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    Olivia does remind me of my niece She wears me out some days too But she has a boundless imagination This was a good story with a now well loved character.The niece has outgrown this book and she didn t even want to read it The nephew likes Olivia and he enjoyed reading it.I do like when some famous art work was thrown in at a museum.

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    I spent about a year in an awkward situation that started out with accidentally babysitting two adorable little kids Bundles of joy are those two, and I m not even being ironical Mommies and daddies, when you ask nice single gals of even age with yourselves if they ll do you a favor and watch your kiddos while you go wine tasting for a night, do you usuall

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    When I heard about the popularity of Olivia, I wanted to give this book a shot and I am glad I did Olivia is a Caldecott Honor Book by Ian Falconer which is about the adventures of an energetic girl piglet named Olivia who does all kinds of activities that tires her family out Olivia is the perfect story for children who love trying out new things everyday Oliv

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    This past weekend, I got to spend some quality time with my adorable and amazing nephew, Zach During that QT, we read this book together Or rather, I read the book to him, and he tested it out for edibility And while he seemed to enjoy it he s one his bar is pretty low right now , I personally expected something better, especially considering how freaking popular th

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    Olivia is a girl illustrated as an adorable pig who is ready to try anything and everything She dreams big, wears others out and eventually wears herself out These stories are about family dynamics, joyful growing up years and wonderful adventures The books are beautifully illustrated, whimsical, and witty Olivia is a character to love and read repeatedly.

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    A story about the everyday life of Olivia and her family They are a charming family of pigs, who do lovely things like go to the seaside, visit art galleries, and bargain about how many books Olivia can carry off to bed at night I loved the illustrations often with multiple versions of Olivia pirouetting very prettily across the pages The accompanying words were heart warming

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    Thanks to some rave reviews from GoodReads friends, I decided to meet Olivia I admit she did not look like the sort of piggy I would usually welcome into my library but I was being judgmental by looking at the exterior and I m glad I gave her the chance to share her true spirit with me What a delight Love her creativity and humor.

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    We went through a long Olivia phase here at the Weeks household Sweet and slyly witty, with a dash of haute couture, and a lot of well loved but misbehaving child, these books are just great Take note that I think Ian Falconer sold off the rights to this series There are several by him, and then a bunch by Nickelodeon or something My review only holds for the originals by Ian Falconer.

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    Our Olivia was kind enough to share this book with me an introduce me to this lovely character I enjoyed it immensely and fell in love with the little piglet I never paid any attention to picture books but from now on, I will, because it seems like I missed out.

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    1 October, 2001Olivia is pure, unmitigated awesome I love her energy, her enthusiasm, her style, and her sand sculptures I love the way she carries her cat around I love her icons I love her, even though she wears me out.Also, I love Falconer s style.

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