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Geheimen van het Wilde Woud Ridder Tiuri en zijn vriend Piak gaan op zoek naar ridder Ristridin, want hij is nooit teruggekeerd in zijn kasteelEr worden vreemde verhalen verteld over het Wilde Woud van ruwe rovers en bosgeesten, van doodlopende dwaalwegen en ru nes, en van mysterieuze Mannen in het Groen ➷ [Reading] ➹ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen ➬ – want hij is nooit teruggekeerd in zijn kasteelEr worden vreemde verhalen verteld over het Wilde Woud van ruwe rovers en bosgeesten ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ Insight and Interpretation Author Roy Schafer – van doodlopende dwaalwegen en ru nes ❮Reading❯ ➳ Good People in an Evil Time ➬ Author Svetlana Broz – en van mysterieuze Mannen in het Groen

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    Another great book of Tonke Dragt Have to read again soon

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    of my all time favourite Dutch children s books is De brief aan de koning by Tonke Dragt, and I was thrilled when decades after the original release this much treasured classic finally received its much deserved English language debut with The Letter for the King in 2014, thanks to Pushkin Press in the UK and a beautiful translation by Laura Watkinson So you can imagine my excitement when the sequel,

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    4.5 5 Gooooood I did think the first book was better.

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    After reading the first book, I decided to read the second right after and I am not disappointed Finally Tiuri is officially a knight He is invited to come to knight Ristridin s castle in spring However, when he arrives, he is informed that knight Ristridin has not returned yet from the Wild Wood Concerns grow and Tiuri and his friends are determined to solve the mystery and find their lost friend.When I opened

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    This book and its prior book, The Letter for the King, will be lovely for the right reader, but they aren t my jam Both were originally written in Dutch in the 1960s and just now translated to English They are classic Arthurian stories of knights and quests, centered around kind, honorable Tiuri, who is a squire in the first book and a young, but already well liked, knight in the second Tiuri embodies all of the cla

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    Since when is the sequel twice as good as the original book Maybe my tastes have changed, but I did not enjoy the writing style of the first book in this series, The Letter for the King and the plot seemed so bland But I enjoyed the unique writing style of this book, the plot kept my attention, and the characters are believable I definitely want to read of Tonke Dragt s books if I can find any others that have been tran

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    3.5 An old fashioned fantasy that manages to be different from the usual I m excited about this author, because she s Dutch, and I find translations interesting There s a whole world of kid s and Y A books that I am not privy to because I only read English I mean, what are the French fantasy classics What about Yugoslavia The Russians had a beautiful golden age of children s illustration it may not have ended, who knows Not m

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    Three years ago now, I picked up a copy of this book s sequel The Letter for the King, which had only just recently been translated into English I loved it and shortly after bought its sequel, only to have had it sit on my bookshelf all this time with my excuse being that I wanted to re read the first before starting this one Well, that never happened, and finally the other day I picked it and plunged myself again into the kingdom

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    This was such a wonderful book.First things first, this is such a beautiful book When I first opened it there was a map on the inside and when you took of the dust cover there was a beautiful imprint on the book, just wow at the design on the whole book.I am a big fan of fantasy books and this one is at the top for me From the first page I was pulled into this fantasy world surrounded by all the wonderful characters.I really love the w

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    I wanted to love this book, I really did As much as The Letter , the previous instalment of Tiuri s adventures but I just didn t I found the pace slower, the characterisation a little thinner although I did love the deepened friendship with Piak , the structure episodic and the tension less convincing Saying all this, it s far, far from a bad book It draws the reader into the world of Dagonaut and its medieval style society, with fantasy e

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