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Close Relations A bittersweet, old fashioned tale of lovers ripped apart by the selfish lies of a manipulative, bitter and mean old witch called Isabel The H Jarrod was Isabel s stepson and the heroine Georgia was her niece Isabel was a spiteful, jealous harpy who had been envious of her late sister s Georgia s mother popularity with the opposite sex Isabel was the older sister and boys never found her attractive and she had fallen in love with the heroine s dad but he was head over heels for her baby sister Jennifer It so happened that the H s dad Peter was also in love with Jennifer Eventually, after the H s dad had suffered through a horrible accident, he asked Isabel to marry him This part stumped me because Peter had been a really handsome, rich guy and Isabel was not just mean and selfish but she was plain too Anyway, Peter and Isabel managed to have a cordial marriage of convenience and Jarrod soon joined the family after his mother died when he was a teenager Isabel started lusting after Jarrod and became quite obsessed with him When Jarrod had returned from completing his university education, Isabel s obsession escalated because he was a full grown hunky man instead of a teenager Jarrod, however, only felt really weird whenever he was around Isabel Jarrod soon fell in love with the 17 yr old heroine Georgia Old aunt stepmom Isabel found this inconvenient because she wanted the H for herself and she was still vindictively jealous of her dead sister Jennifer Isabel hated Georgia because the heroine looked just like Jennifer There was no way that Isabel was going to lie down like the plain old loser she is and allow another woman to take a man from her again That s when Isabel trumped up her big lie she told Jarrod that Georgia was his half sister since his father had been in love with Jennifer The dummy H bought the hag s bag of lies without even questioning his father or even thinking about simple blood or DNA testing This novel was written in the 90 s so I thought that would have been simple logic The lies led to a nasty break up between the MC s and the dumped heroine believed that Jarrod had cheated on her with her yucky aunt Isabel The majority of the novel deals with Jarrod s return after a 4 yr absence He is still in love with Georgia and that bittersweet fact is established early on in the story, by the author, when the reader is given a look into his thoughts via the voice of the 3rd person omniscient narrator Home Where the heart is Where his heart was broken His lips twisted self derisively He was being rather fanciful, wasn t he Yet deep inside him he knew he d left his heart here Lynsey Stevens Close Relations Kindle Locations 46 48 Harlequin Kindle Edition That made it easier for me to empathize with Jarrod during the course of the novel, even when he did act a bit pig headed He was, however, quite caring and solicitous in his attitude to Georgia I could see how much he still felt for her but that something was holding him back It was sad to see poor Jarrod in turmoil whenever he got jealous over other guys watching Georgia sing or when Andy lifted her across the fence He was in love with the woman he couldn t have again because they shared according to the old bat s lies the same father Georgia, of course, did not know that she was supposed to his sister so she treated him with the expected bitterness and coldness There were the slightly irritating siblings as well the kind but dimwitted musician brother and the fickle and selfish younger sister The majority of the novel deals with the MC s fighting their intense chemistry and the need to be together It was only at the very end that the truth comes out when Jarrod confesses he always loved her but that she s his half sister He does that after he overheard her siblings discussing the miscarriage she d had just after he d left That s another life that Isabel s malice had wrecked Once Georgia discovers why Jarrod had dumped her she asks her father and he clears up the truth by providing incontrovertible evidence Unfortunately, Isabel doesn t get any real comeuppance but I suspect that being bitter, lonely and without someone to love her in the future is a little bit of punishment The MC s confess their true love for each other and both declare that they ve been celibate over the past 4 years The only thing that did bother me a bit was the lack of explanation for the angry kiss that Georgia had seen between Jarrod and Aunt Yucky 4 yrs ago But, even though I was grossed out that he would actually put his very fine lips on that crone, I didn t hate him because he hadn t been with any women since he d left Australia This was a very nice novel, even though the sex that occurred had been in flashback scenes and at the very end This was also much better than Ryan s Return by the same author. AMGSTY This is an old school romance The sighing, the crying, the pained glances, pale heroines, paling heroes and the ever present dilated dark eyes I actually really liked it.Young Georgia is still sheltering