controls the Watchmen, says for her to do even if that means seducing and sleeping with the mark By doing this, Kierland has managed to mentally keep Morgan at a distance, but that doesn't stop his seething emotions from boiling over when she's near Deciding that he's going to rid Morgan of his system once and for all, he persuades her to a momentary arrangement of pleasure where he has sole sexual rights over her during their mission Once the mission is over, so is the arrangement but it soon becomes fearsomely obvious to Kierland that a few days slaking his lust with Morgan won't even come close to scratching the surface of his need.For ten years, Morgan has incurred the wrath of Kierland without knowing any of his reasons Left with no choice, she's rationalized that it's the weakness of her heritage that makes him despise her like so many other shifters With the tainted blood of many different species of shifters, Morgan is essentially a mutt as well as weak without the preternatural strength of pure blooded shifters like Kierland Whatever the source of Kierland's hatred, its managed to break her heart, damaging her for any other man because in truth, no matter how obvious his dislike of her may be, Morgan has continued to love Kierland from the first moment she saw him at eighteen years of age Now Kierland dangles his gorgeously ripped body before her and because Morgan has been dying for a taste for ten years, she gives in fast to his lustful demands knowing full well that her heart is destined to break all over again with the conclusion of their mission.Despite Kierland's claiming of Morgan's body and her reassurances that it's him she wants, having her former lover, Ashe Granger, in the mix has Kierland riding the edge of destruction With his thoughts poisoned by his own misconceptions of Morgan's fidelity, Kierland doesn't trust her claims feeling that the moment she gets the chance, she'll run into Ashe's arms like she did all those years ago But as the Wastelands prove their reputation for danger, Kierland will have to make a decision whether or not to believe Morgan's love or lose her forever.My Thoughts:TOUCH OF SURRENDER is quite the emotional rollercoaster but I had a blast hopin' in and hanging on to what ultimately proved to be one hell of a steamy ride Kierland is lust in the flesh and Rhyannon Byrd never lets you forget it These males are just what the series title describes them as being primal, all the way down to their sinful cores Morgan is one rockin' heroine Confident, loyal and protective, she's a woman that makes fierce bonds with others easily but also never takes that ease for granted She's very complex with her warrior exterior shielding a deep vulnerability that she shares with few others and it actually takes the length of the book to uncover all her secrets While Kierland's intense sexuality had me squirming, his selfimposed delusions where Morgan was concerned incurred it bit of my dislike Burning hot then cold, he pulled my heroine through the emotional ringer on many occasions and while I wanted her to go toe to toe to with him in the those irritating instances, Morgan proved smarter than me She knew how to handle Kierland even if at times she felt unsure Her quiet dignity and determination forced Kierland into one heaping ball of uncertainty as he begins to question all his illconceived notions And when he finally reaches the lowest of lows, he grovels his way back into both our hearts on hands and knees.Finally, a little delightful warning, TOUCH OF SURRENDER is one piping hot romance that practically boarders on erotica I was pleasantly surprised to find myself squirming from the heat as I settled in to read a deeply satisfying erotic and emotional journey I highly recommend this author and series to paranormal romance lovers that crave their reads on the steamy side Enjoy! TOUCH OF SURRENDER by Rhyannon Byrd is a paranormal romance It is the fifth in the Primal Instinct but can be read as a stand alone It is well written with depth, detail,twists and turns It has sadistic villians, betrayal, sensuality, evil, good life, death, Lycans, Vampires, shape shifters,and romantic musunderstandings The characters are strong, smart, determined, likable and will keep you guessing The hero, Keirland, is strong, jealous, possisive, dominating, bossy, a Lycan, a watchman, warrior, share a past with the heroine, Morgan, and in love with her The heroine, Morgan, is a watchman, a shape shifter, a warrior, strong, smart, has a shared past with Keirland and in love with him They have to team together to find Keirland's brother, battle their enemies beyond death,overcome their feelings of feelings of betrayal and come to understand their feelings toward each other If you enjoy paranormal romance you will like this one with its romance, sensuality, good vs evil This book was received for review from Net Galley and details can be found at HHQ and My Book Addiction and More.

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Rhyannon Byrd is the national bestselling author of than forty contemporary and paranormal romance titles, including the Bloodrunners series, and her books have been translated into ten languages After years of enjoying the California sunshine, Rhyannon now lives in the beautiful (but often chilly) county of Warwickshire in England with her family and their ever growing collection of concert

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