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The Guardian's Honor Coast Guard officer Adam Bodine finally finds his long vanished great uncle But the secretive elderly man has adopted some new kinsingle mother Cathy Norwood and her disabled little boy Adam is grateful when Cathy convinces his relative to reunite with the Bodines Until he learns why she s so eager Though his heartstrings are tugged by their plight, he knows he doesn t deserve them in his life not with his past Unless one big extended family can teach Lieutenant Bodine something about love and honor ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Poltergeist (Greywalker, Author Kat Richardson – he knows he doesn t deserve them in his life not with his past Unless one big extended family can teach Lieutenant Bodine something about love and honor

About the Author: Marta Perry

Marta Perry is a Pennsylvania based author of over 35 novels, many of them inspirational romances She uses her rural Pennsylvania life and her Pennsylvania Dutch heritage in writing her books, especially in her Pleasant Valley Amish series for Berkley Books and her new Amish set suspense series for HQN Books.Marta and her husband live in a centuries old farmhouse in a quiet central Pennsylvania valley They have three grown children and six beautiful grandchildren, and when she s not busy writing her next book, she s usually trying to keep up with her gardening, baking for church events, or visiting those beautiful grandkids.

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    This book contains the conclusion to the search for Ned Bodine and what happened to him Other plot points include a child with spina bifida who needs an operation to be able to walk, but whose mother cannot afford the bill for it a coast guard member with a PTSD like issue related to a past on duty confrontation involving a child from Cuba and a romance for Adam Bodin

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    A pleasant conclusion to the Bodine family trilogy I enjoyed the beach scenes, the little boy in the tidal pools, and Miz Callie, as always A good gift from a good friend The Guardian s Honor was said to be one of the better romances in a box of books, and I agree.Although these Love Inspired romances frequently have single parent situations, and I suspect that s wish f

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    Cathy has her hands full taking care of her grandfather and her son, Jamie is disabled and she is very protective of him She also tends to be over protective of her grandfather as well She is outside tending the garden when some man shows up asking questions about a Ned Bodine It seems Ned Bodine disappeared from his family many years ago and Miz Calli is looking for him

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    In this third book about the Bodine family, long lost Uncle Ned is found and brought back to Charleston to be reunited with this family His stepgrandaughter, Cathy has a son with spinal bifida, who needs an operation Cathy can t afford the operation because she dropped out of college She dropped out to marry the wrong man, who left her when her son was born with problems Th

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    Sigh I read the book cover to cover Although a short read, I probably could ve read it in one sitting However it did take a day to finish because I found myself constantly putting the book down to walk away For me, I just don t see the inspiration in this book Cathy Norwood was not a loveable character by any stretch of the imagination She was negative pretty much through the

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    AhhNed Bodine has finally been found I really liked the whole mystery genealogical search for Ned in the past 2 books of the series, so it was nice to see that come to a conclusion.I also enjoyed getting to know Adam, Georgia s oldest brother I thought both he and Cathy Ned s adopted granddaughter were very well rounded characters.I was a little sad about Jamie s character I ha

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    Short little novel about Adam finding his long lost great uncle with a step daughter Pieces of the Bodine family comes together as you learn why the great uncle left the family and never contacted them Meanwhile Cathy tries to learn how to trust the new family with her special needs son James.216 pages

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    Christian romance Light reading by one of my favorite authors, Marta Perry This one is a contemporary story Many of hers are Amish but this one isn t Adam tracks down his long lost great uncle Cathy is his step granddaughter Jamie is Cathy s disabled son.

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    Wrapped up too quickly again Adam Bodine is trying to forget an incident in Miami, while looking for his long lost great uncle Ned Cathy Norwood, son Jaime with Spina Bifida, needs funds for an operation Is her step grandfather, the great uncle to Adam

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    Really really enjoyed it couldn t put it down.

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