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To A MacAllister Born To a MacAllister Born by Joan Elliott Pickart released on Oct ,is available now for purchase

About the Author: Joan Elliott Pickart

Joan moved to a sleepy little town in Arizona, situated on the Mexican border, when she was thirteen She has 3 grown up daughters and a grandson.When she isn t writing, she enjoys watching football, knitting, reading, gardening and attending craft shows on the town square.

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    It was a cute book and definitely in the middle of the series Although within the series the book did almost a great job of standing alone although the author should have given a bitinformation to new readers about the baby bet The plot wasn t complicated or hard to follow along Basically it is the story of a emotionally scarred single mother who is trying to raise her son when love strikes her just out of the blue after hearing her son s basic wish of getting a daddy

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    might have 2

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