her broken heart Four years she heard a disturbing conversation and seeing a kiss between the love of her life and her stone cold aunt who also happens to be Jarrod s stepmother.Drama and country singing ensuesAll is explained Beware spoilers view spoiler Jarrod s stepmother had just told him that he and Georgia were half siblings so he breaks it off and moves to the States So we have the cruel OW, bratty little sister, miscarriage and the kitchen sink hide spoiler Dude comes back after 4 years, giving the heroine hot, pained looks around every corner Heroine tries like hell to maintain some emotional distance after catching him doing the tonsil tango with his stepmother right before he dumped her and flew to the states Don t look at the spoiler if you plan to read the book, otherwise it ll be nothing than a boring door stop It s the wondering that gives this story even an average rating view spoiler The stepmother was a vindictive, vicious, jealous harpy who lied and told our stud that his little Georgia peach was his half sister, the result of a clandestine affair between his long lost father her husband and the heroine s mother the stepmother s sister Not able to withstand the angst of seeing the woman he loved but couldn t have, he allows her to believe that he and the stepmother aunt had been having an affair and leaves, never to returnbefore he does The devastated heroine take off and has an inopportune accident that results in a miscarriage, so heartache times two and reason to hate the evil auntie What reason could the stepmother aunt have to do such damage to her own blood She was pissed because the heroine, the spitting image of her beautiful, well loved mother, was going to get the hottie that she wanted for a boytoy After having her sister steal all her men when they were young, she got her revenge by breaking up her niece s relationship and making a bigger play for the hero Never mind that she was old enough to be his mother Why did he kiss her to begin with To punish her for chasing him, of course Why else hide spoiler Angsty tale of an h who was jilted four years before Now the hero is back because his father is dying and the heroine must see him each day as well as dealing with her bratty younger sister and her musician brother who can t keep gas in the car or the tires in working order Honestly, the hero carted her whole family all over the place I had a feeling what the problem was and it turned out to be my least favorite reason for a couple to break up Hint see the title view spoiler The evil stepmother told the hero the heroine was his half sister The night the hero broke it off with the heroine, she fell through a rotten footbridge and miscarried the baby that the hero never knew about hide spoiler Emotionally charged and full of angst I really don t want to give a way the plot but this is a page turner story It has all those elements I love in a book Good lead characters, reasonable pacing for the plot to develop fully and a vindictive bitch. THIS HAS A GLOOMY FEEL TO ITThis is one of MB re releases from their vintage 90 s collection Even if I had read this when it was first released I would still have the same opinion about it It s rather slow and gloomy The story is about Georgia and Jarrod who 4 years before had been in love till she caught him kissing his stepmother Jarrod left immediately for the states But has now returned due to his fathers illness.Georgia and Jarrod have a strained and resentful atmosphere that festers away between them throughout the whole story The only excitement occurs right at the end when all is revealed This is tame even for the 1990 s standards Plus I was surprised at the numerous typos Not a story I would recommend. WOW That was dramatic It was a pretty epic book There was a lot of manipulations and trying times but I enjoyed reading it I was glad they got there happy ending but would it kill the author to write a damn epilogue Boring.boringboring A family scandal Georgia had secretly imagined becoming Jarrod Maclean s a hundred times until she found him in the passionate embrace of his own step mother Georgia had been devastated by his betrayal, and the tragedy that followed.When Jarrod returns four years later, Georgia still hasn t forgiven him even though she senses he wants herthan ever But he insists any relationship between them would be taboo Is there something he isn t telling her What really happened four years ago The whole family seems to be in on the secret, everyone except Georgia. ➠ [Epub] ➚ Longbow Girl By Linda Davies ➪ – and the tragedy that followed.When Jarrod returns four years later [Read] ➲ On His Naughty List By Jessica Jarman – Georgia still hasn t forgiven him even though she senses he wants herthan ever But he insists any relationship between them would be taboo Is there something he isn t telling her What really happened four years ago The whole family seems to be in on the secret ➭ Fire Colour One Read ➵ Author Jenny Valentine – everyone except Georgia. dumb and boring.

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