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The Cowboy And The Lady 3.75 stars A classic love story with a strong man and a brave woman This novel was written in 1982 and you can tell that because Jason, tne male MC, is the model for a hot guy in the 80s harsh, reserved, with a hairy chest I have something for this kind of man The big problem with Amanda and Jason is the misundestanding between both They don t want to confess their love for each other and they lost seven years of happiness because of that The affair between his father and her mother is a big obstacle in theirr way to love. Diana Palmer es mi peque o placer culpable Uno de ellos y no equiparable al chocolate, pero nada se equipara al chocolate.Recurro a estos libros cuando necesito un descanso de todo, incluso de mi misma y generalmente no suelo leer solo uno Supongo que porque son tan cortos que me saben a poco y necesito otra dosis para notar sus efectos al completo.En realidad, no s por qu me gustan No son nada del otro mundo y parecen hechos con el mismo molde Tantos los personajes como la historia Todo una copia unos de otros En esta ocasi n es m s de lo mismo de hecho se parece much simo al anterior que le Sweet Enemy Rating 4.5 starsI m still reeling from my emotions from reading this a few days ago For some reason, I couldn t get over the pain and hurt I felt about the infidelity of Jace s dad Jude, son of the hero and heroine from Lacy and Amanda s mother Bea I felt extremely sorry for Marguerite I felt the pain for her My impression of Marguerite and Jude s marriage was that it was a love match, specially when Jace has mentioned that things got steamy when his mother had berated his father about always being on the phone during dinner time I hated it even that Marguerite was left out in the cold and was not told of her husband and best friends betrayal My heart just breaks every time I think about I wanted Bea to suffer I wanted Jude, the lying, cheating son of no offence Lacy to suffer I didn t like that DP justified the affair by claiming that Jude was Bea s true love It just disgusted me I can t stand cheating I couldn t I COULDN T I know these are fictional characters but infidelity is such a real thing. Romantic book filled with angst and misunderstandings I thought heroine was wrong condoning her mother s behavior Cheating is never right as far as I m concerned and I thought heroine s mother was a hypocrite and a phony Hero and heroine were a lovely sweet couple and hero s declaration of love was quite epic and super romantic Gotta love jealous, possessive heroes Oooh YEAH Super hot cover checkCelibate non virgin hero checkInnocent but feisty heroine checkLoads of pushing away and angst because of a cruel hero checkBoob rubbing on a furry chest checkChocolate meets vanilla checkSuper awesome ending with loads of yearning checkTypical DP formula in one of her better books Ah there was a lot of back and forth but it made up for a delicious read.Safe4 5 The 2 stars doesn t mean it was awful I loved it I love all Diana Palmer books, but this one wasn t as good as some other DP books The way I rate Palmer s books is completely different than the way I rate regular reads It s because I love Diana Palmer so much.Anyways, moving onto the book I absolutely loved Jason and it was quite obvious, unlike in other DP novels, that he was completely smitten with blondie, I forget her name I m awful with names She, on the other hand, wasn t quite as likable because she was so dense, blind and insecure But still, she was much better than a non DP heroine I shudder to think what a non DP heroine might have done if she was in her place.I loved that she was willing to even sleep with him because she loved him so much Loved loved loved it Request to my review readers do not count the number of times I use the word love in my DP reviews I love it when the heroines admit their love for the heroes in the beginning, and are willing to go to any lengths for them Some folks love a smitten hero, I love a smitten heroine It s not at all archaic when you think about it, in fact it s very liberal These heroines who are in love with the heroes then quietly and subtly set out to capture the heroes hearts for themselves Yes I know this a completely different topic, but bear with me So, as I was saying, Blondie wasn t as enjoyable for me as most other DP heroines are But I still loved her anyway.This book was one helluva book, with an angst overdose and a uber possessive alpha God how I love DP s alpha heroes shiver HE WAS A SHADOW FROM HER PAST.Jace Whitehall had given Amanda her first taste of passion His silver eyes had held a forbidden fascination for her, but at sixteen she had been too inexperienced to understand the fiery message in his searing kisses, too young to let him initiate her into the rites of love.Now all that had changed She was a grown woman, ready to learn the lessons of desire, and there was only one man who could teach her a man whose glittering gaze held both the secrets of her unhappy past and the promise of a golden future. ➷ [Reading] ➹ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space By Muriel Dimen ➬ – but at sixteen she had been too inexperienced to understand the fiery message in his searing kisses ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ Insight and Interpretation Author Roy Schafer – too young to let him initiate her into the rites of love.Now all that had changed She was a grown woman ❮Reading❯ ➳ Good People in an Evil Time ➬ Author Svetlana Broz – ready to learn the lessons of desire [EPUB] ✵ On a Day Like This By Peter Stamm – and there was only one man who could teach her a man whose glittering gaze held both the secrets of her unhappy past and the promise of a golden future. Two stars because I really liked it as a teenager, but really didn t like it now I can see how I thought it was all romantic dark, silent type, very manly man As I read it now, I was mostly angry and disappointed First, the characters are very shallow and not that interesting we don t really know anything about the heroine other than she s beautiful and put upon and we don t know anything about the hero other than that he s manly and rich Second, I actually threw the book across the room the second time the hero called the heroine a slut and she just stammered and then acquiesced to some rather brutal kissing He is very cruel and treats her horribly for years and his excuse is because he loves her Third, after she s been treated horribly for the entire book, she s so very happy and ready to belong to him forever because he finally says he wants to marry her Oh, and the whole no meaning yes thing just really got to me As in, really pissed me off Reading it from my POV now, it really just gets one star, but one star added both for how much I loved this author 15 years ago oh, teenagers and because the story does move along at a good clip I might not like what she says, but she says it well. I have high expectation to this one mostly because heroine s name, but well Amanda s been in love with Jace since forever But apparently Jace hold out something from her Some secrets that made him both love and hate her at the same time But nasty remarks from him hurt her badly and accident happen to her..Well, very Diana Palmer y and if you re fan of her books, this one is not much different I don t really fond of Jace Even though some Hero from Diana Palmer books are exactly the same, but Jace is kind of cold I don t really like it His words are way too hurting and because of Amanda s name is Amanda like me, I can t help but picture myself in her place And I don t like it At all Amanda is way too meek and weak She needs to stands for herself so bad If I were her, I d gladly go away from him and giving him hell if he begged for my forgiveness One thing that icked me, Jace didn t even apologize to her Too proud, I assume Another thing I don t like about him So far, Cowboy and The Lady isn t my favorite but I enjoyed reading it.

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