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The Amethyst Heart When she discovers her son has designs to sell her home out from under her, Miss Amethyst ninety three years old and as sharp as ever isn t about to let her legacy go She pins her hopes on her granddaughter, Little Am, a good natured child who has mutated in her teenage years into something else altogether Whatever it takes, Little Am will know that the Noble family heritage is worth fighting for ❴Reading❵ ➻ Muerte en Hamburgo (Jan Fabel, Author Craig Russell – Miss Amethyst ninety three years old and as sharp as ever isn t about to let her legacy go She pins her hopes on her granddaughter ❴Download❵ ➾ Jazz Age Stories Author F. Scott Fitzgerald – Little Am [Read] ➳ Much Obliged, Jeeves By P.G. Wodehouse – a good natured child who has mutated in her teenage years into something else altogether Whatever it takes ❮PDF❯ ✪ The Wrong Blood ✑ Author Manuel de Lope – Little Am will know that the Noble family heritage is worth fighting for

About the Author: Penelope J. Stokes

It s often been debated whether a person s destiny lies in genetics or environment, but either way, I suppose I was destined to be a fiction writer A Baby Boomer with an English teacher and a social worker for parents, I grew up being challenged to develop my imagination, and to seek out for myself the meaning and significance of life I learned early both the magic and mystery of stories and the importance of people their dreams, their hopes, their longings, their struggles.From the age of four, when I first learned to read and discovered that words had incredible power, I dreamed of being a writer But the fulfillment of that dream was a long time in coming Ten years of university study, culminating in a Ph.D in Renaissance Literature, led me to a career as a college professor I loved teaching, loved the students and the challenge and the interaction, but the longing for full time expression of my creativity never died Finally, after twelve years of college teaching, I left the classroom and turned my energy toward my life s passion writing fiction.In the process, I discovered another passion the magnificent grandeur of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina.I was raised in Mississippi, and as a child I remember family vacations to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park I loved the undulating layers of blue and purple and green, the rushing streams coming down over the rocks, the cool glades and misty mornings And now I live here in the shadow of the Blue Ridge near DuPont Forest, where rare and remarkable white squirrels chatter wisdom to me from the trees outside my office window.White squirrel in TamaracBut scenery can only take you so far Fiction is about people Not just what happens to them, but about what happens in them the spiritual, emotional, and psychological passages that lead people to an understanding of their inner selves, and of one another That s what I like to write about the heart, the mind, the soul Authenticity of character and profound spiritual transformation I want to draw my readers into a different kind of world one marked by purpose, significance, and hope Most importantly, hope.Some readers have criticized me for dealing with uncomfortable subjects in my fiction subjects which do not lend themselves to easy answers The truth is, there are no easy answers in life There are not even any easy questions Over the years I ve come to the conclusion that our character is determined not so much by the certainties we cling to, but by the uncertainties we are courageous enough to face.At the end of the day, only a few things in life really matter Love Insight Growth Grace When we re committed to going deeper, to following the unknown path, our journey can lead us to an understanding of our own our inner being, to a connection with a power that is both within us and beyond us And that understanding, that connection, gives meaning and purpose to our days.

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    At the library the other day my three year old daughter pulled this book off the shelf and brought it to me She said it was a princess book for me to read The cover shows a girl in a long dress in front of a plantation house I decided to give it a shot even though I had no id

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    I love historical fiction, and this book touches on some of the most major events in the past 100 years Awesome read

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    I had heard numerous wonderful comments about this book, and decided to check it out for myself It s a well told story of family history, slavery, romance, and the threads that hold all of these themes together I enjoyed the approach the author used in telling the protagonist s story to her

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    An excellent piece of Christian fiction that encompasses civil rights, courage, and community responsibility from a Christian perspective Encompasses 150 years of a family s history but is highly interesting, not dry.

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    I absolutely loved this book Miss Amethyst is a 93 year old woman that owns an historic antebellum home that has been in her family for generations Her son is trying to put her in an old folks home and sell it from under her to help cover his debts he has acquired through bad choices She will have none of i

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    A wonderful story set in the Deep South, with several generations and their stories that Amethyst Noble tells as her ninety nine years goes on An arrogant son, andinteresting family members and towns people keep her on her toes as she remembers all the memories of the past that involves an amethyst brooch, several

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    Miss Amethyst is 93, but still sharp as a tack She figures out immediately that her son is up to something and wants to sell her house On his return, she greets him with a polite refusal to let him back in and a gun Her hopes lie with her great granddaughter, who has come to stay and she begins to relay the family history

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    Applause for this book filled with awesome storylines It made me laugh and cry, and one chapter in particular made me what to should with joy I was expecting a sweet story about generations in between the jewelry piece This book is so muchIt s all about bigotry, prejudice, inequalityand then some It opened my eyes again to realize

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    My favorite book by Penelope Stokes to date I will continue to read all she writes She gently leads us through Southern American history form 1853 to 1999, incorporating issues of slavery, Civil Rights, along with passion, strength, faith, and love I m doing it because it s right.

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    Very good About the courage it takes to fight for the oppressed in any age Against slavery, against racism, against Nazi hate, against hate due to disabilities and now due to sex discrimination God preaches acceptance always Great read Little preachy butabout courage..

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